North Korea Threatens To Destroy The World

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December 24, 2002


Iran, N. Korea Nuclear Plans Pose New Risk...

Rumsfeld warns: U.S. can wage two wars at once...


US Spy Plane Shot Down, Baghdad Blasts 'Little Bush'...

WASH POST: U.S. Officials Expect Catastrophic New Terror Attacks...



North Korea has threatened to destroy the world if the U.S. stages an attack against them. Should we be worried? As Christians we shouldn't be, although, the threat of a nuclear holocaust is greater than ever. But it is my firm belief that the majority of the coming wars will be fought during the tribulation period. We know, according to scripture, that Christians will not be here during this time.

For years I have been writing about the coming threat of North Korea. They will eventually explode onto the scene and finally make their true colors known. If you've been watching the news you know that without world aid their people would starve to death. They are in essence totally dependent upon the generosity of other nations. For the most part they are being bought off. As long as they didn't pursue a nuclear program they would continue to receive free money. But despite the incentives they have chosen to declare war on the world. They will eventually strike the match that will bring about a nuclear war.

Iran is also playing a high stakes game of hide and seek. For years they have been disguising weapons plants as harmless manufacturing facilities. Much is still unknown of their true nuclear capabilities, but if an invasion does take place, I think we will learn that Russia, China and France played a big part in their success. I still believe that the sole reason these three countries keep standing in the way is because they have something to hide.

I would challenge you to go back in my archived current events and take a look at what was said years ago and compare that with what is happening now. This might give you an idea of what may be in store for the future.

Pastor Malone

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