Suicide Bombing Kills Israel Cop; Iraq Weapons Inspection

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Wed Sep 18,12:02 PM ET

By MARK LAVIE, Associated Press Writer

JERUSALEM (AP) - A Palestinian blew himself up after police challenged him at a bus stop in northern Israel during evening rush hour Wednesday. One policeman was killed and two people were wounded.

The bombing, the first suicide attack in six weeks, came in a new burst of violence a day after Israel turned down a Palestinian offer to halt attacks on civilians in Israel as the first stage of a gradual truce. END

The headlines are switching back to Israel after a police officer lost his life in an apparent homicide bombing. This will go on until the day of the peace agreement and Israeli forces will have to be alert every minute until that day comes.

If you have been following the progress of the Iraqi weapons inspections it could be as long as two months before they are allowed into Iraq. The United Nations Security Council is negotiating with Iraq and has really tied the inspector's hands. Some of the limitations of the inspections are:

Iraq can ahead of time block inspections of large blocks of land that are deemed as presidential property such as palaces or other none military presidential buildings. Iraq can actually say this building can be inspected but this one can't because it's a presidential palace. I guarantee that every nuclear/weapons facility is wrapped up in a palace. If we have any sense that land/buildings will be the first targets of a future attack.

Secondly, each inspector will have to have an Iraqi minder trailing him or her wherever they go. Meaning they will have an escort who will be doing his best to divert inspectors away from any potential finds.

Thirdly, only a handful of weapons inspectors will be allowed into inspect a very large country. It will take years before they get around to every installation. On top of that, any information they may acquire from inspections will not be allowed to be shared.

Lastly, if they do uncover weapons of significance, which they won't, what then? It will take a decade for the U.N. to come to a reasonable response.

The U.S. has placed themselves between a rock and a hard place by allowing the U.N. to decided their fate. Unless the U.S. takes back its sovereignty they are heading down a path that will lead to ultimate destruction.

Let's talk about the Buffalo six. These six young men of Yemen descent have been charged and held by U.S. law enforcement because they are believed to be a part of a sleeper terrorist cell. The Fed's have watched them for over a year and it is alleged that they have been recruiting members. The problem is that these men are legitimate U.S. citizens. The Fed's claim that they went to Pakistan to attend a terrorist training camp and then were sent back to Buffalo for further instructions. The family members of the six are claiming that they went for religious training and when they got there it turn out to be a terrorist training camp. Their defense is that they were duped. Only problem is they stayed anyway.

There are actually strangers waiting outside the courthouse who say they would put up their houses to defend these people. I will say this, if they are innocent and the federal information is unfounded, then they should be freed immediately. And I believe that they will be just as the suspects traveling to Miami were. But if not, they should be dealt with as traitors.

Pastor Malone

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