Turkey Elects Islamic Party

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November 5, 2002

Turkey Stays Calm After Islamists Win...

Ian Fisher

There was no hint of panic here Monday, rather much polite talk from all quarters about not rushing to judge Turkey's new leaders, a party with a strong Islamic identity that swept the nation's elections Sunday.

In Surprise Move, Sharon Calls Early Elections

James Bennet The New York Times

JERUSALEM Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced Tuesday that Israel would hold elections early next year, eight months ahead of schedule, as he reluctantly invited an intense political contest that Israeli officials said was likely to freeze any diplomacy here in the meantime. Sharon's surprise announcement resounded like a starter's pistol, sending his adversaries sprinting to microphones. END

Turkey has a new ruling party with Islamic roots. But it quickly dispelled fears that it would abandon efforts to seek inclusion into the E.U., severe ties with the U.S. and pursue an Islamic agenda.

This is a huge turn of events and is a prominent move in prophecy. Look for all three to be eventually abandoned. They will seek from this day forward to give lip service to the West and secretly strengthen ties with Russia and their Islamic Allies. This is all a part of the what Ezekiel 38 & 39 states will be a major alliance that will attack Israel in the future. How soon I do not know.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has been forced to hold early election in exchange for Benjamin Netanyahu becoming his new foreign minister. Later on next year they will oppose each other for Prime Minister.

It is my belief that Sharon is on his way out and Netanyahu will replace him. Sharon has allowed the Palestinian uprising go on to long and the people are weary and the economy in near collapse. Something drastic must change in the very near future or Israel will go into bankruptcy. Tourism is down 80%, which spells disaster for Israel economy. The Israeli stock market is crumbling, and new and existing foreign business is fleeing the embattled region.

Netanyahu, if elected, is another hardliner that won't budge an inch. Look for more of the same out of his government and look for him to be much more aggressive in the fight against militant groups. I wouldn't surprise me if he ran the Palestinians out of the West Bank and Gaza. I don't see that happening, but I also don't see things getting any better for the Israeli economy with him in office. Look for Netanyahu to dig in his heals and charge forward with more vigor…that is if he's not assassinated before or during his time in office.

Pastor Malone

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