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Tribulation Period Survival Guide Book

Tribulation Period Survival Guide: It Will Be Awful, But You Can Survive, Here’s How! For several years I have been researching various survival strategies that could be applied to the events of the tribulation period. Rapture Happened, Left Behind, What's Next! is specifically written and designed around what will happen during this time period and how to prepare for these events in advance. 

You need to get this book into the hands of every lost person you know.  If you have Facebook (or other social media), a website or youtube channel, let your friends and readers know it is available.  This book could literally save their life and save their soul. To read the full book description Click Here.

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Bible Prophecy Experts Believe The Rapture Is Very Near! Here's Why!

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Prophecy Update: The Events That Will Likely Follow the Rapture & Their Order!

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Parts Of Trumps Secret Middle East Plan Revealed!

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Last Updated November 15, 2017

Latest Prophecy Commentary

The real Iranian threat on Israel’s northern borders

The real Iranian threat on Israel’s northern borders

Iran already has 13 bases in Syria and tens of thousands of troops. Is their removal realistic?

Putin ‘will host Iranian, Turkish leaders for Summit on Syria’

PA: Saudis won't normalize ties with Israel without peace

US congress, Knesset sign declaration saying only Palestinian recognition in Israel will end the conflict

Abbas: We won't relinquish the 'right of return'

Netanyahu vows Israel will act alone against Iran if given no choice


Drones, Cyberweapons, Fighter Jets...


Crown demands 70% of detainee wealth for freedom...

November 16, 2017

Russia's next Power Play May Occur in Yemen

14,000 US personnel to participate in joint Japan exercise...

Iran lets quake victims die rather than accept help from Israel...

BORDER BATTLE: ICE agents rebel, say Trump 'betrayed' them leaving Obama people in place...

White House mildly criticizes Russian bill targeting U.S. media

Lebanon accuses Saudi Arabia of holding its PM hostage

Saudi Arabia Wants to Fight Iran to the Last American

November 15, 2017

Iranian military force taking shape right under Israel’s nose

Russian FM says Iran can legitimately stay in Syria

Russia's Putin: our work with Turkey, Iran is producing results in Syria

US delegation headed to Israel to discuss Syria border deal

Why Africa Could Provide an 'ISIS Renaissance'

World War III in Europe: Imagine if the Soviet Union Invaded NATO? This Simulator Does

November 14, 2017

US-Russia ceasefire could leave Iran forces 3 miles from Israel

New Trump-Putin deal on Syria grants Iran/Hizballah free movement in Israeli, Jordanian border regions

Israeli army on high alert...

Fears for Lebanese economy if Saudis impose Qatar-style blockade

U.S. to fight Islamic State in Syria 'as long as they want to fight'

Sessions considering second special counsel to investigate Clintons...

Swarm of quakes San Andreas fault...

FBI demands abortion provider records from Senate, signaling probe into illegal fetal tissue sales...


Killer robots carry out mass murder WITHOUT human orders?...

Algorithms With Minds of Their Own...


Last Updated November 17, 2017

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