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But what exactly is Armageddon? Is it a battle? Is it a place? Is it literal? Is it figurative? As I mentioned earlier in this book, though we often hear about the "battle of Armageddon," it would more precisely be described as a war. The Bible never talks about a " battle" of Armageddon.

But there are several huge battles that take place in this Israeli valley that has been the site numerous battles since ancient times because of its strategic link for Asia to the oil reserves of the Persian Gulf. And though the fighting in this area will be so intense that the blood will stand up to the horse' s bridle, the violence and death will be a worldwide phenomenon. One-third of the earth' s population will be destroyed and no one alive will escape the terror and torment of the seven-year Tribulation period. In other words, the fighting and the death and destruction is hardly limited to the Middle East.

After careful study and research, I remain thoroughly persuaded that the world will experience a major international nuclear war during this period. Over and over again, the Bible paints a picture of sudden and fiery death in disparate and faraway lands. Let's examine some of those verses.

In Zephaniah 1 : 15-18, we learn that shortly before the return of the Lord, civilians living in the world' s cities will be stricken down quickly and violently. But note that there is no discussion of any attacking army. The destruction is related to a day of darkness and thick clouds.

But, in addition to nuclear exchanges, the entire world will be engaged in conventional warfare as well. There are, for instance, allusions in the Bible to what sounds amazingly like invasions by modern armored columns.

The Bible is quite specific about some of the areas of the world that will see the worst devastation. Zephaniah 2 states that the heavily populated Arab region of gaza will be abandoned. It mentions that Moab and Ammon, both ancient lands now comprised by the nation of Jordan, will be like Sodom and Gomorrah. Ethiopia (Hebrew is Cush, which means all black Africans), which would mean most of northern Africa, will be " slain by My sword." And Assyria and Nineveh, which are ancient names for the lands now known as Syria and Iraq , will also be made desolate during this final great war. The Bible also makes it clear that Jerusalem-the focal point of the endtimes fighting will be vanquished by Israel' s enemies in the hours just before the Lord comes. In fact, it seems that the destruction of the holy city is the final straw that angers God and provokes Jesus' return. And when He comes and touches His feet down on the Mount of Olives, a great earthquake literally changes the geography of the area surrounding Jerusalem.

When all is said and done-after all the battles have been waged and Jesus has conquered Satan and his minions and bound them in Hell-only a tiny fraction of the world' s population will be left. Only a remnant will have survived. Many of the Jews would have been killed. And most of the believers who come to believe after the Tribulation began will have been martyred.

If I wasn’t a Christian and did not have an understanding of Bible prophecy, I would find it extremely puzzling that for over 40 years the Arab nations have been bent on expelling a tiny nation from the Middle East. The Israeli nation is very small and seemingly insignificant. But they are the central figure of the Middle East. Why has such a small nation become such a sore spot in these last days? Could this nation actually be the reason for the final war. The Bible says it will and names the place, the Valley of Megeddo (Armegeddon). Is the possibility of an all out war against Israel a very real threat or are we just a little paranoid? Are the Arab nations really that bent on expelling Israel from the Middle East? And as powerful as they are, why is it so difficult to overtake them? Right now the only thing holding them back is the United States. But after next year, the United Nations will be limiting each nation to one vote each. That will completely neutralize the vetoing power of the U.S., which in times past has save Israel from many invasions.

Jesus said when we see these things coming to past to look up for our redemption is drawing nigh. Read over some of the passages I have mentioned and do a little research. I think you will he amazed at how this information relates.

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