Mitzna: We Have To Negotiate, Even With Terrorists

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November 25, 2002


Newly elected Labor Party chairman Amram Mitzna said today that Israel must negotiate with anyone necessary to make peace, even with terrorists.

In an interview aired on Army Radio, Mitzna said:

"With whom do you conduct negotiations? With supporters, sympathizers. You negotiate only with terrorists, and with those who are our enemies."

"We have to negotiate with the worst of our enemies if they are ready, if they have something to supply and if we can reach an agreement with them," he added.

"Every Israeli leader met with Arafat knowing he was a terrorist, Bibi Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon and all the rest," Mitzna added.

"Therefore I say, in the end, the only way to extricate ourselves from the difficult reality in which we are in, is to speak even to the worst of our enemies." END


Amram Mitzna is naive to believe that he will be able to change the thousands of years of hatred that has been past down from generation to generation. Their children are actually being trained daily in school to hate all Jews. But it is the ultimate will of the Lord that the man of sin be revealed and a peace plan commences between Israel and the Arab world.

As you know, I believe that the antichrist will one day make a protection agreement with Israel. They will be given immediate world recognition and welcomed back into the world community. It will be short lived.

It looks as though the Palestinians are using a different strategy in order to change the direction of the elections. They would love to get rid of Sharon and it would be disastrous if Netanyahu won. The strategy they seem to be taking is to increase bombings and violence to the degree that voters will grow wary of the fighting and elect Mitzna. Many in Israel are ready to go back to the table and trade land for peace.

That's why it is important for you to keep your eyes on the upcoming Israeli elections on January 28, 2003. It may change the face of the Middle East and usher in the false peace plan that the Bible has prophesied for the last days.

Whether the election will change the leadership of Israel or not we will have to wait and see. Whether Mitzna, if elected, will do as he has promised and unilaterally pull troops out of Palestinian territories and go back to the negotiations table will have to be seen.

One thing is for sure; these present Middle East peace attempts will one day become a reality and the man of sin will be revealed. Time is slipping away and I can't see this stalemate lasting much longer. Are you ready to meet the Lord?

Pastor Malone

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