Relevant Prophecy News for December 12, 2002

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December 12, 2002

Israeli poverty grows as economy struggles following more than two years of violence  (Associated Press)
The line at Jerusalem's unemployment office spills into the foyer as Israelis sign up for benefits and vocational classes they never thought they'd need. 

Labor Party Doves Join New Peace Bloc  (Associated Press)
Two peace activists abandoned the Labor Party for a new alliance Wednesday, sharpening the debate over how to make peace with Palestinians. 

North Korea says it will reactivate nuclear program

Update: Raising fears of a nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea said Thursday it will reactivate a plutonium-based nuclear program that it froze under a 1994 deal with the United States. Christopher Torchia/AP

Washington is ready to use A-arms in a biowar

A new Bush administration strategy calls for the preemptive use of military force before an enemy unleashes weapons of mass destruction. Mike Allen and Barton Gellman/WP

 US eyes Big Brother plan: "At that point (after the next terror attack) there will not only be a willingness to submit to those sorts of infringement but a demand that they be infringed upon in the hope of trying to protect us"

Chinese general told threat against U.S. unacceptable

Public backing for ID cards growing' (the British public are so consumerised, they'll back anything that means convenience or not having to stand in a queue for very long



The U.S. is willing to use nuclear weapons if unconventional weapons are used on them in any future wars.  This is a strong message sent to the rest of the world.  It is necessary to make this threat, but may play a part in the future as to whether nations are willing to use nuclear weapons.  I see the day that nuclear weapons will be a viable first strike weapon.  What I mean by that is, today most nations see these weapons as a last resort.  Soon their use will move up the latter and will become a realistic consideration.

Israel is feeling the economic impact of two years of war.  This has lead to a realistic movement in the political realm toward making peace with the Palestinian.  The elections next month will tell if that is the direction Israel will take. 

Both North Korea and China are taking aggressive stands against the U.S.   In the future this will prove to be just another sign of the coming invasion of a nation(s) from the East.

Pastor Malone

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