13 Palestinians Killed In Gaza Raid

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Mon Oct 7, 2:15 PM ET

By IBRAHIM BARZAK, Associated Press Writer

KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip (AP) - Israeli troops raiding this town with tanks and helicopters killed 13 Palestinians early Monday, including 10 who died when a missile slammed into a large crowd. Palestinian officials said all the dead were civilians, while the Israeli army said most were armed men killed in battle.

About 110 Palestinians were wounded in the four-hour raid, including 25 who were in critical condition, doctors said. Most suffered shrapnel wounds in the head, chest and abdomen. The dead ranged in age from 14 to 52.

Israeli troops fired machine guns and assault rifles at a Khan Younis hospital where most of the wounded were taken, killing one man and injuring three people. The military said the shots were fired in response to mortar fire, and witnesses said they heard two explosions before the shooting began.

Palestinians denounced the Israeli strike, the deadliest since July, as a massacre and called for international protection. The Islamic militant group Hamas threatened revenge. Israeli officials said Palestinians militants were responsible for the casualties because they took cover among civilians.

The military said Khan Younis is a Hamas stronghold and that during the raid troops arrested a wanted man carrying a homemade explosive device. However, there was no indication of a particular target, as in previous strikes against wanted militants that also claimed civilian casualties.

The Israeli military said the missile was aimed at a group of armed men who were attacking soldiers with guns and grenades. The missile was fired toward the end of the raid.

Bin Laden Said To Warn Of Attacks

By RAWYA RAGEH, Associated Press Writer

(AP) - On a new audiotape said to be from Osama bin Laden, a male voice warns that the "youths of God" are planning more attacks against the United States. The Arab satellite station Al-Jazeera, which broadcast the tape Sunday, said the voice was that of bin Laden, but there was no way to verify that claim or when the recording was made.

Bush To Lay Out Case For War As Saddam Shows Defiance

By Anton Ferreira

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush was set on Monday to rally Americans behind a possible war on Iraq, a war that Saddam Hussein said would be aimed at reducing his people to wretched slaves. END


This has been one of the bloodiest weekends of the year for the Middle East conflict. Expect more of the same. I do not believe that there will be a major war in the Middle East in the near future unless it is the war described in the book of Ezekiel. But you will see retaliation skirmishes in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank from here on out until the day the antichrist marches in with a plan to protect Israel. One thing I believe the antichrist will accomplish during his reign is he will stamp out terrorism. To do this he may have to destroy a few nations that would oppose him. He (his kingdom) may even be the target of nuclear terrorism. This would explain what must take place in Revelation 6:7-8 when one-quarter of the world's population will die. He will crush the offenders and the entire world will be in awe of him.

I have received a few emails from readers that warrant speculation as to the identity of the antichrist and where he may originate. Some who have written me have speculated that the antichrist might originally come out of the U.S. but would eventually lead the E.U. That is entirely possible due to the fact that the E.U. is searching diligently for a permanent leader. As you may know, every six months a different member of the E.U. heads up the union on a rotating basis. If that were the case, I wouldn't rule out former President Bill Clinton to step into this position.

It has also been speculated that the country the antichrist would rise up from would come out of the old Roman Empire. That again is certainly true of the U.S. since our roots are firmly established in the U.K.

Whether this is true or not it is possible that this could be a scenario that could come to pass. After all, when the rapture does occur anything could happen and I see many things changing rapidly.

As for Osama bin Laden, I don't believe he is alive for the sole reason that Al Qaeda is working way to hard to convince us that he is. Since when has Osama been camera shy? We couldn't keep him off the air when he was alive. I question the authenticity of the tape recording but that still doesn't eliminate the threat that this terrorist organization still possesses.

President Bush will lay out his case for a preemptive strike against Iraq tonight. Truthfully, if you haven't figured out by now the need of ridding this world of terrorist countries such as Iraq, Iran and North Korea then there's not much point in listening to the speech. Yes, I realize that we must gather all the facts and debate the issue before rushing into a war, but the evidence is overwhelming. Besides, the intelligence indicates that time is not on our side. Iraq could actually have material to build a nuclear bomb before years end.

Pastor Malone

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