World Quartet Meet To Iron Out Middle East Peace Proposal

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December 20, 2002

Progress slow in finding a pathway to peace between Israel and Palestinians  (Associated Press)
The U.S. administration joined with its European, Russian and United Nations partners Friday in pursuing potential pathways to Mideast peace but deferred a detailed plan until after Israel's elections in January.

Two Die in Gaza Violence as Peace Quartet Meets  (Reuters)
Israeli troops killed a gunman in a raid on a Gaza Strip town, and Palestinian militants shot dead a rabbi settler on Friday as mediators met in Washington to discuss a plan for ending two years of Middle East bloodshed.

In new platform, Israel's Labor Party offers the Palestinians large parts of Jerusalem  (Associated Press)
Israel's Labor Party has adopted a new platform that offers the Palestinians parts of Jerusalem and joint administration of disputed holy sites — the most explicit program of compromise laid out before an election by a major Israeli party.

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday that Iraq's weapons declaration "fails totally to move us in the direction of a peaceful solution." He then announced four steps the U.S. will now take to increase pressure on Iraq.


With the quartet of the most powerful bloc nations in the world gathering to workout a road map for peace in the Middle East, it is encouraging that peace could be around the corner. With the Labor Party raising the prospects of peace by promising to make unprecedented concessions such as sharing Jerusalem, it will be interesting to see which way the Israelis will vote come January 28th, 2003. If they vote the Labor Party candidate in that could accelerate talks to a new level of compromise. Up to this point Israeli leadership has been unwilling to budge an inch and talks have repeatedly broken down. Something tells me that whatever happens on January 28th it will present a dramatic turning point to the road to peace.

But don't be surprised if another setback befalls this roadmap. It is up to the Lord's timing for when this peace plan will finally stick. Jesus could come today. I don't believe that we will be here when the final draft is settled and signed, but it will be on the table.

I don't see the plan being readily accepted, and there probably will be a number of roadblocks that will make it seem that a peace compromise will never be made. It could carry on for a number of years even through continued suicide bombings and Israeli retaliations. But there is no question in my mind that Jesus could come at any moment. I realize that I have been saying this for a number of years, and truthfully, it has always been a valid statement. There is absolutely nothing left to be accomplished before He comes.

How long after the rapture it will take for peace to be established is unknown. For now, it is a time of waiting but it will come…and could be sooner than you think.

Pastor Malone

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