Worldwide Hunger

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When Jesus was asked by His disciples how the world would know the general time of His return to earth, He declared that one of the birth pangs would be famine. Any of you that have had children know what birth pangs are like. They start out mild and infrequent and they grow increasingly more intense and frequent. That's what these signs will be like.

Sure, there have always been earthquakes and wars and famines and pestilence’s and fearful conditions. But there has never been a time like this in the world where all of these conditions are occurring simultaneously and in greater magnitude than ever before. That's why it is so significant that we are experiencing this age of famine at precisely the moment that all these other conditions are occurring--not just quakes and wars and famines, but also religious deception and the rebirth of Israel.

Jesus also said that this would all happen at a time when it was actually possible for the entire human race to extinguish itself. Now let me ask you: Was it possible for man to annihilate himself through war and environmental degradation 2,000 years ago? And it wasn't possible a 1000 years ago either! But it certainly is today in this age of nuclear weapons.

One of the facts that always staggers me is that more than half the people who have ever lived on this planet are alive today. That's how fast the population is exploding. How will we feed these people? Obviously we won't. The population is expected to double (10 billion) within the next 50 years. All the experts say that we will have less to eat in the coming years as worldwide food production fails to keep pace with burgeoning population growth. We have and will continue to sail deeper into an age of famine and worldwide hunger. Let's face it, if Jesus doesn't return soon, our only hope may be Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Already, drought, plagues, starvation and famines have become commonplace throughout Africa and Asia. But that's a drop in the bucket compared to the real problem. One in six globally are suffering from acute or chronic hunger. More than a billion suffer from serious malnutrition.

I am not going to pretend that I know exactly why it's going to occur, but I do know famines are going to be a reality for the world in this generation. Like the other "signs of the times," they will increase in frequency and intensity as we get closer to the time when Jesus returns.

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