Libya Linked To Saddam's Nuclear Arsenal

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September 14, 2002

Please read this article. It will give you a lot of information regarding the links and players involved in a possible attack on Iraq. It will also give you a good idea why many of the countries around the world do not want the U.S. to attack Iraq.

Gordon Thomas & Yvonne Ridley

Colonel Muammar Ghaddafi has secretly provided Saddam Hussein with vital help in speeding up Iraq’s nuclear weapons programme.

Scores of scientists from Libya’s ultra-secret nuclear facility at al-Khufrah, buried deep beneath the country’s remote southern desert, have been sent to Iraq’s six nuclear plants in the past month.

They were transferred after a visit to Tripoli by the head of North Korea’s nuclear arms programme, Kim-Jung Nan.

MI6 and the CIA are both convinced that the specialists are in Iraq to help build the centrifuges essential to creating the enriched uranium required to make a nuclear weapon.

To do so Iraq will also need thousands of specially designed aluminium tubes.

In the past months, The New York Times reported last week, Washington had blocked shipments of the tubes.

Citing the sensitivity of the intelligence, where they came from, or how they were stopped, the newspaper said Washington refused to reveal details about the shipments.

But the Sunday Express has learned that the shipments originated in North Korea – and were stopped from being flown out of the country to Baghdad by high level diplomatic pressure.

Before reaching Libya, Kim-Jung Nan had visited Baghdad and Damascus.

In both countries he met with senior nuclear scientists from China and Russia in the Syrian capital.

Evidence of Libya’s complicity – and the links Ghaddafi has had for many years with both Russia and China – last week led US Vice President Dick Cheney to publicly warn that some of the evidence the US has about Saddam’s arsenal may never be published for sensitive reasons.

The Bush Administration knows it is going to be essential to keep both Beijing and Moscow on-side in its preparations for war against Iraq.

To now find we have to build-in Libya would be to mess with the present war plans. Libya can come later, said a Washington intelligence analyst.

Both Russia and China are opposed to any military action against Iraq. Both have huge trade links to Saddam’s regime.

Kim-Jung Nan arrived in Libya on July 15. He was immediately taken by helicopter to the al-Khufrah plant by Ghaddafi.

Next day some of the 1800 scientists and technicians employed there were flown out to Syria.

The transfer was completed by August 6 – the day the world’s first atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshima.

From Damascus they were driven into Iraq. The scientists came from North Korea, the former Soviet Union and China.

Details of Libya’s involvement were given to the Sunday Express last week by a high-level Israeli intelligence source in Madrid.

He did so after our world-exclusive story about Saddam’s arsenal was picked up by newspapers, TV and radio stations around the world. Our revelations were confirmed in London and Washington.

Last week, the world’s Press was given a tour of one of Iraq’s nuclear plants near Baghdad. The media guides insisted the plant was being used for medical research only.

But the Israeli believe Saddam has adapted the building within a building technique which was used to disguise the true purpose of Israel’s own nuclear facility at Dimona in the Negev Desert.

Outwardly the Dimona facility appeared to be a non-military research establishment.

But access to its true purpose was through false doors which led down to the nuclear bomb-building part of Dimona.

Now the Israelis are saying Saddam has used the same method to hide the real work going on at Khufrah.

But the revelations about Libya’s involvement are bound to embarrass Tony Blair – given his recent overtures to Ghaddafi.

Ghaddafi is like the desert jackal – he knows how to howl from the different sides of his mouth to fool people said the Israeli source.

He claimed that the al-Khufrah plant cost $4.2 billion to create and has a state-of-the-art defence system against air attack.

Its underground reactor came from Russia. It has a storage facility where the latest version of the powerful North Korean Na Dong missiles are stored. They can be fitted with nuclear warheads.

In the past Israel has threatened to launch a pre-emptive attack against the plant – using the same low-level lighting strike its air force did in March 1981 to destroy Iraq’s first reactor minutes before it went into service.

The Israelis source in Madrid said Mossad had established that the al-Khufrah reactor was due to be commissioned in a matter of weeks.

If so, this would mean that Libya would be ahead of Iraq or Iran in having a nuclear capability.

That would alter the whole balance of power in terms of a threat to Europe, said the source.

Israeli intelligence documents which were shown to the Sunday Express contain claims that one of the reasons President Bush has decided to go to war against Iraq is because of evidence which Ariel Sharon provided to Washington after the meeting at Camp David last weekend.

That evidence contains the names and positions of the scientists sent from Libya to help Saddam to make a nuclear bomb.

Other documents contained claims that Kim-Jung Nan had also met in Damascus with senior members of nuclear projects in Egypt.

Pastor Malone

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