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If you’ve been watching the news lately, I’m sure you’ve heard the latest in the Middle East. Israel has re-opened a tunnel in Jerusalem. This has brought about rioting by the Arab community. Some have even lost their lives trying to stop this archeological digging. The Israeli prime minister has sent in tanks to make sure the digging is not hindered. Why has this expedition caused so much termoil? The U.S. fears that this will hinder peace talks. The Arab’s say the Jew’s are digging on one of their holy sites, they want it to end. But Prime Minister Netanyahu say’s the issue is not even up for discussion.

What the Israeli’s may find will shock the world. Most think that this expedition will probably unearth some insignificant ancient artifact. But what they are digging for is no insignificant find. They think they have found the exact location of the first Jewish temple. But that won’t be the shocking part. They also believe that they will find within the temple the Ark of the Covenant, the original Ten Commandments, and the temple utensils . This is why the Arab’s have fought this so vehemently. If the Jew’s find what their looking for they won’t stop at bringing out a few remains. The momentum will rush them into rebuilding the temple on its original site. Nothing will be able to stop them. The temple will be rebuilt very soon in the face of Arab resistance, to the point of war.

Why is the rebuilding of the temple so important? It is an important event that must take place, but not necessarily before the rapture. For those who do not know, it is predicted in Daniel (Dan. 9:27) that the future antichrist, at the mid-point of the tribulation period, will stop the daily sacrifices in the temple in Jerusalem. He will break the treaty he set up with the Jew’s three and one-half years earlier. He will also desecrate the temple and set himself up as God. Then there will be tribulation such as no man has ever seen.

Only problem with that is the temple does not exist yet. What many don’t understand is the temple can be rebuilt before or after the rapture. As I have said before, there are many Jewish organizations ready, at a moments notice, to reconstruct the temple.

Look for something big to come from this expedition very soon.

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