Netanyahu Would Seek E.U. Candidacy If Elected

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November 14, 2002

As Israeli forces move against the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Israeli citizens prepare for elections that could bring in new blood as Prime Minister. Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu are squaring off for a showdown that will take place in late January 2003.

Presently, Sharon has a 10+ percent lead, but that could change in a heartbeat as events take place. The economy is in shambles and the nation is embroiled in a two year long battle with Palestinian rebels. You would think that Israel would be on the verge of extinction with all the international turmoil and economic woes at home. But the Bible has predicted differently and they will eventually come out of this latest crisis unscathed.

I was taking a look at some news articles this morning and wandered upon an article that outlined a few of Netanyahu's campaign promises. He has been promising the following:

"The point has not been lost on Netanyahu, 53, who launched a media blitz and declared a slew of proposed policies within days of becoming foreign minister last week after Sharon's broad coalition with Labor collapsed.

In that time, he has vowed to exile Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, possibly in tandem with a U.S.-led ouster of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, voiced interest in making Israel a candidate for joining the European Union and called for deep changes to the state budget to favor business." (

Of course, you've heard of his promise to exile Yasser Arafat, but I was quite shocked when I read that he was interested in making Israel a candidate for inclusion into the European Union.

When I think about it that may very well be a part of the terms in the final peace accord with the antichrist. This would definitely give Israel instant recognition with the rest of the world and the respect they long for. They would be a part of a strong and powerful bloc of nations, which would serve to protect them. The peace accord may also include the establishment of a Palestinian state and membership to the E.U. as well.

I have to admit, this would be a very good plan and might just work. The E.U. virtually supports Palestine as it now stands and imports a quarter of Israel's products. Both countries would benefit greatly and would be held accountable for their actions as members of the E.U. forcing them to work together as partners. As we know from Daniel 7:24, infighting and rebellion will not be tolerated by the antichrist. This could be the reason he will have to subdue three of the ten kings under his rule. They'll have to get along or face the wrath of the Union as a whole.

Another reason this would work is both countries respect the European Union and wish to deal with them. This isn't the case in regards to the U.S. This union would satisfy the Arab world and could bring about a peace agreement that could work.

In regards to the seven-year term that the agreement will last, I would speculate that this will be a trial period that each country will have to agree to before permanent membership is granted. This will mean that they will have to cooperate and meet the demands of the E.U. constitution to the letter. But halfway through the trial period the antichrist will break the treaty and declare himself as God.

Just a little speculation that may have slipped past you while you were reading the morning paper.

Pastor Malone

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