How The Mighty Fall

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I have been both praised and blasted for stating that the United States will be Mystery Babylon. Of all the articles that I have written this has come under the most fire by far. Many have agreed with my choice due to the obvious characteristics. At the same time, many feel my position to be incorrect because of the location. Ancient Babylon was located in the Middle East, and many Bible scholars believe that this ancient city will once again be rebuilt, and return to its former glory in the last days.

But there is another side of this argument. Many of those who have corresponded with me simply can't believe that a great and powerful nation such as the United States could be destroyed in one day. This is just simply not possible. To take on a nation of this magnitude would immediately set off a world war. And what about the sophisticated worldwide radar and defense system that they must penetrate. Within minutes of their first launch they'd know about it through their satellite surveillance.

I believe that the antichrist will have something supernatural on his side. For the Bible declares that God Himself will use this block of nations to destroy this ungodly nation. I believe that God will allow the antichrist and his allies to in some way launch some type of stealth sneak attack (much like Pearl Harbor), which will literally destroy the U.S. with little or no recourse in one day. You have to remember this attack will be ordained by God. You also have to remember that it has been by God's hand that man has not destroyed himself in the previous six thousand years. I think many have lost sight of the fact that God deals in the realm of the supernatural and not in the realm of earthly logic.

This is the scenario that I see. Satan will enter into the antichrist giving him great power. He will at once give the order that the United States must immediately be destroyed totally and completely. Through supernatural means, the antichrist will miraculously enable his forces to penetrate the U.S. defense radar undetected. Satan does have great power and God will at this time allow him to use it. The U.S. will be hit from nuclear missile silos around the world, from nuclear submarines and air support within a matter of minutes. They literally won't know what hit them. I believe the attack will be such a surprise that there will be no retaliation, few if any survivors, and will leave the land uninhabitable. However this attack plays out, the Bible states that Mystery Babylon will be destroyed in one day and that's exactly what will happen.

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