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Now that Russia is in upheaval, Christians battle Muslims in Yugoslavia, and our critics are starting to get the message. We also would like to add that individual Soviet republics like Ukraine and Kazakhstan are now nuclear powers.

Our intelligence sources now tell us Iran has acquired two 40-kiloton nuclear devices from Kazakhstan. They can be dropped from aircraft, and Iran is working day and night to develop intermediate- range delivery missiles.

Here in North America it is hard to imagine people willing to fight (and die) for religion. Religious wars seem like a relic of the past. This is an age of materialism. People are much more interested in the prospect of profit than the promise of heaven.

But this is not true everywhere. Especially troubling for many in the West will be the rise of Islam. Muslim populations in the former Soviet Union are breaking away... and they are not forming democracies.

Chances are, their huge weapons arsenals and vast populations will be aligned with Iraq, Iran and the rest of the militant Islamic world. This could be the biggest threat to world peace in the next two decades.

As our experience with Saddam Hussein demonstrates, these people have a much different idea of government and individual rights than we have. Many lslamic fundamentalists regard the West as weak and decadent. You and I are enemies of God -- literally.

Just as communism welded together the parts of the Soviet Empire and turned them into a powerful and dangerous force, Islam might soon do the same thing -- unifying a region as large as the Soviet Union and with millions more people. It wouldn’t be the first time in history that Islam has gone to war with the West. But it might be the last. This new Pan-Islamic Federation might have little respect for Western institutions, but it will certainly have one Western legacy -- nuclear weapons -- thanks to the Soviet break-up.

The Bible has predicted this type of merger would take place (Ezekiel 38 & 39, Revelation 20:8). In fact, it names them by name. In Ezekiel 38, according to numerous scholars, the nations and people banded together under the leadership of Gog are: Rosh, being the Russian nation; Meschech, being Moscow; Tubal being Tobolsk; Persia, being today’s Iran; Ethiopia or Cush, being an Arabic nation bordering the northern powers; Lybia or Put; Gomer being modem day Germany; and Togarmah, being what is modern day Turkey or Armenia. In the last days, these countries will form an alliance and attack Israel, but will be totally destroyed. It is very possible that this could be the new Pan-Islamic Federation.

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