Benjamin Netanyahu: New Israeli Prime Minister

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Many of you know that Israel has a new prime minister. For those who donít, his name is Benjamin Netanyahu. Needless to say, his major upset has sent nervous shock waves through the world community. This wasnít suppose to happen. The defeat of Shimon Peres was a fatal blow to peace in the Middle East. He was going to give back land in exchange for peace. He was going to be the catalyst for change and peaceful coexistence.

Let me tell you what happened. God removed him. Three months before the elections Peres held a commanding twenty percentage point lead over his challenger. Elections were originally scheduled for October; however, with such an overwhelming lead in the polls, Peres chose to call for early elections, which in Israel he had the power to do. This move was intended to place him securely in power for another four years.

All was proceeding according to plan until four terrorists bus bombs ripped through the heartland of Israel in one monthís time. As the Jewish nation sullenly escorted 62 caskets to the cemeteries, most of them women, young people, and children, something apparently turned in the Jewish soul. What started as an insurmountable lead for Peres quickly was reduced to a narrow margin. As the week before elections arrived, the race became too close to call. When the returns came in, Netanyahu had defeated Shimon Peres by one percentage point. This incredible turní around from twenty points behind to victory in three short months was considered by many in Israel to be an act of God.

This surely is the hand of God ordering the affairs of man to met His purpose. Shimon Peres was willing to give away land and security for peace. Whatever peace would have been established would have been short lived. As we found out in the Reagan years, peace and safety can only be established through an iron fist. Hence, the break up of the Soviet Union and down came the Berlin Wall.

Many are afraid that Netanyahu will forsake the peace talks and destroy all that has been accomplished. When asked if he will continue the talks regarding the status of Jerusalem, he replied, "What is there to talk about?"

For those who donít know, both Arabs and Jews lay claim to the holy city. Peres was in the process of giving it back or sharing it with the Arab nations in exchange for peace. This is not in Godís plan.

Let me make a few predictions. Prediction no. 1: Prime Minister Netanyahu will not only abort peace efforts, he will kick the Palestinianís out of the West Bank, and take back Jerusalem. Right now it is not totally under Jewish control. He will then rebuild the temple. This will start an all out war between Israel and the Arab nations.

Prediction no. 2: Boris Yeltzin, who is rumored to be in poor health will die very soon. This will divide the nation, there will probably be a short civil war, and the military will seize control. The old communist establishment will be restored.

Prediction no. 3: President Clinton will be re-elected. This will keep America weak and on track as part of the new world order. America will no longer be a world policeman.

Prediction no. 4: Saudi Arabia will lose confidence in the U.S. capability to protect them from an Iraqi invasion. Instead of fighting, they will join in league with Iraq. Thus erasing, realistically, Americaís last Middle East ally. Israel will be alone.

When Israel makes its move, it will probably catch the Arab world by surprise. Upon taking complete control of Jerusalem and the West Bank, Netanyahu will go forward in rebuilding the temple.

This will mean holy war and the Arab nations will attack. How long the war will last or itís severity is unknown. Russia will get into the thick of things as well.

Just as it looks like a major world war is about to happen, the antichrist will step into the picture. He will then devise a plan that the Arab world and Israel can live with. Everyone will be satisfied. Israel builds its temple and world peace is re-established, for the time being. Stay tuned.

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