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Article# 2044:Trump Says His Middle East Peace Plan Will Be Revealed Very Soon! Here Is the Timeframe!

Article# 2043:Trump Middle East Peace Plan Details October 22, 2018

Article# 2042:Israel Has Not Raided Syrian Territory For Almost One Month!

Article# 2041:First Stage Of Trump Peace Plan Rolling Forward; To Be Revealed Soon!

Article# 2040:In Syria, Russia Closes Door To Israeli Bombing Raids!

Article# 2039:Is This The Ten Nation Kingdom Peace With Many With The Antichrist?

Article# 2038:CPR Prophecy Report 9-23-18: Trump Speaks Before UN, Russia Still Blames Israel.

Article# 2037:CPR Prophecy Report 9-20-18: Russia About Face Furious With Israel.

Article# 2036:CPR Report 9-18-18: Major Fallout Between Israel & Russia.

Article# 2035:CPR Prophecy Update Sept. 14, 2018: Progress Of Peace Plan.

Article# 2034:Calvary Prophecy Report September 8, 2018: This Is What's Next!

Article# 2033:Steps Toward The Tribulation Period & The Rapture Of The Church!

Article# 2032:Abbas' Change Of Heart; Could Peace Be Near?

Article# 2031:Trump Middle East Peace Plan Outline; Abbas Reign May Be Ending

Article# 2030:Trump Middle East "Deal Of The Century" Peace Plan To Be Unveiled Sept. 25th!

Article# 2029:Trump's New Unexpected Peace Partner Could Bring PA To Negotiations Table.

Article# 2028:The Future Mystery Babylon!

Article# 2027:The Palestinian State Hopes This Never Happens.

Article# 2026:Will Turkey, Russia & Iran Form Alliance To Combat US Sanctions/Tariffs?

Article# 2025:Trump Creating Middle East Peace Team In Preparation Of Rollout!

Article# 2024:Saudi Arabia Stands Up To Trump Peace Plan Demands!

Article# 2024:More Information Revealed About Trump Middle East Peace Plan.

Article# 2023:US Israel Agree To Give Control Of S. Syria To Russia; War With Gaza Coming!

Article# 2022:Russia Moving Into Libya; War Between Israel, Iran & Syria Could Be Soon!

Article# 2021:Iran General In Syria: We Await Orders To Destroy Israel Soon!

Article# 2020:Russia To Israel: Iran Is Staying In Southern Syria!

Article# 2019:Russia, Iran, Hezbollah Ignoring Israel & Planting Themselves On Israel's Northern Border.

Article# 2018:US Middle East Peace Plan To Be Revealed Soon With Or Without PA.

Article# 2017:Critical Things You Need To Know About The Tribulation Period.

Article# 2016:He Shall Destroy Wonderfully, And Shall Prosper.

Article# 2015:Prophecy Report June 17, 2018: Kushner Meets With Arab Leaders.

Article# 2014:Trump Kim Summit: Is It Prophetic?

Article# 2013:Trump, Netanyahu Could Be Planning Bombing Mission On Iranian Nuke Sites.

Article# 2012:Iran & Israel On The Brink Of War! Then This Happened!

Article# 2011:Details Of Trump's Middle East Peace Plan Revealed!

Article# 2010:Trump Middle East Peace Plan To Be Unveiled In Late June.

Article# 2009:Turkish President Erdogan Uniting Islamic World Against Israel.

Article# 2008:Trump Embassy Move To Jerusalem Expected To Cause Middle East Explosion.

Article# 2007:Israel Retaliates Against Iranian Bases In Syria; War Next?

Article# 2006:Israeli Officials: Iran Is On The Verge Of Bombing Israel!

Article# 2005:Prophecy Alert 5-4-18: Parts Of Trump Middle East Peace Plan Revealed.

Article# 2004:Prophecy Alert 5-3-2018: Antichrist Ten Nation Kingdom Has Been Created!

Article# 2003:Report: Iran Plans To Attack Israel After May 6 Lebanon Election.

Article# 2002:Prophecy Report April 30, 2018: ME Peace, Iran, North Korea, Antichrist.

Article# 2001:US Report: Iran-Israel clash is close.

Article# 2000:Report: Iran Gearing Up To Strike Israel If Trump Scraps Nuke Deal.

Article# 1999:Iran Coming For Israel; Israel Says They Have Never Been More Ready!

Article# 1998:The US Still Intends To Leave Middle East Mess To Israel.

Article# 1997:Gog & Magog: The Next Steps To The War!

Article# 1996:Prophecy Alert 4-11-18: US Tells Russia Missiles Are Coming For Syria.

Article# 1995:Report: Russia Has Turned Away From Israel After Latest Syrian Air Strike.

Article# 1994:Trump Administration Now Says Ready To Announce Details Of ME Peace Plan.

Article# 1993:The End Times Gog & Magog Alliance Has Officially Begun.

Article# 1992:Arab League, USA, Israel Creating Alliance To Combat Iran.

Article# 1991:Saudi Prince Recognizes Israel; Rabbi Says Trump Will Rebuild Temple!

Article# 1990:Report: Israeli Stealth Jets Flew Over Iran Locked On Targets Undetected!

Article# 1989:Prophecy Alert 3-25-2018: Russia Says US Strike On Damascus Is Imminent!

Article# 1988:Trumps ME Peace Plan Said To Be Implemented In Two Steps Over Time!

Article# 1987:End Times Peace With Many Could Be Unveiled Within Weeks!

Article# 1986:Prophecy Report 03-20-2018: Heavy Pressure On Abbas Coming From All Sides!

Article# 1985:Prophecy Alert 3-17-18: New Information On Trump Peace Plan.

Article# 1984:Report Claims Trump Pulling Out Of Middle East Peace Process.

Article# 1983:Prophecy Alert 3-12-2018: Trump Middle East Peace Plan Nearly Finished.

Article# 1982:Iran: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Says He Will Lead Prayers In Jerusalem Soon!

Article# 1981:Trump Believes There Is A "Good Chance" Of Bringing ME Peace!

Article# 1980:Putin Says US Can't Stop New Cutting Edge Nuclear Attack!

Article# 1979:Prophecy Alert: Trump ME Peace Plan To Be Revealed At Peace Conference!

Article# 1978:Turkey US No Longer Allies; How Will This Effect NATO?

Article# 1977:Netanyahu Invites Trump To Inaugurate Jerusalem Embassy; Russia Brings Stealth Fighter Jets Into Syria.

Article# 1976:How The Middle East Peace Plan May Be Accomplished.

Article# 1975:US Jerusalem Embassy Move May 2018; Middle East Peace Plan Coming Soon!

Article# 1974:The UN Anticipates Trumps Soon Unveiling Of Secret Middle East Peace Plan.

Article# 1973:Prophecy Alert 2-20-2018: US Finalizing Middle East Peace Plan.

Article# 1972:Prophecy Alert 2-19-18: Israeli General Says IDF Preparing For 2018 War.

Article# 1971:Iran's Growing Threat To Israel; Prophecy And The Deep State.

Article# 1970:Psalm 83 War, Destruction Of Damascus, The Peace With Many & Sudden Destruction.

Article# 1969:Prophecy Alert 2-11-2018: Iran & Israel On The Brink Of War!

Article# 1968:Israeli Jet Downed In Attack On Iran Airbase; Iran Hails End Of Israeli Strikes.

Article# 1967:Saudi Arabia Egypt Israel Now Working Together In Plain Sight.

Article# 1966:Prophecy Alert 2-1-2018: Trump To Release Middle East Peace Plan Soon.

Article# 1965:EU Tells Abbas No Trump No Deal; Putin Could Be Removed If....

Article# 1964:Iran Has 82,000 soldiers In Syria Now! Arab Leaders Want Trump Peace Plan!

Article# 1963:PA & EU Know Middle East Peace Can't Go Forward Without US Leadership!

Article# 1962:Prophecy Alert 1-22-2018: EU To Take Center Stage In Global ME Peace Push.

Article# 1961:Five End Times Signs Going On Right Now That Tells Me The End Is Near!

Article# 1960:New War In Syria Developing That Will Include The US.

Article# 1959:Trump's Unfinished Middle East Peace Deal Leaked!

Article# 1958:Prophecy Alert 1-14-18: Syria Becoming Battleground For Major Powers.

Article# 1957:Palestinians Want European Union To Broker Peace.

Article# 1956:US: Peace Plan For Middle East Will Go Forward With Or Without PA!

Article# 1955:Russia, Iran & Turkey Quietly Surrounding Israel, Middle East!

Article# 1954:Signs That The US Led Middle East Peace Process Is Getting Back On Track!

Article# 1953:Year 2018: The Peace Plan, The Antichrist & The Tribulation Period.

Article# 1952:US & Israel Develop Secret Plan To Deal With Iran! Here Are Details!

Article# 1951:Russia Building Gog & Magog Alliance Now On Israel's Borders!

Article# 1950:Prophecy Alert 12-24-2017: US Cuts Palestinians From ME Peace Process And All Aid!

Article# 1949:Prophecy Alert December 23, 2017: Latest On Middle East Peace Process.

Article# 1948:Why The US Middle East Peace Plan Is Still On Track.

Article# 1947:Trump's Recognition Of Jerusalem May Have Detrimental Strings Attached.

Article# 1946:More Details On Trump's Ultimate Middle East Deal That Could Be Revealed Early 2018!

Article# 1945:Beginning Stages Of Middle East Peace Plan To Be Revealed In Weeks.

Article# 1944:Jerusalem Becomes Burdensome Stone To The World; Where Prophecy Goes From Here!

Article# 1943:Trump Recognition Of Israel's Capital Jerusalem; More Info On ME Peace Plan!

Article# 1942:Israel Attacks Iranian Base; Trump May Announce Embassy Move On Wednesday.

Article# 1941:After The Rapture Path Forward And Instructions For The Tribulation Period.

Article# 1940:This Prophecy Had A One And A Billion Chance Of Taking Place!

Article# 1939:Iran Army In Syria Could Number Half Million Right Now!

Article# 1938:Parts Of Trumps Secret Middle East Plan Revealed!

Article# 1937:Saudi Arabia To Abbas: Accept Trump Peace Plan Or Quit!

Article# 1936:Trump To Reveal Secret Middle East Peace Plan By Early 2018!

Article# 1935:Prophecy Report November 11-5-2017: Iran Now Controls Lebanon!

Article# 1934:Prophecy Report November 4, 2017: ISIS Moving Out Iran Moving In.

Article# 1933:Prophecy Alert October 31, 2017: Another Major Step Toward ME Peace!

Article# 1932:Report: Russia Iran Getting Ready To Attack Israel!

Article# 1931:Prophecy Report October 26, 2017: The Forming Of The Ten Kings & The Antichrist.

Article# 1930:Middle East Peace Plan To Be Released Soon!

Article# 1929:Could The Defeat Of ISIS Create The Ten Nation Coalition Of The Antichrist?

Article# 1928:Signs Of The Last Days: ISIS Falls, This Could Be Next!

Article# 1927:Revelation 6:3-8: This World War Alliance May Be In Place Right Now!

Article# 1926:Signs Of The Last Days Converging: Natural Disasters, Wars & Peace!

Article# 1925:Signs Of The Times: Natural Disasters & ME Peace Converging!

Article# 1924:How You Can Prepare For The Next Las Vegas Attack.

Article# 1923:Significant Signs Of The Tribulation Period Equal Soon Rapture.

Article# 1922:Both Israeli & Palestinian Leaders Believe Trump Is About To Unveil A Peace Proposal Within Weeks!

Article# 1921:Signs Of The End Times: Natural Disasters and Middle East Peace Converging!

Article# 1920:Signs Of The End Times! Prophecy News September 17, 2017.

Article# 1919:Theory Of Evolution Debunked, NKorea Threat, ME Peace Progress.

Article# 1918:Signs of the End Times! Turkey To Purchase Russian Missile Defense System.

Article# 1917:Signs of the End Times! Latest Prophetic Breaking News September 2 2017.

Article# 1916:Jared Kushner: Middle East Peace Plan & Timeline In 3-4 Months.

Article# 1915:What Israel Worries About Most Once ISIS & Syria Civil War Ends!

Article# 1914:Forget N. Korea, Russia Taking Over Middle East On Israel's Border!

Article# 1913:Prophecy Update 8-15-17: Middle East Peace, N. Korea, Trump.

Article# 1912:Revelation 12, Middle East Peace Moves Forward, North Korea & The US.

Article# 1911:Prophecy Update 8-7-17: Progress In Middle East Peace Push.

Article# 1910:RFID Chip To Be Common Place Worldwide Soon!

Article# 1909:Israeli PM Netanyahu Ready To Do Land Swaps With PA.

Article# 1908:Prophecy Update: July 24, 2017 What The Next 6 Months May Hold!

Article# 1907:Russia To Build Military Presence 5km From Israel's Northern Border With US Blessing!

Article# 1906:Prophecy Alert July 16 2017: Iran leasing Bases In Syria; West Says Assad Can Stay!

Article# 1905:Prophecy Report July 12, 2017: Where Are We In The ME Peace Push?

Article# 1904:NWO, Illuminati, Bilderberg Society: The Truth About The Tribulation Period, End Of Days!

Article# 1903:Cashless Society Can Be Implemented Worldwide Within Months! Here's How!

Article# 1902:Prophecy Alert June 30, 2017: Another Step Closer To Middle East Peace!

Article# 1901:Prophecy Alert 6-25-17:  Russia Building Base On Israeli Border!

Article# 1900:US Official: ME Peace Players May Be Afraid To Say No To Trump!

Article# 1899:Trump's Peace Plan For The Middle East Looks Like Endtimes Peace.

Article# 1898:The Middle East Peace Plan Details.

Article# 1897:Israeli Official: Peace Is Closer Than It Has Ever Been!

Article# 1896:Trump Rep: Covenant With Many Will Be Forced On Israel, Palestine!

Article# 1895:Signs of the End Times! Latest Prophetic Breaking News June 5, 2017.

Article# 1894:Signs of the End Times! Latest Prophetic Breaking News May 28, 2017.

Article# 1893:Israeli Citizens Now Back Creation Of Palestinian State Based On '67 Borders.

Article# 1892:Trump: Middle East Covenant With Many To Have Pre-Determined Timeline!

Article# 1891:Critical Information About Trump ME Peace Push Coming To Light! 

Article# 1890:Trump Says He Will Send Peace Envoy Back To Israel Next Week!

Article# 1889:Prophecy Alert 5-20-17: Abbas Arab League Ready To Sign Peace Accord With Israel.

Article# 1888:Israeli Official Worried The Fate Of Israel Could Be Determined Soon.

Article# 1887:Prophecy Alert 5-12-17: PA Leader Abbas Wants To Make Peace Now!

Article# 1886:Trump's May 22nd Israel Visit Agenda Revealed.

Article# 1885:Trump Approves Putin Placing Iranian Military Presence On Israel's Northern Border! 

Article# 1884:Prophecy Alert: Trump To Visit Israel May 22nd; Big Announcement Possible!

Article# 1883:Trump To Visit Middle East Israel Following Abbas Meeting.

Article# 1882:France Votes April 23, 2017: Why This Is Important In Bible Prophecy!

Article# 1881:Prophecy Report 4-20-2017: Trump Says He Will Bring ME Peace Soon!

Article# 1880:Rapture Alert: This Is What You Should Be Looking At! 

Article# 1879:Revelation 12 September 23, 2017: Signs In The Sun, Moon & Stars.

Article# 1878:Hezbollah, Pro-Iran Attack On Israel Could Be At Any Moment!

Article# 1877:Syria Threatens Israel With 800 Scud Missiles Next Time They Enter Syria!

Article# 1876:Prophecy Report 3-21-2017: Is Israel About To Go To War With Hezbollah? 

Article# 1875:Report 3-10-2017: First Fifty Days Of Donald Trump Report Card.

Article# 1874:Understanding The Purpose & Placement Of The Rapture.

Article# 1873:2017: Make Or Break Year For EU Eurozone; What Will Rise In Its Place?

Article# 1872:2-21-2017: Nikki Haley Puts UN Security Council In Its Place.

Article# 1871:Trump, Netanyahu &  Gulf State Leaders Want Regional Peace With Many.

Article# 1870:One More Prophetic Piece Has Been Added To The Gog & Magog War Landscape.

Article# 1869:Prophecy Update 2-15-2017: Netanyahu Trump Meeting.

Article# 1868:Rapture; Facts You Need To Know Going Into The Tribulation Period!

Article# 1867:Super Rich Preparing For Apocalypse; What They Know And Don't Know!

Article# 1866:Prophecy Update 1-27-2017: This Week In Bible Prophecy.

Article# 1865:Trump Says US Done With Being World Policeman; Opens Door For New World Leader!

Article# 1864:Revelation 12; September 23, 2017 Prophecy Has A Couple Of Flaws.

Article# 1863:Ezekiel 38 Prophecy: Russia, Turkey Coordinating Military Strikes In Syria.

Article# 1862:Day After Paris Peace Conference; What's The Next Steps In ME Peace?

Article# 1861:Prophecy Report 1-13-2017: Paris Peace Conference To Force Trump's Hand!

Article# 1860:Prophecy Report 1-10-2017: Where We Are Heading In The Next 3 Months!

Article# 1859:Trump To Palestinians: There Is No Palestine!

Article# 1858:Prophecy Alert 1-7-2017: Obama To Strike Israel Again Before He Leaves!

Article# 1857:Prophecy Update: Where We Are Heading On Into 2017 Part II!

Article# 1856:Prophecy Update December 2016: Where We Are Heading On Into 2017!

Article# 1855:Obama's Next Move, Create Permanent State Of Palestine Before He Leaves!

Article# 1854:UN Passes Resolution Against Israel; Trump Says Things Will Change Come Jan. 20th!

Article# 1853:Prophecy Alert 12-15-2016: Netanyahu Asks Trump To Help Create Palestinian State.

Article# 1852:December 12, 2016: The Next Big Events In Bible Prophecy.

Article# 1851:Rapture, Then Tribulation; The Order Of Events.

Article# 1850:European Union In Political Meltdown; Watch For This!!

Article# 1849:Ezekiel 38 Gog Magog; Palestinian State 2017

Article# 1848:Rethinking Who The Antichrist May Be.

Article# 1847:Prophecy Alert: Russia's Putin Eyeing Military Base In Libya.

Article# 1846:Trump: Antichrist Or Messenger Of God Part 2.

Article# 1845:Trump: Antichrist Or Messenger Of God.

Article# 1844:Trump & Putin Team Up For Push To Rebuild Jerusalem Temple.

Article# 1843:Prophecy Update 11-9-2016: Where Trump Could Take Us!

Article# 1842:French Initiative To Go Forward By End Of 2016; Will Obama Give It His Blessing?

Article# 1841:Prophecy Update 11-6-2016: US President Barack Obama's Legacy.

Article# 1840:WSJ Reports That Obama Has A Surprise For Israel After Elections.

Article# 1839:The Antichrist: His Transition From Regional Leader To World Dictator.

Article# 1838:UN Resolution: Israel Has No Historical Connection To Jerusalem, Temple Mount.

Article# 1837:The Biblical Version Of The Mark Of The Antichrist.

Article# 1836:Obama Tells Palestinian Leaders To Wait Until After The Elections!

Article# 1835:Wikileaks Exposes Obama's Possible Betrayal Of Israel Before He Leaves Office!

Article# 1834:Prophecy Report October 16, 2016: Two Signs Rapture Could Be Near!

Article# 1833:Political Speculation Points To Obama Betraying Israel Just After Election Results.

Article# 1832:Prophecy Update October 7, 2016: Four Important Topics.

Article# 1831:Matthew 24:36: Rapture Or Second Coming!

Article# 1830:Financial Collapse;  Syrian War To Gog & Magog War.

Article# 1829:Will The Tribulation Period Really Be Like This?

Article# 1828:Middle East Peace: The Latest On The French Initiative 9-22-16

Article# 1827:Can A Person Repent Turn To God If They Take The Mark Worship Antichrist?

Article# 1826:Can You Still Be Saved During Tribulation Period If You Reject Christ Before The Rapture? Yes!

Article# 1825:France Threatens Future Exit; EU To Collapse!

Article# 1824:Prophecy Report 9-8-16:: US Financial Collapse Coming.

Article# 1823:Prophecy Report 9-7-16: Taking The Tribulation Period Events As Literal.

Article# 1822:Understanding the End Times & Why Most Don't!

Article# 1821:Israel Believes Obama About To Make His Move For Two-State Solution.

Article# 1820:Is The Arab World Headed Toward Peace With Israel?

Article# 1819:Russia Using Iran & Turkey Military Bases?

Article# 1818:Why Syria Will Be The Gateway To The Future Gog & Magog War.

Article# 1817:Russia, Turkey Forming Alliance;  Iran Could Have Deliverable Nuke By 2017!

Article# 1816:Information You Must Know Once The Rapture Takes Place!

Article# 1815:Progress Report 8-3-16: Where Are We In Bible Prophecy, Rapture, Tribulation Period!

Article# 1814:Arab League Backs French Peace Initiative! Is US Next?

Article# 1813:Gog & Magog Alliance Being Proposed By Erdogan Right Now!

Article# 1812:How Satan's Religious Empire Will Be Formed; Why Other Religions Will Cease To Exist!

Article# 1811:Could Coup Lead To Turkey Leaving NATO? Erdogan Dictatorship?

Article# 1810:Turkey Seat Of Antichrist; Is It Biblical?

Article# 1809:Netanyahu Wants To Negotiate With Palestinians But...

Article# 1808:7-10-2016: The Real Signs Why The Coming Of The Lord Is Soon!

Article# 1807:Iran Leader: Now Is The Time To Wipe Israel Off The Face Of The Map!

Article# 1806:EU To Propose Creation Of Superstate! Here Are The Details!

Article# 1805:How The Antichrist Will Take Over The World!

Article# 1804:What Could Come Of Brexit According To Bible Prophecy 

Article# 1803:Will French Peace Initiative Turn Out To Be Prophetic Peace With Many?

Article# 1802:All Of EU To Back French Peace Initiative; US & Arab World Next?

Article# 1801:Tribulation Period & Millennium: Their Purpose In God's Plan! 

Article# 1800:Will Brexit Lead To Creation Of Ten Kingdom Core?

Article# 1799:Signs Of The End Times: Has Israel Invited Gog & Magog To Their Doorstep?

Article# 1798:Signs Of The End Times: Middle East Peace 7-Year Agreement.

Article# 1797:Signs Of The End Times: 6-5-16 Where We Go From Here!

Article# 1796:Signs Of The End Times: Netanyahu Says Yes To Regional Peace!

Article# 1795:Signs Of The End Times: Forced Peace With Many Coming Upon Israel Looks To Be Soon!

Article# 1794:Signs Of The End Times: Latest Prophetic Breaking News May 29 2016.

Article# 1793:More Peace Signs Toward Israel From Arab World; Obama May Not Veto. 

Article# 1792:Rapture Now? Temple Not Built Yet!

Article# 1791:Arab World Is Actively Seeking Peace With Israel!

Article# 1790:Here's Why Peace Between Israel & Palestine May Be Near!

Article# 1789:Arab World Calls On Israel To Make Peace.

Article# 1788:Prez Obama Will Your Daughters Be Forced To Share A Bathroom With A Man?

Article# 1787:Is The US Economy Headed For A Collapse In 2016? Mystery Babylon

Article# 1786:Christian Voters Guide To The 2016 US Presidential Election.

Article# 1785:Israel Rejects French Peace Plan; Is French, German, US PA Recognition Next!

Article# 1784:Prophecy Update April 27, 2016: Strange Signs In The Middle East.

Article# 1783:Obama Sends Bombshell Message To Israel! Payback Could Be Next!

Article# 1782:What The Rapture Will Be Like; Likely Scenarios!

Article# 1781:Report: Netanyahu & Abbas Holding Secret Talks Now!

Article# 1780:Is This The Year Israel Will Finally Give Into Peace?

Article# 1779:Antichrist: His Step By Step Plan To Takeover The World.

Article# 1778:Prophecy Update 4-3-16: The Coming Illuminati, New World Order.

Article# 1777:President Obama's Plan Before He Leaves Office!

Article# 1776:Are Projected Advancements In Artificial Intelligence about To Go Beyond Bible Prophecy?

Article# 1775:March 20, 2016: The State Of Bible Prophecy.

Article# 1774:The Reason Why Russia Is Leaving Syria.

Article# 1773:Obama's ME Plans Before He Leaves Office.

Article# 1772:Could This Be Obama's Last Diabolical Move Just Before He Leaves Office?

Article# 1771:Intelligence Report: One World Cashless Society Around The Corner.

Article# 1770:Israel: Syrian Ceasefire Agreement Must Include Israel & Iran. 

Article# 1769:The Future Of The Middle East According To Bible Prophecy.

Article# 1768:Will Syrian Civil War Lead To Umbrella Peace With Many? 

Article# 1767:The World Economic Collapse Is Coming, Will It Be In 2016?

Article# 1766:World Blames Israel For Rise Of ISIS & Terrorism.

Article# 1765:Prophecy Alert 2-13-16: Unholy Peace With Many Could Be Soon! 

Article# 1764:Could This Be The Prophesied Peace With Many? Is It Happening Right Now?

Article# 1763:Prophecy Update 2-10-16: EU Re-Alignment Could Be Coming!

Article# 1762:US Financial Collapse April 23, 2016.

Article# 1761:Prophecy Report 1-31-2016: Analysis Of France's Upcoming Middle East Peace Attempt.

Article# 1760:Report: Putin Could Be In Fight For Political Life With KGB Elite!

Article# 1759:The Future Of ISIS; The Changing Direction Of War.

Article# 1758:Why Iran Will Break Nuke Deal! Why A Middle East War Is Coming!

Article# 1757:Oil Could Fall To $10.00 A Barrel; Is War Russia's Only Hope?

Article# 1756:The Tribulation Period: One World Religion Its Objective.

Article# 1755:The Tribulation Period: The Wars & When They Will Happen!

Article# 1754:Russia: Sanctions & Low Oil Prices Could Push Them To The Brink In One Year!

Article# 1753:The Tribulation Period: The Terrifying Supernatural Side That You Need To Know.

Article# 1752:Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria Forming Coordinated Military; Turkey: We Need Israel!

Article# 1751:The Tribulation Period: The Seven Bowl Judgments.

Article# 1750:The Tribulation Period: Satan, The Antichrist & The False Prophet Their Role Explained!

Article# 1749:The Tribulation Period: The Seven Trumpet Judgments. 

Article# 1748:The Tribulation Period: Rapture Happened, Left Behind, What's Next!

Article# 1747:Prophecy Update December 23, 2015: Looking Ahead To 2016!

Article# 1746:The Tribulation Period: The Seven Seal Judgments

Article# 1745:Will The Rapture Happen Before Artificial Intelligence Takes Over The World?

Article# 1744:Turkey On Verge Of Normalizing Relations With Israel; What This Could Mean For Middle East Peace!

Article# 1743:Prophecy Update December 17, 2015: Russia, ISIS, Oil!

Article# 1742:The Tribulation Period: The Mark Of The Antichrist Step By Step. 

Article# 1741:The Tribulation Period: Signs As To Why We Are Living In The Last Days.

Article# 1740:Will Declining Oil Prices Ultimately Bring War?

Article# 1739:With Israel-Palestinians On Back Burner, Is The Status Quo The New ME Normal?

Article# 1738:This Is What You Should Be Watching In Bible Prophecy!

Article# 1737:The Tribulation Period: How It Will Start & The Horrors It Will Ultimately Lead You To!

Article# 1736:Two Major Prophetic Events That Are Still To Come!

Article# 1735:The Tribulation Period: New World Order.

Article# 1734:Here Are The Steps To Bringing The Gog & Magog Coalition Together.

Article# 1733:The Tribulation Period: The Horrors That Will Come Described!

Article# 1732:Is The Middle East On Its Way To A Joint Peace Accord?

Article# 1731:Netanyahu Wants US Endorsement For Golan Heights; US Not Interested!

Article# 1730:Russia's Next Move; Turkey May Be Joining Them Soon!

Article# 1729:The Tribulation Period: The Antichrist.

Article# 1728:Is Russia Adding Another Piece To Its Gog & Magog Alliance?

Article# 1727:The Tribulation Period: Mystery Babylon.

Article# 1726:"Putin Wingin' It" In Syria; Will Israel Be His Next Reckless Move?

Article# 1725:Rapture Of The Church & The Steps That Will Follow To The Tribulation Period.

Article# 1724:Prophecy Report 10-25-2015: Russia's Plan For The Future!

Article# 1723:Will There Be One Or Two Gog & Magog Battles?

Article# 1722:Gog & Magog War: More Reasons It Is Coming!

Article# 1721:Prophecy Update 10-14-15: Where I Believe The Gog & Magog War Goes From Here!

Article# 1720:Prophecy Update 10-12-15: Something Supernatural Is About To Happen & This Is What It Is!

Article# 1719:Prophecy Update October 11, 2015: What The Next 3 Months May Hold Part II!

Article# 1718:Prophecy Update October 10, 2015: What The Next 3 Months May Hold!

Article# 1717:Prophecy Update 10-7-15: Russia Takes Control of Middle East!

Article# 1716:Prophecy Report 10-4-15: This Is What I Believe Is Next In Bible Prophecy!

Article# 1715:Prophecy Update 10-01-15: Putin Begins ME Build Up &  March To Jerusalem!

Article# 1714:Prophecy Update 9-30-15: Russia Warns Israel To Stay Out Of Syria Or Else!

Article# 1713:Prophecy Update 9-29-15: Guess Who's Taking Charge Of The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks?

Article# 1712:Prophecy Update 9-28-15: Netanyahu Calls For Regional Peace With Many.

Article# 1711:Putin Setting Up Military Corridor Thru Iraq For Iran; China Aircraft Carrier Docks In Syria.

Article# 1710:World Says Clash Between Israel & Russia Could Happen!

Article# 1709:This Will Be A Driving Reason Behind Russia's Quest To Conquer The Middle East!

Article# 1708:Prophecy Update 9-18-15: Why Gog & Magog War May Be Real Soon!

Article# 1707:Prophecy Report 9-15-2015: Russia's End Game For The Middle East.

Article# 1706:Prophecy Report 9-13-15: Russia's Plan For Israel!

Article# 1705:Prophecy Update 9-12-15: Russia Iran Troop Build-up In Syria; Israel Next Target!

Article# 1704:Prophecy Update 9-7-15: Middle East On The Verge Of Peace Then Sudden Destruction.

Article# 1703:Prophecy Update 9-5-15: Peace With Antichrist & Many Could Be Soon! Here's Why!

Article# 1702:Prophecy Report 9-3-2015: The Day After The Iran Deal; Phase II Peace With Many.

Article# 1701:Prophecy Update 9-1-15: Is The Russian Bear About To Lash Out?

Article# 1700:Russian Path Through Syria On Way To Israel Being Set Now!

Article# 1699:Prophecy Report 8-30-2015: Obama Very Close To Votes For Iran Deal! What's Next?

Article# 1698:Is This The Real Reason Israel Has Not Attacked Iran Nuke Facilities?

Article# 1697:Are We In The Beginning Stages Of A World Economic Collapse? Part II

Article# 1696:Are We In The Beginning Stages Of A World Economic Collapse?

Article# 1695:Prophecy Update 8-19-2015: Is Israel & Iran Engaged In A Secret Political Understanding?

Article# 1694:Prophecy Alert 8-17-2015: Hamas & Israel Agree To Long-Term Truce!

Article# 1693:Blood Moons, Financial Collapse, September Signs! Could This Be True?

Article# 1692:Prophecy Update 8-11-15: Russia, China In Economic Collapse! Blood Moons: The Truth.

Article# 1691:Prophecy Update 8-4-2015: What's Next For Prophecy In September.

Article# 1690:Prophecy Red Alert 7-26-15: Has Future Antichrist Statue Been Unveiled?

Article# 1689:Prophecy Update 7-24-15: Iran's Master Plan For Achieving Nuke Within The Agreement!

Article# 1688:Prophecy Update 7-21-2015: Second Phase Of Middle East Peace Begins!

Article# 1687:Prophecy Update 7-20-15: World Powers Promise Security To Israel, Arab World.

Article# 1686:Prophecy Update 7-15-15: Breaking Down Iranian Deal & Super Deal To Come!

Article# 1685:Prophecy Update 7-14-2015: Where Iran Deal Could Lead In Prophecy!

Article# 1684:Prophecy Update July 9, 2015: This Comes After The Iran Nuclear Deal!

Article# 1683:Prophecy Update 6-29-15: Will Greek Default Bring Down World Economy Part II?

Article# 1682:Prophecy Update 6-28-15: Will Greek Default Bring Down World Economy?

Article# 1681:Prophecy Update 6-21-2015: The Coming Prophetic Events Of September.

Article# 1680:Prophecy Update 6-16-2015: Important Events That Will Take Place Within Weeks.

Article# 1679:Prophecy Update 6-7-2015: The Next Steps; What's True & What's Not! 

Article# 1678:Prophecy Update 6-2-2015: Three Major Events That Will Shape The Future Of Bible Prophecy!

Article# 1677:Prophecy Update May 29 2015: Gauging The Future Of Bible Prophecy. 

Article# 1676:Prophecy Update 5-21-2015: EU Peace Rep Appointed And Will Live In Jerusalem Permanently!

Article# 1675:Prophecy Update 5-20-2015: Steps To The ME Confirmed Covenant!

Article# 1674:Prophecy Update 5-19-2015: Bible Prophecy Events Explained From This Day Forward!

Article# 1673:Prophecy Update: May 16, 2015: What Could Happen Within The Next Few Months!

Article# 1672:Prophecy Update 5-14-15: Moderate Arab World Wants US Security Deal In Writing!

Article# 1671:Prophecy Update 5-10-15: Obama Working On Security Pack With Middle East Nations!

Article# 1670:Prophecy Update 5-8-15: Obama Setting Stage To Betray Israel At UN Now!

Article# 1669:Prophecy Update 5-3-15: Arab World With Israel Want Security Deal.

Article# 1668:Shocking Development: Could This Be The Real Peace Treaty With Many?

Article# 1667:Prophecy Update Apr 26, 2015: Major Steps Toward A Regional Peace Accord!

Article# 1666:Prophecy Update 4-22-2015: Could This Be The Prophesied Middle East Peace Accord.

Article# 1665:Here's How Israel Will Be Forced Into A Peace Accord Soon!

Article# 1664:Prophecy Update: April 13, 2015 What The Next 3 Months May Hold!

Article# 1663:Prophecy Update April 9, 2015: Are We In The Beginning Stages Of A Grand Deal?

Article# 1662:Prophecy Update 4-5-2015: Four Fatal Flaws of The Iran Deal.

Article# 1661:Turkey & Russia On The Cusp Of Prophesied Alliance! 

Article# 1660:Prophecy Update 3-27-2015: Iran Deal Close; US Sell Out Of Israel Coming Soon!

Article# 1659:Prophecy Update 3-21-2015: Where Prophecy Is heading Post Election!

Article# 1658:Israeli Elections 2015: Why Prophecy Is About To Explode Forward!

Article# 1657:Prophecy Update March 2015: Where Are We In Prophecy Now & Where We Are Heading!

Article# 1656:3-8-2015: US, EU Vow Unprecedented Pressure On Israel After Elections.

Article# 1655:Iran Deal Could Be Reduced To Seven Years! Is This The Prophesied Peace To Come?

Article# 1654:Prophecy Update March 3, 2015: Netanyahu Speech, Iran Deal.

Article# 1653:Iran Amassing 130,000 Troops On Israel's Northern Border Right Now! 

Article# 1652:Prophecy Update 02-21-2015: EU, US To Get Tough With Israel.

Article# 1651:Prophecy Update 2-19-2015: Russia To Place Military Bases On Israel's Border.

Article# 1650:Prophecy Update 2-17-2015: US-Iran Deal Imminent!

Article# 1649:Prophecy Update 2-16-2015: The Next Step!

Article# 1648:Surviving The Tribulation Period; Places To Hide Or Disappear!

Article# 1647:Prophecy Report February 11, 2015: Iran Deal & Israeli Elections.

Article# 1646:Prophecy Update 2-5-2015: The Future Mark Of The Antichrist Beast.

Article# 1645:Prophecy Update 1-29-2015: How The Antichrist Will Rise!

Article# 1644:Prophecy Update 1-27-2015: Why Russia, Iran Could Attack Israel & Saudi Arabia!

Article# 1643:Prophecy Update 1-21-2015: Is Iran & Hezbollah About To Attack Israel?

Article# 1642:Prophecy Update 1-16-2015: Middle East Peace Plan.

Article# 1641:Rapture Sign: Worldwide Christian Persecution At Highest Level In Modern Times

Article# 1640:Prophecy Update 12-30-2014: Signs The Rapture May Be Imminent! 

Article# 1639:Prophecy Update December 28, 2014: What The Peace With Many May Be!

Article# 1638:Why Abbas Wants Israeli PM Netanyahu To Win Re-Election! 

Article# 1637:Prophecy Update December 19, 2014: Will US Veto UNSC Recognition Of Palestine?

Article# 1636:Prophecy Update December 18, 2014: UNSC Palestine State, Israel & Russia.

Article# 1635:Israel Faces Uncertainty In Palestine UN Vote; Russia In Collapse! 

Article# 1634:Kerry, Netanyahu To Meet In Rome; An Ultimatum Is Coming!

Article# 1633:This Upcoming Turn Of Events Could Spark The Rapture Of The Church!

Article# 1632:Prophecy Update December 2014; Where We Are Heading On Into 2015!

Article# 1631:Prophecy Update 11-27-2014: Israel & Palestine Have Agreed To A Peace Accord, But...

Article# 1630:UN Terrorizing Israel In Series Of New Resolutions.

Article# 1629:Israeli Leaders Hint They May Be Ready To Split Jerusalem.

Article# 1628:Israel Proposes Natural Gas Pipeline To EU; Would Reduce EU Dependency On Russia!

Article# 1627:EU To Israel & PA: Make Peace Or Face Sanctions, Aid Cuts!

Article# 1626:EU To Israel: ME Peace Or Else; US Not Far From Recognizing Palestine.

Article# 1625:Breaking News: Russia Putin Say's World War III Is Coming If...

Article# 1624:Latest Prophecy News November 8, 2014: Rapture Signs, NWO

Article# 1623:New World Order (NWO) Is Coming Soon; Here's How It Will Happen! 

Article# 1622:Is Israel About To Seize Control And Take Back The Temple Mount?

Article# 1621:Prophecy Update 10-30-2014: More Signs The Rapture Is Near! 

Article# 1620:Prophecy Update 10-21-2014: More Signs The Rapture Is Near!

Article# 1619:Prophecy Update 10-20-2014: UN Storm Against Israel Coming In 2015.

Article# 1618:Prophecy Update 10-17-14: Major Signs The Rapture Is Near!

Article# 1617:Prophecy Update 10-14-2014: UK Recognizes PA State; Where This Will Lead!

Article# 1616:Prophecy Update 10-11-14: Was Israel Behind Massive Explosion in Iran?

Article# 1615:Prophecy Update 10-3-14: The Role Of ISIS In Bible Prophecy.

Article# 1614:Is The Left Behind Movie God's Last Warning For You To Get Ready For The Rapture?

Article# 1613:September 28, 2014: What's Next In Bible Prophecy!

Article# 1612:Abbas' Secret Plan To Make Israel Agree To His Peace Accord!

Article# 1611:UN Proposal To Make Israel Agree To Peace With Palestinians; Will US Stop It?

Article# 1610:Study: US No Longer Needs Israel; Where This Will Lead Soon!

Article# 1609:Prophecy Update 9-11-14: ISIS Dirty Bomb, Hamas Wants Direct Talks With Israel?

Article# 1608:Kingdom Of Antichrist Could Be Taking Over ME Peace Process Right Now! Chilling Details!

Article# 1607:Things Happening In Bible Prophecy Right Now That Should Scare You To Death!

Article# 1606:Prophecy Update 9-3-14: Middle East Covenant With Many Taking Shape?

Article# 1605:Prophecy Update 9-1-14: Gog & Magog War; Why It Could Happen Soon!

Article# 1604:Prophecy Update 8-30-14: International Coalition Forming To Defeat ISIL, ME Foes Come Together!

Article# 1603:Prophecy Update September 2014: Where Are We In Prophecy Now & Where We Are Heading!

Article# 1602:Prophecy Update 8-26-2014: Israel-Hamas Truce; What Part It Plays In Prophecy!

Article# 1601:Prophecy Update 8-24-2014: European Union Army Taking Huge Strides; Next, Rise Of Leader!

Article# 1600:Prophecy Update 8-23-14: Israel Wants Hamas Ceasefire To Be 7 Years!

Article# 1599:Prophecy Update 8-22-14: Is This The Beginning Stages Of Prophesied Peace Accord?

Article# 1598:Prophecy Update 8-19-2014: ISIS Middle East Advances & Israeli-Hamas War Ceasefire News.

Article# 1597:Prophecy Update 8-13-14: The US Must Destroy ISIS & How They Will Do It!

Article# 1596:Prophecy Update 8-8-2014: ISIS, Israel, Hamas, Iran; What Their Next Move Will Be!

Article# 1595:Prophecy Update 8-2-2014: Israel Nears End Of Gaza War Objective; Islamic State Watch. 

Article# 1594:Prophecy Update 7-29-14: Gaza War Update, Future Psalm 83 War.

Article# 1593:Prophecy Update 7-22-2014: Latest News on Operation Protective Edge.

Article# 1592:Prophecy Update July 21, 2014: Israel May Takeover Gaza; New Peace Plan.

Article# 1591:Prophecy Update July 18, 2014: Israel Could Be Going Deep Into Gaza Next!

Article# 1590:Prophecy Update July 15, 2014: Israel Hamas Military Campaign Going Forward.

Article# 1589:Great Departure: Rapture Or Falling Away Of Pre-trib Rapture Believers.

Article# 1588:Prophecy Update July 9, 2014: Operation Protective Edge In Full Blown War!

Article# 1587:Prophecy Update July 2014: ISIS, Jerusalem Riots & The Future Middle East Peace.

Article# 1586:Prophecy Update July 2, 2014: The Future Of The Islamic State.

Article# 1585:ISIS Declares State; Goal To Conquer Middle East Within 5 Years Including Israel!

Article# 1584:Prophecy Alert June 29, 2014: Peace Accord With Many Is Set To Begin! Here Are The Details!

Article# 1583:Prophecy Update June 26, 2014: The Beginning Stages Of Daniel 9:27 Coming To Pass Now!

Article# 1582:Prophecy Update June 24, 2014: The ISIS; Is Conquering The Rest Of Middle East Next?

Article# 1581:Prophecy Update: June 16, 2014 Middle East Report. 

Article# 1580:The Pre-Wrath Seventh Trumpet Rapture.

Article# 1579:Is The Pope On The Verge Of Bringing Peace To The Middle East?

Article# 1578:US Betrays Israel Works With Hamas-Fatah Gov.; Is A US betrayal At The UN Next?

Article# 1577:Rapture, Peace, Sudden Destruction; Is Sudden Destruction The Next Thing To Happen?

Article# 1576:Prophecy Update June 2014: Where Are We In Prophecy Now & Where We Are Headed!

Article# 1575:The False Prophet: Who He Is & Isn't, His Goal, And How He Will Rise!

Article# 1574:Analysis: Why Israel May Preemptively Strike Iran Soon!

Article# 1573:The Blood Moons Are Here! Is Something Astonishing About To Happen?

Article# 1572:Why Russia's Collapsing Economy Will Lead Them To Attack Israel. 

Article# 1571:Experts Predict Why Russia Will Attack Israel; Why It Could Be Soon! 

Article# 1570:Where Middle East Peace Talks Will Be Come April 30th.

Article# 1569: Is The US About To Walk Away From Middle East Peace Talks?

Article# 1568:US, Israel, Palestinians Blockbuster Deal That Will Extend Peace Talks Into 2015.

Article# 1567:NATO Believes Russia Conquests Only At The Beginning; Israel Next?

Article# 1566:Will Vladimir Putin's Lust For Power Ultimately Lead Him To Invade Israel?

Article# 1565:Cameron Introduces New Approach To ME Peace Solution; Sudden Destruction Explained.

Article# 1564:Prophecy Update: Is Peace Near?; When Sudden Destruction Will Take Place!

Article# 1563:Prophecy Update 1st Quarter 2014: Middle East Peace & The Blood Moon's.

Article# 1562:If You Have Heard The Gospel Pre-Rapture Can You Be Saved During Tribulation Period?

Article# 1561:Obama: No Peace Agreement, We Can No Longer Protect You Israel!

Article# 1560:Prophecy Update: What Russia's Move On Ukraine Really Means.

Article# 1559:Netanyahu & Abbas To Meet With Obama Next Week; Is An Agreement Imminent?

Article# 1558:Report: Abbas Ready To Recognize Israel As Jewish State; Hamas To Follow Lead.

Article# 1557:Shock Report: Jerusalem Must Be Divided In Next Few Years Or Lose It!; Here's Why!

Article# 1556:Antichrist Rising Right Now? Who Is He?; Abbas Softens On Critical Peace Red Line!

Article# 1555:Prophecy Update 2-15-2014: Israel Unveils Ground Breaking Laser Missile Defense System.

Article# 1554:NATO Forces To Play Major Role In Future Middle East Peace.

Article# 1553:Details Of Framework Agreement 2014; Israel Ready To Sign!

Article# 1552:Full Middle East Peace Plan To Be Signed By End Of 2014.

Article# 1551:Middle East Peace Is Dead! Is A Major Regional War Next? 

Article# 1550:Psalm 83 War, Ezekiel 38 War; How This Will Play Out In The End!

Article# 1549:Ariel Sharon Dead; Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri Prophecy; What This Means Going Forward!

Article# 1548:January 10, 2014: Bible Prophecy Developments That Are Very Shocking.

Article# 1547:News Source Says Obama Needs To Takeover Middle East Process If There Is To Be Peace.

Article# 1546:Are We Four Months Away From A Middle East Peace Deal? Rapture, Rise Of Antichrist?

Article# 1545:January 2, 2014: Rabbi Says Messiah Jesus Will Come After Ariel Sharon's Death.

Article# 1544:Critical Prophecy Questions You Need Answered For 2014; Is The Rapture Soon?

Article# 1543:Report: Major Middle East Peace Agreement To Be Signed By January 2014 .

Article# 1542:Tribulation Period Survival Guide Paperback Book Now Available.

Article# 1541:Report: New Major Developments In The Middle East Peace Process.

Article# 1540:Palestinians, Israelis Locked Into Peace Deal.

Article# 1539:EU Poised To Take Over Middle East Peace Negotiations After 'Unprecedented' Offer.

Article# 1538:China Explosion, Middle East Peace & Seven Year Agreement.

Article# 1537:Palestinians Israelis About To Agree To Seven Year Treaty. 

Article# 1536:The EU Is Very Close To Taking Over Middle East Peace Talks.

Article# 1535:2014 Bible Prophecy Forecast.

Article# 1534:Prophecy Update November 24, 2013: The Future Of The  US-Iran Deal. 

Article# 1533:Fourth Quarter Part II 2013 Bible Prophecy Update .

Article# 1532:What Russia Fears Most About US-Iran Agreement.

Article# 1531:Ezekiel 38 & 39 War: Why Israel's Neighbors Are Not Mentioned.

Article# 1530:Shocking Details Of US-Iran Deal; Pakistan-Saudi Arabia Nuke Deal?

Article# 1529:Is US-Iran Deal Inevitable? Here's What Military Experts Say.

Article# 1528:Report: US About To Confirm Middle East Peace Accord January 2014.

Article# 1527:Bible Prophecy Middle East Report November 2013: Where Are We?

Article# 1526:The Blood Moon Mania: Legitimate Sign or Hype?

Article# 1525:Where US, Egypt Rift Could Lead! Russia looks To Take Advantage.

Article# 1524:Will The US & Iran Make A Deal? Will Israel Put An End To It?

Article# 1523:Iran & West On The Verge Of Major Deal; How Israel Will Reaction!

Article# 1522:Iran To Submit Nuclear Proposal To US That Could Lift Sanctions Soon!

Article# 1521:This Is What Could Be The Future Of The Iran-US Relations.

Article# 1520:When The Rapture Takes Place, Here Are The Details As To What Will Follow!

Article# 1519:Israel Can No Longer Attack Iran; Middle East Peace Agreement Coming Soon!

Article# 1518:Prophecy Alert: Is Iran On The Verge Of Making An Agreement With the US?

Article# 1517:Prophecy Report: Where US & Russia Agreement On Syria WMDs Is Heading.

Article# 1516:2013 Middle East Fourth Quarter Prophetic Forecast.

Article# 1515:Obama Looks To Internationalize Syrian Chemical Weapons, But There's A Problem!

Article# 1514:Prophecy Update September 7, 2013: Will US Strike Syria? If So Russia, Iran To Retaliate.

Article# 1513:Syria Crisis: US Has Put Strike On Hold; Where It Is Likely Heading, Likely Players.

Article# 1512:Prophecy Update 8-30-2013: US Strike On Syria; Where This Will Go From Here!

Article# 1511:Prophecy Questions Answered Regarding Syria, Egypt, China, Psalm 83 War & Gog & Magog War.

Article# 1510:Report: US Lead Attack On Syria Within Days! Obama's Options Explained.

Article# 1509:US: Syria Has Crossed Chemical Weapons Red Line; What Their Response Might Be!

Article# 1508:Post Tribber: Secluded Tribes Will Be The People Who Enter Millennium To Repopulate It!

Article# 1507:Zechariah 14: These People Left Alive Will Repopulate The Millennium!

Article# 1506:Kerry: If Peace Talks Fail, Israel Will Be Isolated & Sanctioned!

Article# 1505:Prophecy Update August 11, 2013: The Middle East Peace Process & Arab Spring.

Article# 1504:Will Israel & Palestine Come To Peace In 9 Months?; Iran Wants To Resolve Nuclear Issue!

Article# 1503:Analysis: ME Peace Talks, The Players Involved & Where They Will Eventually End Up!

Article# 1502:Netanyahu: The Israeli Citizen's Will Vote On Peace Accord.

Article# 1501:EU To Step Up Pressure On Israel If Kerry (US) Fails; Rebuilding Of Temple.

Article# 1500:EU: Israel Must Declare E. Jerusalem & W. Bank To Be Palestinians Or Be Sanctioned.

Article# 1499:Prophecy Update July 15, 2013: The Future Of China's Economy; Dutch Losing Patience With Netanyahu!

Article# 1498:Israel Needs Two State Solution Or Face Extinction Says Official!

Article# 1497:Isaiah 19: Has It Been Fulfilled; Was Morsi The Fierce King?

Article# 1496:Prophecy Update 07-01-2013: Heading Toward ME Peace And A Major Storm! 

Article# 1495:June 27, 2013: Making Prophetic Sense Of What's Going On In Syria, Egypt, Iran & Russia!

Article# 1494:Survival Tools For Those Left Behind: Multi-Purpose Shovels & Quick Fire Starter.

Article# 1493:How US-EU Free Trade Agreement Could Bring Rise Of Antichrist!

Article# 1492:Raptures Coming! This Is What Happens Next For Those Left Behind!

Article# 1491:G8 To D10 Nations: Is This The Start Of The Kingdom Of The Antichrist?

Article# 1490:US, EU To Form Landmark Free Trade Super State By 2014; Israel Attacks Syria!

Article# 1489:Raptures Coming! This Is What Happens Next For Christians!

Article# 1488:Prophecy Update June 11-2013: EU-Israeli Agreement, Syrian Regimes Next Stop!

Article# 1487:Russia Brings Permanent Navy To Middle East; Syrian Civil War All But Over!

Article# 1486:Merkel and Hollande Call For Full-time Euro President; Is Antichrist About To Rise?

Article# 1485:Report: Russia Delivers S-300 Missile System To Syria; Israel Warns They Will Use Force!

Article# 1484:Russia Sends Navy Ships To Middle East!; 70% Of Israeli's Back Arab Peace Plan!

Article# 1483:Israel Warns Syria; Russia Backs Syria & Ships Missiles.

Article# 1482:Russia Warns Israel Not To Attack Syria Again! Is Ezekiel 38 & 39 About To Take Place?

Article# 1481:Why Middle East Peace & The Rebuilding Of The Temple May Happen Soon!

Article# 1480:Antichrist, One World Religion & Government; Their Purpose, Order & Power!

Article# 1479:Matthew 24:29-31 Explained. Is The Rapture After The Tribulation period?

Article# 1478:Prophecy Update 5-02-13: Middle East Peace With Israel & Many Taking Root! Rapture Soon!

Article# 1477:Prophecy Update: Arab League Softens On Palestine Borders! Is Middle East Peace Close?

Article# 1476:Prophecy Update 4-27-2013: US, EU Look To Tighten Pressure On Israel; Turkey Joins Russia.

Article# 1475:Prophecy Update April 23, 2013.

Article# 1474:Deadly Earthquakes Worldwide Explode! EU Begins Pressure On Israel To Bring Peace!

Article# 1473:Psalm 83 War Scenario Raised In Latest Debkafile Intelligence Report.

Article# 1472:The Coming Danger Of North Korea; The US Pushes Hard For Middle East Peace.

Article# 1471:Here's What Middle East Peace Plan May Look Like & Who Is Standing In The Way!

Article# 1470:Middle East Prophetic Update Mid-2013; Prophetic Signs You Should Be Watching!

Article# 1469:Europe & US On The Verge of Merging Into Free Trade Empire; Where This Could Lead!

Article# 1468:Iran Proposes Freeze Of Nuclear Program In Exchange For Easing Sanctions; ME Peace Talks.

Article# 1467:Prophecy Alert: Report Middle East Peace Summit Could Be As Early as May 2013.

Article# 1466:What's Next In Prophecy After Obama's Middle East Trip. 

Article# 1465:Obama Visits Israel In Two Days!  Will He Force Israel To Sign A Peace Accord?

Article# 1464:Rapture, Tribulation Period, Antichrist &  False Prophet: What We Know!

Article# 1463:Pope Selected: Is He The Coming False Prophet? What To Expect From Obama Israel Visit.

Article# 1462:Tribulation Period, Last Trump, Rapture!

Article# 1461:Why Obama Is Really Going To Israel!

Article# 1460:Will You Be Left Behind To Face A Time Of Terrifying Horror?

Article# 1459:Obama Visit Aimed At Placing Big Pressure On Netanyahu To Withdraw From W. Bank.

Article# 1458:Obama To Demand Timeline For Israel To Pull Out Of West Bank During Visit! 

Article# 1457:What To Expect Out Of President Obama's Israel Visit; The Pope Resigns. 

Article# 1456:Israeli Newspaper Believes Obama Bringing Forced Peace Message.

Article# 1455:Scenario Unveils What Near Future Holds In Bible Prophecy 2-18-2013.

Article# 1454:Former US Sec. of State Kissinger Details Final World War That Mirrors Tribulation Period Events.

Article# 1453:St. Malachy Pope Prophecy; Other Prophecy Facts And Myths.

Article# 1452:St. Malachy Prophecy Stuns World As Pope Steps Down; North Korea Test Mystery.

Article# 1451:Prophecy Alert: Pope Benedict Resigns; How This Affects Bible Prophecy & Its Future!

Article# 1450:Egypt & Iran Forming Alliance; What Part Will This Play In Prophecy?

Article# 1449:Prophecy Alert: EU Could Be Reducing To Ten Nations!

Article# 1448:Obama To Make Visit To Israel In March 2013; Is This The Peace Antichrist Will Bring?

Article# 1447:Israel Bombs Weapons Convoy; Both Iran & Syria Promise Retaliation; What's Next!

Article# 1446:Prophecy Alert! Israel Bombs Syria! Egypt In Turmoil! What's Next!

Article# 1445:Obama: I Will Divide Jerusalem; Peace Is Now Or Never!

Article# 1444:Prophecy Report 1-22-13: Israeli Elections Shock World; What The Future Direction Is!

Article# 1443:Why This Middle East Peace Attempt Is Different From Previous Attempts!

Article# 1442:Why This Could Begin In 2013: Rapture, Peace & Safety, Then Sudden Destruction!

Article# 1441:European Union & Islamic World Pushing For Peace With Many By March 2013.

Article# 1440:Prophecy Alert: Israeli Leaders Believe World Will Force Peace On Israel In March 2013.

Article# 1439:Be Encouraged; The Rapture Is Soon And Here's Why!

Article# 1438:2013 Prophecy Forecast Part II; Stratfor Analysis.

Article# 1437:Take Heart Pre-Tribbers, God Will Protect You During Tribulation Period.

Article# 1436:Polls: Israeli Citizens Will Vote Peace With Palestinians; Details Of Proposed Agreement.

Article# 1435:Antichrist Peace: Peace With Many Could Be In The Works Right Now!

Article# 1434:Report: EU May Confirm Peace With Israel, Palestine In 2013; Why This Could Be Antichrist's Peace!

Article# 1433:Israel's Next War Coming In 2013; This Time It Will Be International!

Article# 1432:What The Future Mark Of The Antichrist Will Be & What It Simply Isn't!

Article# 1431:The Rapture, Antichrist, Rebuilding The Temple, And What Must Come.

Article# 1430:Syria's Chemical Weapons Are Ready! Damascus Ruinous Heap! When It Will Happen!

Article# 1429:2013 Middle East Prophetic Forecast.

Article# 1428:Mystery Babylon The Great: Who Is It? Pros & Cons.

Article# 1427:UN Has Awarded Palestinian Authority Non-Member State Status; Where It Will Lead In Bible Prophecy!

Article# 1426:Israeli-Hamas Cease-fire: What The Next Phase Is From This Point On!

Article# 1425:Hamas Now Says They Want Peace With Israel; Will Israel Be Forced To Negotiate With Hamas?

Article# 1424:Cease-Fire Between Israel & Hamas; Has The Rapture Been Delayed?

Article# 1423:Israel Is About To Begin Ground War With Hamas; What's Next!

Article# 1422:What Will Spring Forth From This Latest Clash Between Israel And Hamas?; Reader asks Me What I See For The Future!

Article# 1421:Obama Plans To Get Rid Of Netanyahu, Bring About Palestinian State, Make Deal With Iran.

Article# 1420:What Will Happen After The Antichrist Brings Peace Part 2.

Article# 1419:What The Bible Says About The Future State Of The Global Economy; Fate Of The US!

Article# 1418:Prophecy Alert: What We Can Expect From Barak Obama In His Second Term.

Article# 1417:Sudan Bombing Reported To Be Practice Run For Major Iran Attack!

Article# 1416:2012 US Presidential Voters Guide: How Christians Are Biblically Commanded To Vote.

Article# 1415:What Will Happen After The Antichrist Brings Peace Part I.

Article# 1414:Military Expert Gives Future Direction Of Israeli-Iran Conflict Thru Recent War Games Scenario.

Article# 1413:What I Believe Will Happen In Prophecy In Last Of 2012 Thru 2013; Rapture, Mayan Calendar.

Article# 1412:Could There Be A Syria-Turkey War? Will Obama's Re-Election Turn Into an Israeli Nightmare?

Article# 1411:As Time Is Running Out Will Israel Go It Alone Before 2012 Ends?

Article# 1410:Is Obama Antichrist?; Report: Iran West Could Be Close To Deal!

Article# 1409:Obama Is No Friend Of Israel's: You Must Watch This Video.

Article# 1408:Does Psalm 83 War Come Before Gog & Magog War? If So, Will Israel Be At Peace?

Article# 1407:Rapture, Rise Of The Antichrist, Peace Then War!

Article# 1406:Is Obama's Coming Election Victory Prophetic? Islamic Cartoon Fallout.

Article# 1405:Reader: Questions About Timing Of Psalm 83 War & Gog & Magog War.

Article# 1404:EU Treaty Changes & Where It Could Lead; Arab Spring Update September 2012.

Article# 1403:Hyper-Accurate Computer Model Predicts Romney Victory In November Presidential Elections.

Article# 1402:US Presidential Elections Are Soon! Israel Attack Imminent?

Article# 1401:US Sends Third Aircraft Carrier To Iranian Gulf; French & UK Join Them!

Article# 1400:Report: Egypt & China Make Monumental Defense Pact That Will Change ME!

Article# 1399:Why The US Is About To Abandon Israel! Russia, Islamic World Are Coming!

Article# 1398:Expert: What's Next For The Future Of The Middle East?

Article# 1397:How Israel Attacking Iran Could Set The Stage For The Future Of Bible Prophecy!

Article# 1396:Drudge Poll: Israel Will Attack Iran; China, Russia Tell US: Don't Dare Interfere In Syria.

Article# 1395:Will Israel Attack Iran: What The Experts Are Saying And Believe. Opinions Vary.

Article# 1394:US Government Tells Banks To Prepare For Imminent Collapse: Rise Of Antichrist.

Article# 1393:Report: Israel Talking A lot About Iran Attack; But It's Only A Ruse To Enhance Cyber Attacks.

Article# 1392:Prophecy Alert: Obama May Allow Israel to Attack Iran To Get Re-Elected!

Article# 1391:Report: Iran Could Build Bomb Within Weeks; Morsi Fires Generals; Will He Get Away With It?

Article# 1390:Prophecy Alert: Is War Between Israel and Iran Inevitable? Yes! But When?

Article# 1389:What The Truth Is Regarding Syria's Chemical Weapons Falling Into The Wrong Hands.

Article# 1388:A Message From Someone In Syria: What's Really Happening In Syria! Is Civil War Coming?

Article# 1387:Syria Rebel Army Being Radicalized By Al Qaeda; What This Means For Israel And M.E.!

Article# 1386:If You Believe In A Pre-Trib. Rapture You Will Believe The Lie Of The Antichrist!

Article# 1385:Experts: Probability of Middle East War Has Risen Significantly; Factors That Could Cause It To Explode Further!

Article# 1384:Russian Ambassador: Assad Ready To Step Down; Syrian Official:  It's A Lie!

Article# 1383:US & Turkey Will Not Intervene In Syria Civil War; Syria May Use WMD's.

Article# 1382:Iran Could Have Nuclear Bomb By 2014; Report: Damascus Could Fall Within Weeks.

Article# 1381:Should We Expect An Attack Against Iran's Nuclear Facilities Before Or After US Elections?

Article# 1380:Middle East About To Explode! Economist: Eurozone Could Collapse as Early As 2013!

Article# 1379:Is The Middle East About To Explode Into War? What Will Happen In The 2nd Half Of 2012!

Article# 1378:Power sharing agreement with military not a political deal, says Brotherhood.

Article# 1377:Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Morsy Declared Egypt's New President (6-24-12); But Will He Be Only A Puppet In The Ruling Generals Hands?

Article# 1376:US Concerned Over Possible Israeli Strike If Syria Government Falls; Why It Would Be Necessary.

Article# 1375:Forget The Arab Spring! Why An Extended Drop In Oil Prices May Cause The Next War!

Article# 1374:Prophecy Alert: Syria Showdown Soon! Egypt's Future! Is Israel Planning Soon Attack Against Iran?

Article# 1373:Prophecy News Update 6-19-12: Why Israel Must Grant Palestinians Statehood Soon!

Article# 1372:Reader: The Pretribulation Rapture Is A Lie!

Article# 1371:Experts Say Israel Will Be A Global Leader In New Oil Age; Merkel: Two Speed Europe May Be Necessary.

Article# 1370:Is The World Heading For Another Global Financial Meltdown? Yes, And Here's Why!

Article# 1369:Israeli Official: Two State Solution Necessary For Continued Existence Of Israel.

Article# 1368:Will Eurozone Collapse? If So, How Will It Play Out In Bible Prophecy? Iran Report & More!

Article# 1367:World Powers & Iran Look To Sign Agreement In Coming Days; Greece Could Exit Eurozone Soon!

Article# 1366:Prophecy Alert: Emerging US-Iran interim nuclear deal endangers Israel.

Article# 1365:Prophecy Alert: Prominent US Economist Predicts Fall Of Eurozone Could Only Be Months Away!

Article# 1364:Mayan Calendar: Will Earth See Final Day On December 21, 2012? The Truth!

Article# 1363:Is The United States (US) Found In The Last Days Of Bible Prophecy?

Article# 1362:What Will Happen Following The Rapture Of The Church: Order Of Events!

Article# 1361:The Search For The Antichrist Is Going On Now! Watch This Shocking Report!

Article# 1360:Israel Calls Up Reserves; Is It A Prelude To A Middle East War? Other Rapture Signs.

Article# 1359:Prophecy Alert: Here's How Close We Are To The Rapture!

Article# 1358:Israel Official: Israel and Other Countries Will Attack Iran If Necessary (4-26-12).

Article# 1357:In Iran, US Agreement Is A Done Deal; Next Phase The Dropping Of Sanctions Starting In June.

Article# 1356:Report: US Has Made Secret Deal With Iran; Arab World Is Even Concerned!

Article# 1355:Report: US Secretly Making Deals With Iran That Will Put Israel In Great Danger.

Article# 1354:Prophecy Alert: Israel Says US Making Secret Deals With Iran Regarding Nuclear Program.

Article# 1353:Report: Major Hurtle Toward Middle East Peace To Be Dropped; Borders May Be Discussed Next!

Article# 1352:What I Believe Will Happen In Prophecy From 4-11-12 Forward; Psalm 83 War Scriptural Questions.

Article# 1351:Psalm 83 War Revisited; Why Today's Cashless Society Is Tomorrow's Antichrist System.

Article# 1350:Prophecy update 4-4-12: Will Israel Strike Iran?; Psalm 83 War Intelligence Report.

Article# 1349:Israelis have gained access to airbases in Azerbaijan; Tel Aviv receives "Iron Dome".

Article# 1348:Official US Communication Has Labeled Jerusalem & Israel As Separate Entities.

Article# 1347:Cashless Society Is Already In Place.

Article# 1346:Prophecy Alert: Sweden Goes Cashless!

Article# 1345:Obamacare (HR 3200): Verichip Implant Mandated By 3-23-2013? Mark of Beast?

Article# 1344:Iran-Israel War Update: Is It A Future Realty Or Just A Lot Of Hype!

Article# 1343:North Korea Tested Iranian Warhead or “Dirty Bomb” in 2010 for $55m; Israel’s Channel 2: U.S. Officials Believe Netanyahu Has Already Decided to Strike Iran.

Article# 1342:Prophecy Update: ME Peace Talks, Iran Strike, & What I Believe Is Next!

Article# 1341:Has Israel Already Destroyed Iran's Nuclear Program...At Least Temporarily?

Article# 1340:Report: Russia's Oil Fields Are In Decline; Will They Attack Israel Over New Oil Discoveries?

Article# 1339:Prophecy Update: Will Israel Attack Iran?: When It Could Happen!; Psalm 83 War, Battle of Gog & Magog.

Article# 1338:Israel Worried Syria May Start War To Prevent Assad Overthrow; 12 EU Nations Downgraded.

Article# 1337:Is This The Last Generation Or Just One Big Coincidence?

Article# 1336:Iran's Big Nuclear Announcement!; Is Assad About To Fall? Many Believe He Is!

Article# 1335:Prophecy Update: Israel Agrees to Cede Sovereignty of Jordan Valley.

Article# 1334:Prophecy Update 1-27-12: Iran Is Bluffing; US: Bunker Buster Bombs Not Powerful Enough.

Article# 1333:Prophecy Update: Why I Believe A Deal With Iran Will Pave Way To Middle East Peace.

Article# 1332:Prophecy Update: Predictions For 2012; What This Year Could Have In Store!

Article# 1331:Prophecy Update: The Events That Will Likely Follow the Rapture & Their Order!

Article# 1330:Prophecy Alert: Are The 10 Kingdoms About To Rise & Lend Their Power To The Antichrist?

Article# 1329:Prophecy Alert: Stuxnet Worm Could Take Over Control Of A Nuclear Weapon.

Article# 1328:Paper: EU Debt Crisis To Intensify In 2012; Israel-Palestine Peace Talks; Iran Wants To Talk.

Article# 1327:PA, Israeli Negotiators To Meet In Jordan, Muslim Bro.: Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty In Jeopardy.

Article# 1326:Prophecy Alert: 2012 Predicted To Be Make Or Break Year For EU & Extreme Global Weather!

Article# 1325:Prophecy Alert: Prominent Intelligence Magazine Projects Syria Fall, Israel-Iran War 2012.

Article# 1324:Prophecy Update 12-24-11: Where Are We In Prophecy & How Close Are We To The Rapture?

Article# 1323:Prophecy Alert: Signs Israel Readying Jerusalem Split; Isaiah 9:10: America's Coming Judgment.

Article# 1322:Prophecy Sign: Iran Will Produce Bomb Within Months; Have Crossed Red Line.

Article# 1321:Prophecy Alert: EU On Verge Of Collapse? Will It Bring About The Rise Of The Antichrist?

Article# 1320:International Attack Against Syria, Will EU Financial Meltdown Go Global, US Opens Iraq Airspace.

Article# 1319:Middle East Prophecy News: What Is Happening & Where We Are Headed!

Article# 1318:Report: Iran Believes Israel Will Attack Very Soon! Sarkozy: EU is in Danger Of Disintegrating!

Article# 1317:Report: War Between Syria & Israel Could Be Between December 2011-January 2012.

Article# 1316:Is The Rapture The First Resurrection?

Article# 1315:Characteristics of the Antichrist: Will he be a religious or military/political leader?

Article# 1314:Debkafie: Syrian Revenge & Attack Could Be Imminent; EU Crisis.

Article# 1313:Will Pre-trib. Rapture Believer's Fall Away When The Rapture Doesn't Happen?

Article# 1312:Iran's Khamenei presents three war scenarios; Could set Middle East on fire!

Article# 1311:Is The Rapture About To Happen? Bible Prophecy Experts Say It Is! Here's Why!

Article# 1310:When US Leaves Iraq, EU Crisis, Middle East Turmoil; Is It The Perfect Storm?

Article# 1309:Rapture Signs; EU Imminent Collapse? One World Government.

Article# 1308:Britain in secret talks with Syrian rebels; Same step before Libya attack.

Article# 1307:Report: Israeli Attack On Iran Will Be Similar To Syria Strike High Tech.

Article# 1306:EU Official: Collapse Of EU Would Plunge Europe Into Depression; Rise Of Antichrist.

Article# 1305:France, Germany Could Break Away From Eurozone; Newspaper: Israel To Strike Iran Next Month.

Article# 1304:Ahmadinejad: We Won't Stop Nuclear Program; EU In Meltdown & Assad's Days Are Numbered.

Article# 1303:Confirmed: Iran Producing Nukes; But Don't Expect An Israeli Attack.

Article# 1302:IAEA Report: Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Or Is On The Brink.

Article# 1301:Is Israel Really Going To Attack Iran Or Is It A High Stakes Bluff?

Article# 1300:REPORT: Turncoat spies leaked Israel's near planned attack on Iran...

Article# 1299:UNESCO Defies US, Accepts Palestine Membership; Full UN Recognition Next!

Article# 1298:Israeli Military Analyst Says Shalit Deal Points To Coming Iran Attack; Is It Just Hype?

Article# 1297:Jordan's Abdullah: Egypt Could Break Its Peace Treaty With Israel.

Article# 1296:Israel's Neighbors Instituting Islamic Sharia Law; Holy War With Israel Next!

Article# 1295:Update: Palestinian UN Recognition Bid; What Scripture Says About The Economy During The Last Days.

Article# 1294:Source: Israel Has Green Light To Attack Iran's Nuke Facilities; Where It Could Lead!

Article# 1293:Poll: Palestinians say enough talk, ready to fight.

Article# 1292:Prophecy End-Time Sign: Global Economy Will Continue To Spiral Downward On Into Tribulation.

Article# 1291:Syrian Missile Attack: Israel will respond with a massive assault against Syria, Lebanon and Gaza.

Article# 1290:The Prophetic Miracle Of Israel's Rebirth: You Need To See This Video!

Article# 1289:Prophecy End-Times Sign: Syria Threatens Israel With Missile Attack.

Article# 1288:Palestine: Stop Settlements If You Want Negotiations; Oil The Root Of Turkey-Israel Dispute.

Article# 1287:Security Council unanimously votes to send Palestinian application for review.

Article# 1286:Is EU On Verge Of Taking Over ME Peace Talks?; Is Recognition Of Israel As Jewish State Next UN Vote?

Article# 1285:World Financial Markets On Verge Of Collapse & ME Peace: Is This Prophetic?

Article# 1284:UN Decision On Palestinian State Could Take Months;But In The Meantime…

Article# 1283:In An Attempt To Avoid International Embarrassment, will US Vote To Recognize Palestine?

Article# 1282:Israel facing 'diplomatic tsunami' with Arab neighbors...

Article# 1281:Its "too late" for US to stop Palestinians from applying for UN membership: Abbas.

Article# 1280:Palestinian UN Recognition Vote Sept. 21st: What Could Happen Following Vote In Prophecy.

Article# 1279:Israeli General Outlines Future War Scenario That Sounds Similar To Psalm 83 War; Could Happen This Winter.

Article# 1278:PA Official: No Proposal Can Stop UN Palestinian State Recognition; Turkey To Confront Israeli Gaza Blockade.

Article# 1277:UN Palestine Strategy Part II: The Future Of The Middle East & How Peace May Come!

Article# 1276:September 20th Palestinian Plan For UN Recognition: First Look & Their Strategy.

Article# 1275:Market crash 'could hit within weeks', warn bankers; What the Bible says.

Article# 1274:Psalm 83 War Part II: US Tells Egypt, Break Peace With Israel, Lose US Financial Aid.

Article# 1273:Psalm 83 War Alert! Stratfor Intelligence Report Unfolds Future Scenario That Could Happen Soon!

Article# 1272:Libyan Leader Qadhafi Falls; What This Means In Bible Prophecy And For Israel.

Article# 1271:US Tells Israel To Apologize To Turkey Or UN Recognition Of PA Could Become A Reality!

Article# 1270:Video Update: Possible Mark of The Beast Technology Demonstrated.

Article# 1269:New Technology Revealed: Future Mark Of The Beast?

Article# 1268:Could The Near Collapse Of The Global Economy Set The Stage For The Rise Of The Antichrist?

Article# 1267:Israeli Generals Demand Strike On Iranian Nuke Facilities; Iran Takes Over Lebanon.

Article# 1266:Report: Netanyahu Caves To US Pressure On '67 Borders; Is The Rapture Near?

Article# 1265:Post Tribulation Rapture! The Remnant Will Populate The Millennium.

Article# 1264:Israel Oil, Muslim Brotherhood Takeover Of Egypt & Why The World Hates Israel!

Article# 1263:Israel Finds Another Gas Discovery; The Truth About Palestinian State & '67 Borders.

Article# 1262:Arab League To Seek UN Recognition of Palestine State; Israel Expects Explosion, Maybe War!

Article# 1261:As UN Recognition of PA State Looms, Quartet Makes Final Push To Restart Talks; Sources: Netanyahu Open To '67 borders With Conditions.

Article# 1260:Satan May Not Be The One Who First Chooses The Antichrist; Prince Charles Antichrist?

Article# 1259:US & France ME Peace Summit; Saudi Arabia, If Iran Gets Nukes So Will We!

Article# 1258:Iran Using Arab Spring Unrest To Swiftly Advance Nuclear Weapons Program.

Article# 1257:Syria could start the fighting any minute; Turkey could provoke a fight, too.

Article# 1256:Report: Obama Shelving Serious Efforts To Restart ME Peace Negotiations For Two Years; PA Officially Decides To File For UN Recognition.

Article# 1255:Israel Pioneering New Energy Order Through Shale Oil Technology; Experts: Earthquakes Are Increasing...By A Lot!

Article# 1254:Israeli Official: We Are Expecting September UN Recognition Of Palestinian State.

Article# 1253:Peres: ME Peace Could Be Reached Before September; Within Months.

Article# 1252:Israel & Palestine In Secret Peace Talks? Pre-conditions Dropped!

Article# 1251:U.S. gives ultimatum to Netanyahu to accept Obama's peace plan; N. Korea nuke.

Article# 1250:Revolutionary Guard Website Suggests Iran Is Nearing Nuclear Bomb Test Day.

Article# 1249:Report: US-Israel Have Failed; Even Airstrike Can't Prevent Iran Nuclear Weapon Within 2 Months.

Article# 1248:French Propose ME Peace Plan Details; Report: Iran Has 4 Nukes & Adding 1 More Every Few Months.

Article# 1247:Israel Could Bomb Iran This Summer; Israel Is Sitting On Oil Gold Mine Say Officials.

Article# 1246:Why Israel Can't Survive Without US Military Aid; US May Use This Against Israel.

Article# 1245:Question Regarding The Holy Spirit Indwelling During The Tribulation Period; Will Tribulation Believers Have To Maintain Their Own Salvation.

Article# 1244:Israel Pre-1967 Borders Never Existed Nor Were They Ever Negotiated Option.

Article# 1243:Obama Knew Pre-1967 Borders Were Unrealistic; May 21st Doomsday Rapture Bust.

Article# 1242:Historical Truth Regarding A Palestinian State Along 1967 Borders: Indefensible.

Article# 1241:Post Analysis: Future Direction Of Middle East Peace & Palestinian State.

Article# 1240:What Israel Gives Up To Palestinian State Along Pre-1967 Borders; Indefensible Borders.

Article# 1239:Netanyahu Dismisses Obama PA Endorsement Of State Within 1967 borders: Tension Builds.

Article# 1238:Bombshell: US Pres. Obama Endorses Palestine State Borders Along Pre-1967 Lines.

Article# 1237:The Muslim Antichrist Theory (An Evaluation).

Article# 1236:Obama's draft speech to urge '67 borders, negate PA's state bid; Netanyahu Adds Settlement Blocs to Peace Conditions.

Article# 1235:Muslim Brotherhood Will Win Egyptian Presidency And That Is Big Trouble For Israel!

Article# 1234:Muslim Brotherhood Will Run A Presidential Candidate; 3rd Intifada March Expect Extreme Violence!

Article# 1233:Muslim Brotherhood's Secret Plan To Create A Palestinian State & Ultimately Destroy Israel.

Article# 1232:Are We Getting Closer To ME Peace & Creating A Palestinian State? Yes, And Here's Why!

Article# 1231:Will the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple be a part of the peace accord the Antichrist will bring?  Would the Nation of Islam allow the Temple to be built alongside the Al-aqsa mosque?

Article# 1230:Is Hamas Toning Down It's Rhetoric For The Sake Of Creating A Palestinian State And Eventually Destroying Israel?

Article# 1229:May 2011: Fatah-Hamas, Gaza Flotilla, 3rd Intifada March, May 21, 2011 Rapture, Netanyahu Speech.

Article# 1228:Israel Freezes Large Palestinian Tax Transfer; Why This Could Be A Major Stumbling Block For A Forced Palestinian State.

Article# 1227:May 15th: Gaza Flotilla, Third Intifada March & What Could Follow!

Article# 1226:Hamas ready for peace talks with Israel.

Article# 1225:Uniting of Fatah & Hamas, New Egypt & Possible Coup In Syria; Could This Be Beginning Of Psalm 83/Gog & Magog War?

Article# 1224:Are The Beginning Stages Of The Psalm 83 War Taking Shape?

Article# 1223:Fatah & Hamas Re-Unite; What Affect This Could Have On Middle East Peace?

Article# 1222:Report: Netanyahu To Agree To Right of Return, East Jerusalem & Pre-1967 Borders.

Article# 1221:Obama Proposes Middle East Plan That Sets Bar For Israel's Netanyahu.

Article# 1220:Wars Of The Tribulation Period.

Article# 1219:US Tells Palestinians To Forget Seeking Unilateral State.

Article# 1218:Now US Says Quartet On Verge Of Recognizing Palestine On Pre-1967 Borders.

Article# 1217:April 15, 2011: Where We Could Be In Bible Prophecy & Where The Future Could Lead!

Article# 1216:IMF, UN, World Bank, & Israel: September Creation Of Palestinian State Unstoppable.

Article# 1215:Scenario: Israeli Newspaper Says Israel Will Grant Palestinian State Or UN Will Use Force.

Article# 1214:Israel's Next War: How It Will Begin & Where It Will Lead From A Secular View Point.

Article# 1213:Israeli Political Elite Present ME Peace Initiative Along '67 Borders; Give Golan Hghts Away.

Article# 1212:Psalm 83 War Scenario; Will Outcome Bring Rise Of Antichrist & Middle East Peace?

Article# 1211:All Indications Point To UN & World Recognition Of Palestinian State By September 2011.

Article# 1210:Psalm 83, Gog & Magog, Destruction of Damascus: When These Wars May Happen!

Article# 1209:UN Chief: Israel occupation 'morally and politically unsustainable, must end'; And That Goes For Jerusalem As Well.

Article# 1208:Palestinian State By September; EU Confirms They Will Recognize State, US To Follow?

Article# 1207:IRANIAN VIDEO: ISLAMIC MESSIAH IS 'NEAR'; The Fate Of Islam According To The Bible.

Article# 1206:Prophecy Alert: European Union Pushing Hard To Become Middle East Peace Brokers With UN.

Article# 1205:Muslim Brotherhood On Verge Of Taking Over Egypt With Help Of Military Chiefs.

Article# 1204:Window for a negotiated [Israel-Palestine] peace ends in September: PA Official.

Article# 1203:Could US-EU Coalition Be Framework Of Ten Kingdoms Of Antichrist?

Article# 1202:US backing for world currency stuns markets; Rumor: They may reach out to Hezbollah, Taliban, Hamas.

Article# 1201:Iran & Saudi Arabia On The Verge Of War? Tehran: Dangerous consequences.

Article# 1200:Will Future ME Peace Accord Be Confirmed To Force Stability In Region To Stabilize World Economy?

Article# 1199:Earthquakes Are Only One Of Many Signs That Will Mark The Last Generation.

Article# 1198:Earthquakes: Bible Prophecy Says They Will Continue & Are Only The Being Of Sorrows.

Article# 1197:Iran's Covert Move To Take Over Middle East, Push Out US, Destroy Israel!

Article# 1196:Netanyahu Peace Plan; Peace Antichrist Brings May Be Forced.

Article# 1195:Bible Prophecy Analysis Of Middle East Unrest And Where Could Lead!

Article# 1194:Netanyahu's Secret Peace Proposal Worries Israeli's He May Give Up W. Bank.

Article# 1193:While PM Netanyahu prepares to present new peace initiative, officials in Jerusalem fear Obama Administration to demand clear reference to 1967 borders.

Article# 1192:PM Binyamin Netanyahu Plans Major Announcement About Palestinian State In May.

Article# 1191:US Veto Of UN Resolution Against Israel Not Proof US Still On Israel's Side; Iran Threatens Saudi Arabia.Article# 1190:Israel, US Working On Peace Plan That Will Create PA State.

Article# 1189:ANALYSIS-After the crisis, a worldwide rise in unrest?; Systemic rise in worldwide unrest might just be beginning.

Article# 1188:Middle East Revolt Could Bring Iranian Influence To Region.

Article# 1187:Libya In Civil War; Where Will This ME Revolt Lead?

Article# 1186:Iran Sends Armed Warships Through Suez With Permission From Egypt.

Article# 1185:In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council.

Article# 1184:The Fate Of Islam According To Satan During The Tribulation Period.

Article# 1183:Bible Prophecy Foretold By Global Intelligence Power Brokers.

Article# 1182:Egypt Revolt, Democracy, Terrorism & Muslim Brotherhood: Where It will All Lead Next!

Article# 1181:Could Egyptian/Middle East Revolt Cause Israel To Rush Into Ill-fated Peace Accord?

Article# 1180:Hosni Mubarak not to seek reelection; Is the Middle East ripe for war or peace?

Article# 1179:Who Is Likely Behind Egypt Revolt & Where It Will Lead!

Article# 1178:What Will Come Of The Middle East Turmoil In Tunisia, Egypt, & Yemen? How This Will Effect Israel.

Article# 1177:Report: Ireland on Tuesday decided to upgrade the status of the Palestinian Authority diplomatic delegation; EU To Follow Suit?

Article# 1176:Erekat: Palestinian Paper Claims Not Lies; Egypt In Revolt; Hezbollah Rules Lebanon.

Article# 1175:Leaked Peace Docs Prove Palestinians Never Asked For Settlement Freeze In Past.

Article# 1174:Report: Obama to withhold veto from Palestinian UN move to condemn Israeli settlements.

Article# 1173:Abbas now asking for Netanyahu to adhere to his and Olmert's understanding; Jerusalem not to be divided.

Article# 1172:Palestinians Defy US With U.N. Resolution on Israeli Settlements Puts Obama in Bind.

Article# 1171:US sends strong message to Israel as to their future direction toward a Palestinian state.

Article# 1170:Russia Recognizes Palestinian State Again: EU, UN Next! Will US Make It Unanimous?

Article# 1169:Hezbollah To Become Ruler of Lebanon, Why Islam Will Cease To Exist In The Near Future & Norway's Future Recognition Of Palestinian State. 

Article# 1168:Hezbollah Quits Lebanon Government: Experts Believe Coup Forthcoming!

Article# 1167:Dead birds, dead fish, rapture date May 21, 2011: What the Bible says.

Article# 1166:Rapture Signs: Part II; Signs That The Rapture Is Near.

Article# 1165:World Leaders Attempt To Push Israel Forward With Peace Process.

Article# 1164:Report: US Says Syria Wants Peace With Israel; N. Korea Doing Nuke Test For Iran.

Article# 1163:Population studies show Palestinian Arabs could outnumber Israelis in a few short years; Threat of one state solution could bring about creation of Palestinian state.

Article# 1162:UK Treating Palestinian Delegation As Legit State; Could Recognition Be Next?

Article# 1161:World, US Will Likely Recognize Palestinian State In 2011 If Israel...

Article# 1160:World Science Community: 2010 Weather Most Extreme, Weird, & Deadly In Generation; Bible Said Last Generation Would Be.

Article# 1159:Author: Most Evangelicals Believe Good People Are Heaven-Bound. 

Article# 1158:Who will be the Antichrist!?

Article# 1157:Peace talks are officially dead: It’s time for Plan B; Egypt: Time running out for Mideast 2-state plan.

Article# 1156:Direct Prophecy Alert: Russia In Serious Talks With Lebanon To Harvest Gas/oil off Israel Coast; PA To Look To UN For State. 

Article# 1155:Argentina recognizes Palestinian state; Uruguay to recognize Palestinian state.

Article# 1154:Brazil recognizes Palestinian state; about us says US told him ME peace process has collapsed.

Article# 1153:Israeli officials: Wikileaks document proves Arab world just as concerned as Israel over nuclear armed Iran; Hamas will accept Israel 1967 borders in private, but not publicly.

Article# 1152:What Is Significance Of China & Russia Dropping US Dollar; Where EU Financial Crisis May Lead.

Article# 1151:World press sees Jerusalem as burdensome stone in these last days.

Article# 1150:Two More Reasons I Believe Peace Is Coming Soon To ME Or We Will See War.

Article# 1149:NATO says they will enforce future Middle East peace; Al Qaeda to begin striking US with less expensive terrorist attacks.

Article# 1148:Israel says US has provided a written guarantee.

Article# 1147:Israel Awaits Obama Construction Freeze Letter Outlining Benefits Before Final Vote.

Article# 1146:US deal would allow Israel some West Bank building; Barak: Israel must reach deal with U.S. before Palestinians do.

Article# 1145:Israel plans 1,300 settler homes; Impossible to return to talks with current Israeli gov't.

Article# 1144:Report: Obama's post-election agenda calls for a Palestinian state or else.

Article# 1143:Iran will bomb Israel, warns former Revolutionary Guard.

Article# 1142:Rumor: Mid East talks resume after US midterm. Netanyahu relents on building freeze.

Article# 1141:Israel and the United States are conducting secret talks on future borders of a Palestinian state.

Article# 1140:UN backs Palestinians preparations for statehood by August.

Article# 1139:Mideast sides mulling alternatives to peace talks; US leadership in doubt.

Article# 1138:Bible Prophecy Explained: Where We Are On God's Calendar Today & Where We Are Headed.

Article# 1137:Secret Settlement Freeze In Force Now; US Wants New Freeze Implemented By Nov. 2nd.

Article# 1136:'Assad said will press Hamas to recognize Israel'; Israel approves new east Jerusalem homes; Angers Palestinians.

Article# 1135:PLO chief: We will recognize Israel in return for 1967 borders.

Article# 1134:France has threatened to recognize a unilateral declaration of statehood by the Palestinian Authority if final status talks with Israel are “delayed”.

Article# 1133:Palestinians Could Have A State With Borders In Two Months Officials Say, But Not Necessarily An Agreement.

Article# 1132:Netanyahu Tries To Sway Cabinet To Extend Building Freeze Before Arab League Decision.

Article# 1131:CBS Poll Is A Page Out Of Bible Prophecy; Two Directions The Future Peace Talks Could Take! 

Article# 1130:Report: Netanyahu Agrees To Two Month Building Freeze With US Benefits.

Article# 1129:Direct Peace Talks Stall But Most Believe Israel Will Compromise On Settlement Freeze.

Article# 1128:Sarkozy Wants To Take Over ME Direct Peace Process; Mystery Babylon, Antichrist. 

Article# 1127:Sarkozy Wants To Host Next ME Peace Summit; Kadima Will Support Peace Deal.

Article# 1126:Now Israel suggests compromise possible on settlements.

Article# 1125:Middle East Direct Peace Talks Latest Developments.

Article# 1124:Middle East Direct Peace Talks: Where We Are Right Now And What Must Be Done.

Article# 1123:Hamas: We agreed in the past to state within '67 border w/ E. Jerusalem as capitol.

Article# 1122:Post Report: Second Round Middle East Talks, Syria Israel Peace Talks.

Article# 1121:ME Direct Peace Talks Second Round Preview: Netanyahu Partial Freeze; Abbas Says No! 

Article# 1120:Israel Fears They Maybe Forced To Accept Multi-national Force In Future Palestinian State; Report: Iran Could Test First Nuclear Bomb In Coming Months.

Article# 1119:Prophecy Update:  Direct Talks, Borders, Settlement Freeze, International Forces.

Article# 1118:Mideast talks to resume in Egyptian Red Sea resort; 'Hamas may accept a peace agreement with Israel'.

Article# 1117:Prophecy Alert: Arab League Now Believe These Direct Talks Will Be Last.

Article# 1116:Prophecy Question: Is Obama The Coming Antichrist based On His Involvement In Direct Peace Talks?

Article# 1115:Barak: Israel ready to cede parts of Jerusalem in peace deal; US Intel: Tehran pushes Hizballah hard to attack Israel. 

Article# 1114:Psalm 83 & Destruction of Damascus: Are they still to come?

Article# 1113:US wants agreement now, peace later; To be implemented within 10 years

Article# 1112:Will world offer Israel security in exchange for peace?; Will it include Israel accepting a nuclear Iran? 

Article# 1111:US official: We want full peace deal in 1 year.

Article# 1110:Netanyahu: We can surprise the doubters to reach historic peace; Doubters say no but Bible prophecy says it will come.

Article# 1109:Israeli and Palestinian leaders to be invited to US for peace talks.

Article# 1108:Bolton answers question: Will Israel attack Iran nuke reactor in next eight days?

Article# 1107:Israel Set to Reject Quartet Demands for 'Peace in One Year'; EU backs quartet demand while US still undecided.

Article# 1106:EU: Abbas close to accepting direct Mideast peace talks; Report: Netanyahu to offer withdrawal from 90% of West Bank.

Article# 1105:Direct talks in sight as US envoy sees Netanyahu.

Article# 1104:Saudis coaxing PA to enter direct talks; Poll: 85% (Arabs) agree to two-state solution.

Article# 1103:Ex-CIAers to Obama: Israel Might Attack Iran This Month.

Article# 1102:Will Direct Peace Talks Come Or Is War The Next Step In The Middle East?

Article# 1101:Mahmoud Abbas preparing to hold direct talks with Israel, say diplomats.

Article# 1100:Arab League Approves Direct Negotiations; Peres warns no direct talks will lead to 'storm'.

Article# 1099:Ahmadinejad: US and Israel plot wars within three months.

Article# 1098:Turkey exploits 'window of opportunity', moving rapidly to acquire nuclear weapons.

Article# 1097:Abbas: Direct peace talks decision in seven days; Will Israel exhaust all its nuclear weapons during early stages of the tribulation period?

Article# 1096:Palestinians officials say they expect takeover of territory by end of year.

Article# 1095:Abbas outlines terms for direct talks; Abbas says Israel must accept foreign border force.

Article# 1094:Question Regarding The Holy Spirit During The Tribulation Period.

Article# 1093:Netanyahu: Direct talks soon.

Article# 1092:Israel to present peace plan with borders to US president; 'We must give US clear peace plan'.

Article# 1091:Could Tuesday's Obama-Netanyahu meeting take talks from indirect to direct talks?

Article# 1090:Report: Abbas agrees to Israeli control over Western Wall; Agrees to Israeli control over Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem.

Article# 1089:Abbas Says He Supports an International Force for Palestinian Territories.

Article# 1088:Third US aircraft carrier joins growing armada off Iranian coast; Eurozone could pull down rest of the world including the US.

Article# 1087:CIA report: Iran has enough uranium to produce two nukes; Oren: US-Israeli relationship heading downward.

Article# 1086:PA negotiator threatening one-state solution if no progress by end of year; US conducting secret meetings with Hamas.

Article# 1085:Netanyahu seeks to give away more of Golan Heights to Syria than other PMs for peace.

Article# 1084:Iran on war alert over "US and Israeli concentrations" in Azerbaijan.

Article# 1083:Burden of Damascus; Is this prophecy still to come?

Article# 1082:Seven Events That Will Quickly Follow The Rapture Of The Church.

Article# 1081:Report: US battleships cross Suez Canal; Poll: Globe backs Iran strike; Radio Show Today 7-9 PM EST.

Article# 1080:Turkish flotilla organizers planning to dispatch more Gaza aid ships; Iranian vessels to stopover in Istanbul.

Article# 1079:Iranian 'aid' ships head for Gaza...; Waiting for Anti-Christ: The Maitreyea Cometh.

Article# 1078:Turkey signs deal with Arab neighbors to create free trade zone.

Article# 1077:Where Are We On God's Timeline Part II?

Article# 1076:Iran's Gaza-bound ships ready for clash with Israel - Ahmadinejad; May be escorted by warships and submarines.

Article# 1075:Osama bin Laden and top aides are hiding in Sabzevar, Iran.

Article# 1074:What part the flotilla crisis could eventually play in prophecy.

Article# 1073:Turkey Threatens Naval Escort With Next Flotilla; Obama Quietly Distances Himself From Israel. 

Article# 1072:Condemnation Of Israel Over Flotilla Crisis Flows Freely From International Community Despite Video Facts.

Article# 1071:Israel's Attempt To Turn Back Flotilla Turns Ugly; As Usual World Leaders Condemn Israel.

Article# 1070:Will Peace Be Made With Antichrist Instead Of Through Each Participating Nation?

Article# 1069:Netanyahu: Time for direct talks with Palestinians.

Article# 1068:Debt crisis dark cloud over Europe...

Article# 1067:Obama plan: Global troops to protect Israel.

Article# 1066:Obama Calls For New World Order; Says He Will Seek It.

Article# 1065:Syrian President Bashar Assad said he is willing to sign a peace agreement with Israel in exchange for the Golan Heights.

Article# 1064:SHOCK!! Palestinian negotiators have reportedly proposed giving up twice the West Bank territory Abbas offered Olmert.

Article# 1063:Obama starts massive US Air-Sea-Marine build-up opposite Iran; IDF preparing for mass evacuations in case of Hezbollah missile strike.

Article# 1062:Former US General Outlines The State Of The Middle East And A War That Could Change The World As Early As Summer 2010.

Article# 1061:Future Peace Will Come Out Of Certain Failure!

Article# 1060:Satan's Final Rebellion During The Millennium.

Article# 1059:US faces same problems as Greece, says Bank of England.

Article# 1058:Excitement over $1 trln euro plan fades, euro slips.

Article# 1057:Palestinians approve indirect talks with Israel; Where we go from here!

Article# 1056:After lengthy diplomacy, Mideast peace talks begin; Abbas gives peace talks 4 months.

Article# 1055:US: Proximity talks to begin next week.

Article# 1054:Where Are We On God's Timeline?

Article# 1053:Palestinian leader Abbas now willing to renew peace talks.

Article# 1052:Netanyahu: Would consider interim agreement in West Bank that would include establishment of a Palestinian state within temporary borders.

Article# 1051:Will The World Freely Worship The Antichrist?; Will They Truly Believe He is God?

Article# 1050:US gives up military option, non-UN sanctions against Iran.

Article# 1049:Israeli defense minister says occupation must end.

Article# 1048:Obama: Mid East conflict costs US "blood and treasure".

Article# 1047:Massive quake rattles western China; Quake in western China kills 400, buries more.

Article# 1046:US Expert Predicts 'Oil and Gas Rush' to Israel; East Jerusalem building halted without fanfare.

Article# 1045:US says won't impose ideas on Israel, PA.

Article# 1044:Obama, Hu weigh sanctions tradeoff against Iran, Israel.

Article# 1043:The 144,000 Witnesses And The Jehovah Witnesses

Article# 1042:Israel fears Obama heading for imposed Mideast settlement.

Article# 1041:With U.S.-Israel ties strained, Obama may make bold move; After Obama's good week, big choices confront him.

Article# 1040:Netanyahu and Obama are at point of no return; Obama demands Netanyahu’s peace answers by Saturday.

Article# 1039:Israel under veiled US threat of diplomatic isolation; Obama, Netanyahu fail to resolve settlement mess...

Article# 1038:Washington sharpens crisis with Israel, may give Palestinians military shield; Rumor: CENTCOM could takeover control of Palestinian territories.

Article# 1037:Question: Could Obama Be The Antichrist, And If Not, Who Will?

Article# 1036:US envoy cancels Mideast trip, Israel feud deepens.

Article# 1035:The U.N. ISDR reported earthquakes have caused the deadliest disasters in the past decade.

Article# 1034:Deadly quakes are coincidence, scientists say; Biden: US will always stand by those who take risks for peace.

Article# 1033:Strong earthquake (6.2 mag) flattens Turkish villages, kills 61; Haiti, Chile, Taiwan, now Turkey!  Is it still just a coincidence?

Article# 1032:PLO okays indirect talks, seeks results in months.

Article# 1031:Indirect peace talks still on for Sunday despite clashes; 'Iran developing massive launch site' with help from North Korea.

Article# 1030:U.S. vows to assign blame if Israel-PA talks fail; PA Welcomes Move.

Article# 1029:Haiti, Chile, now Taiwan: earthquake escalation?; Mideast peace talks could begin as early as Sunday.

Article# 1028:What You Can Expect At The Beginning Of The Tribulation Period.

Article# 1027:Huge 8.8 mag. quake hits Chile; tsunami threatens Pacific; January-Haiti; February-Chile; March-?; Is This The Beginning Of Birth Pangs As Described In The Bible?

Article# 1026:PA Working Feverishly to Achieve State - without Negotiations; Where I See This Heading.

Article# 1025:Sarkozy, Abbas urge rapid renewal of Mideast peace talks.

Article# 1024:Europe wants to recognize Palestinian state now.

Article# 1023:Blair hopes Middle East talks to resume within weeks; Syria warns: Next war will be ruinous.

Article# 1022:Israel mulling a spring or summer war: Ahmadinejad.

Article# 1021:Who Will Be Taken During The Rapture?

Article# 1020:Iranian President Once Again Claims Iran Is Now A Nuclear Nation.

Article# 1019:Egyptian sources: Israel prepares to strike Iran from Gulf and N. Iraq.

Article# 1018:Netanyahu: I have reason to believe talks will start in coming weeks without preconditions.

Article# 1017:Israel rejects call for 3-month freeze; Mitchell to Abbas: No more excuses, renew Mideast talks; Could one-state solutions be only option?

Article# 1016:Pentagon Expands Defenses in Persian Gulf; Abbas: Peace talks with Israel could be restarted if Israeli government was prepared to put stop to settlement building for "a certain period".

Article# 1015:Ahmadinejad: Whoever controls the Mideast controls the world.

Article# 1014:Netanyahu to U.S.: I'll free Fatah prisoners to boost Abbas.

Article# 1013:Arab League chief presses for Palestinian state.

Article# 1012:Abbas offended by Egypt, turns to Saudia Arabia; Egyptian Pressure: Cairo demanding Abbas resume peace talks with Israel without complete settlement freeze, but he refuses.

Article# 1011:Palestinians study U.S. idea for Mideast talks; Barak predicts peace talks in month or 2.

Article# 1010:With Mideast peace talks stalled, activists fear a new intifada.

Article# 1009:Mitchell Pitches a New 5-Point Plan for Middle East Negotiations.

Article# 1008:'Hamas accepts Israel's right to exist'.

Article# 1007:Abbas to U.S.: Negotiate with Israel on our behalf.

Article# 1006:EU official to PA: Financial support won't continue forever; Abbas: talks only choice for Palestinians.

Article# 1005:Great earthquake in Israel inevitable experts say.

Article# 1004:Exposed: Secret talks to carve up Israel, again Clandestine bargaining hastens Palestinian state.

Article# 1003:Emanuel: U.S. is fed up with Israel, Palestinians; Look for US to walk away at some point.

Article# 1002:Will Obama sell out the US through nuclear disarmament and a weak stand against terror?

Article# 1001:Activities of the false prophet and what could happen at the mid-way point of the tribulation period.

Article# 1000:Will You Be Left Behind To Face A Time Of Terrifying Horror? 

Article# 999:US to jumpstart peace talks, but Israeli FM says it's impossible; Lieberman says peace is not possible in next decade. 

Article# 998:Maverick Iraqi politician claims Iran could go nuclear within weeks; Iran is much closer to attaining nuclear capability than most sources, including the IAEA and the US State Department, believe.

Article# 997:Burden of Damascus; Is this prophecy still to come?

Article# 996:Iran will succeed in stalling West and making agreement while acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Article# 995:Question: Are we close to the rapture of the church or could it really be twenty (or more) years away? Mayan calendar 2012.

Article# 994:The world in 2025: Awash with weapons of mass destruction; Obama: Israel will eventually attack Iran.

Article# 993:Syria and Iran make military pact to send message to Israel; Could this turn out to be the foretold destruction of Damascus?

Article# 992:Syria wants indirect negotiations with Turkey as mediator; Netanyahu is told by Sarkozy Golan Heights precondition dropped.

Article# 991:Iran simulates nuclear warhead detonation - report.

Article# 990:Will the Third Temple be built next year?; Does selection of weak EU president mean delay in rapture of church.

Article# 989:EU ready to endorse Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as capital.

Article# 988:Is The Mark Of The Beast On The Earth Today?  If So, Can We As Christians Unknowingly Take It?

Article# 987:Little known Belgian trumps Blair for EU president; Why we will never figure out who the antichrist is until he is revealed!

Article# 986:EU leaders deadlocked over top 2 EU jobs.

Article# 985:Report: Source says US holding off on Mideast peace talks.

Article# 984:Syria urges French Mid-East role; Assad to Obama: Draw up Israel-Syria peace plan.

Article# 983:Military sources: Turkish PM & Iranian president struck military cooperation deals on Oct. 28 assuring Iran of Turkish military intelligence & air force assistance against possible Israeli attack on its nuclear sites.

Article# 982:PM heads to U.S. under threat of Palestinian statehood declaration.

Article# 981:Palestinians threaten Israel with 1-state solution.

Article# 980:US admiral concerned about China military buildup.

Article# 979:Climate Expert Says Climate Change Treaty Stepping off Point To Emergence Of One World Government.

Article# 978:Ministers back Blair as best man to lead EU.

Article# 977:Direct Prophecy Alert: This week Turkey officially left the Western alliance and became a full member of the Iranian axis.

Article# 976:Two questions arise...who will this mystery president be and what will be his official role?

Article# 975:Prophecy Alert: Turkey Tightens Syrian-Iranian Axis after Snubbing Israel.

Article# 974:Turkish defence snub worries Israel; Israel rethinks arms sales to Turkey; Turkey's attitude toward Israel is changing.

Article# 973:Israel Gives UN Until Christmas To Sanction Iran Or They Will Attack.

Article# 972:Barroso fears powerful 'European president'.

Article# 971:Will The Antichrist Be A Vessel For Satan's Use Or Will He Make A Deal With The Devil?

Article# 970:Newspaper: TONY Blair is set to be made the first President of Europe in weeks.


Article# 968:Obama: Iran Building Secret Nuclear Plant; Now Brazil Wants a Nuclear Weapons Program.

Article# 967:Indecision as EU Vote Comes Again to Ireland; Doubts cloud Middle East talks.

Article# 966:US targets Russian support on Iran with shield reverse, say experts.

Article# 965:Netanyahu: PA Will Take Over Part of Israel.

Article# 964:Obama prepares to launch new Middle East program.

Article# 963:Russian report: Netanyahu may be planning attack on Iran.

Article# 962:Knesset Speaker: ‘Drying Up Jewish Settlements Won’t Save Us’.

Article# 961:What You Can Expect When The Trumpet Blows And What Will Follow.

Article# 960:Wall Street Journal: Israel may attack Iran.

Article# 959:QUESTION:  How much time do you think will transpire between the rapture and the beginning of the seven year tribulation?

Article# 958:New alliance emerging in the Middle East.

Article# 957:Palestinian PM: We'll form de facto state by 2011.

Article# 956:PM: Talks with Palestinians to resume by end of September.

Article# 955:Mubarak urges Obama to back an overall Israel-Palestinian peace settlement - in stages.

Article# 954:Israel quietly halts settlement building permits; Netanyahu to freeze Jewish construction, settlers furious.

Article# 953:Mubarak: Arabs won't recognize Israel until after peace deal.

Article# 952: Dahlan: No peace talks without deadline.

Article# 951:Barack Obama is close to revealing plan for Middle East peace; Israeli Defense Minister Barak: “I believe that Israel must take the lead in accepting the plan.”

Article# 950:'Iran waiting for Khamenei go-ahead to build atom bomb'; Iran has mastered necessary technology, needs 1 year to assemble nuclear weapon.

Article# 949:Peace Process at “Five to Midnight” Warns UN Envoy.

Article# 948:Obama envoy: Peace process will bring Arab-Israeli normalization; Arab states can normalize relations with Israel during peace process.

Article# 947:Is This The Last Generation Or Just One Big Coincidence?

Article# 946:Hamas: We won't stand in way of PA-Israel deal.

Article# 945:Obama to set binding timetable for Israel-PA talks.

Article# 944:Blair Officially Becomes UK Candidate For First EU President.

Article# 943:Arab rulers pursue US-backed ploy to validate Hamas.

Article# 942:Report: US Threatens to Abandon ME Peace Process If Israel Does Not Meet Settlement Freeze Deadline. 

Article# 941:The Antichrist.

Article# 940:US VP: If Israel wants to bomb Iran, we can't stop them; Claim: Israel will fly over Saudi airspace to bomb Iran; Saudis deny.

Article# 939:Will creation of Palestinian state serve as precursor timeline of tribulation period?  Jerusalem declared stumbling block by top obama think tank.

Article# 938:Since Iranian Dialogue Is Out Israeli Natural Growth No Longer An Issue; US Expects Significant Progress With Israel Going Forward.

Article# 937:One more reason why I believe the pre-tribulation rapture is correct.

Article# 936:Source: Jerusalem Construction to End Soon For Israel; Jerusalem: No 'Gaza mega-deal' with Hamas.

Article# 935:Hamas Extends Long-Term Truce To Israel; Could Be As Long As 15 Years.

Article# 934:Netanyahu trying to reach deal on settlements with U.S.; Bible's 'Ark of the Covenant' about to be unveiled?; Ethiopian patriarch tells pope he will show artifact to world.

Article# 933:Settlement Issue Could be Solved Soon; Islamic World Calls For Quick Establishment of PA Borders. 

Article# 932:Netanyahu concedes to Palestinian state; Conditions include recognition of Israel, demilitarization of new nation.

Article# 931:'Obama proposed plan for peace deal within two years'; US wants Mideast talks to start soon, end quickly.

Article# 930:Mitchell: Obama wants 'immediate' peace talks; Saudis Pushing Obama to Force Israel Into Peace Deal.

Article# 929:US to Israel: Agree quickly to creation of Palestinian state or risk harsher, less favorable agreement down the road.

Article# 928:Obama hopeful of Mideast peace progress this year; Is he the one the world seeks?

Article# 927:Barack Obama launches key Mid-East mission; Obama: I'll personally pursue two-state solution.

Article# 926:PRESSURE: U.S.-Israeli relationship takes new direction...

Article# 925:US may stop supporting Israel at UN.

Article# 924:The Rapture Of The Church And The Reaction Of The World When It Comes.

Article# 923:Official: Obama admin sees Jerusalem divided; 'He told us city will never be united under Israeli sovereignty'.

Article# 922:Source: Palestinians may accept limited right of return with refugee majority settling in Palestine state.

Article# 921:Portions of Obama ME Peace Plan Unveiled.

Article# 920:Official: Israeli PM likely to back two-state plan; Barak- Regional deal possible in 3 years.

Article# 919:UN Security Council unanimously endorses a statement Monday calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Article# 918:KING'S ULTIMATUM: Netanyahu meeting decides Mid-East's future...; 'Upcoming Netanyahu-Obama meeting crucial to ME future'.

Article# 917:If Peace Comes What Will Follow?

Article# 916:ME Envoy Tony Blair Says 'Quartet to unveil new peace strategy'.

Article# 915:Mashaal: Hamas wants 10 year cease-fire.

Article# 914:Netanyahu aides fear 'surprise' demands from Obama.

Article# 913:Report: Intelligence Warns Israel is now an ‘Obstacle to Obama'; Netanyahu to tell Obama he's willing to soften on Palestinians in exchange for help on Iranian front.

Article# 912:'Iran will honor any two-state decision made by Palestinians'.

Article# 911:Jordan's King Abdullah proposes plan for ME peace to Obama: Recognition by as many as 57 states in exchange for Palestinian state.

Article# 910:Experts: North Korea a Fully Fledged Nuclear Power.

Article# 909:Israel shocked by Obama's approval of large Turkish arms sale to Lebanon.

Article# 908:The Rapture Of The Church And The Reaction Of The World When It Comes.

Article# 907:US: Palestinians don't have to recognize 'Jewish state'; Hamas can play part in Palestinian state; US-Israeli ties diminishing as Obama courts Israel's enemies.

Article# 906:PAPER: Israeli military ready to bomb Iran...

Article# 905:Will Israel Strike Iran Or Will It Be Averted?

Article# 904:Iran at UN: Israel planning on striking our nuclear sites; Will the US intervene?

Article# 903:Tribulation Period: Is It A Second Chance To Receive The Gospel?

Article# 902:Jerusalem stammers, Washington deaf to Iran's race for nuke; Could Iran Have Nukes in 60 Days?


Article# 900:Obama and Blair say the world needs a PA state, Blair says Netanyahu supports the idea.

Article# 899:Blair steps up fight to be crowned first 'President of EU'.

Article# 898:Debkafile: Israel will be forced to sign unprecedented agreement that will threaten their very existence "in order to enhance America's hand" in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Article# 897:Netanyahu sworn in as Israeli PM; Blair: Mideast peace process in jeopardy.

Article# 896:A Single Nuke Could Destroy America; Obama may meet Assad in Istanbul to dramatize outreach to Muslims.

Article# 895:Japan Issues Order to 'Destroy' N. Korea Rocket.

Article# 894:Iran sets terms for U.S. ties; Israel not happy about possible new US/Iran relationship.

Article# 893:Obama about to betray Israel, says former intel official.

Article# 892:Europe to Netanyahu: Agree to Palestinian state, or else; CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years.

Article# 891:Iran missile, nuclear threat 'real, dangerous' - Russian analyst.

Article# 890:Will Children Go Through The Tribulation Period?

Article# 889:Report: Iran will have nuclear weapons this year; They have enough nuclear material to make 50 nuclear bombs.

Article# 888:Who Is The Great Whore & The Beast She Will Ride.

Article# 887:U.S.: Palestinian state creation 'inescapable'; Clinton puts USA on collision course with Israel with pledge to press for Palestinian state...

Article# 886:The Iran-Israel nuclear endgame is now much closer; Barak: Time running out on Iran threat.

Article# 885:Obama reverses Bush policy of isolating and sanctioning Hamas and its Palestinian supporters. 

Article# 884:It’s Final: Peres Entrusts Netanyahu with Forming a Government; What Direction Will Netanyahu take Israel? 

Article# 883:Seven Events That Will Quickly Follow The Rapture Of The Church. 

Article# 882:Netanyahu: No Palestinian state; Livni: Surrender to Arab demands.

Article# 881:US Report Claims War Between Israel & Iran Inevitable In 2009; Israel's Original Gas Find Now Believed To Be 60% Bigger.

Article# 880:Israel, Hamas on Verge of Truce Deal.

Article# 879:Biden calls for 2-state solution in Middle East.

Article# 878:Netanyahu: My gov't will keep J'lem united; North Korea to 'Test Missile Capable of Striking U.S.'

Article# 877:Blair encourages Hamas involvement 'on the right terms'; What a long-term truce could lead to.

Article# 876:Hamas: We will accept long-term truce if Gaza borders opened.

Article# 875:Hamas proposes 1-year cease-fire; EU calls for Palestinian unity government; Hamas, Fatah hold reconciliation talks in Egypt.

Article# 874:IAF jets fly over Gaza, sparking fears of new Israeli offensive; Barak: Egypt stopping arms from getting to Gaza; Mark Of The Beast.

Article# 873:What You Can Expect At The Beginning Of The Tribulation Period.

Article# 872:Sarkozy wants to "change the world" with Obama.

Article# 871:Sarkozy to host global summit on Mideast peace; Israeli officials: Obama a true friend.

Article# 870:Hamas declares cease-fire; gives Israel one week to evacuate Gaza; three massive gas reservoirs discovered in Israel; said to be one of the largest discoveries in the world.


Article# 868:US, Israel sign anti-smuggling deal; Hamas: We will not accept Israeli conditions for cease-fire.

Article# 867:The Time Clock Has Run Out: Israel Ready to Strike Iran; Sources in movement tell al-Hayat paper Hamas rejects any proposal for international troops in Gaza, but would be willing to see Turkish forces monitor border.

Article# 866:Haniyeh: Hamas willing to negotiate on Gaza truce.

Article# 865:Israeli officers: Hamas hurt but will fight on; Fatah Silently Watches Gaza, Waiting to Take Over.

Article# 864:EU said readying plan to restore Fatah-led PA rule over Gaza crossings.

Article# 863:Israel conditionally welcomes cease-fire proposal; Egypt will have to play a major role if peace efforts are to succeed.

Article# 862:Joint US-Egypt-Jordan-Germany-Israel diplomacy for Gaza ceasefire.

Article# 861:Livni: Sarkozy understands ‘threat’ to Israel.

Article# 860:Three Israelis killed by Palestinian missiles, crucial Gaza invasion ready to go; Natural disasters 'killed over 220,000' in 2008.

Article# 859:Hamas: Over 170 killed as Israel strikes police compounds.

Article# 858:Report: U.S. Faces Bio Attack Within 5 Years; India warns citizens of unsafe travel to Pakistan...

Article# 857:Syria has stated that it is ready for direct talks and for a full peace with Israel if Israel returns Syrian land it captured during the Six-day War in 1967.

Article# 856:US, UN try to handcuff Israel before Netanyahu is elected; Quartet: US-led Mideast talks 'irreversible'. 

Article# 855:Quartet: US-led Mideast talks 'irreversible'; Things to look for in the future of Bible prophecy. 

Article# 854:Could Israeli Electric Car Revolution Be What Brings Russia Down On Israel?

Article# 853:Is Middle East Peace On The Horizon?

Article# 852:And now for a world government; "For the first time in my life, I think the formation of some sort of world government is plausible".

Article# 851:Report: Israel Preparing to Strike Iran Without U.S. Consent; Tehran convinced military attack is impending.

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