Sharon Says Coming Year Can Be Year Of Decision Between War And Peace

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December 26, 2002

Sharon says coming year can be year of decision between war and peace  (Associated Press)
The coming year can be a year of decision between war and peace, said Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, kicking off his Likud Party's campaign on Wednesday ahead of Jan. 28 general elections.

N. Korea: U.S. Is Risking Nuclear War
(AP) - North Korea ratcheted up its standoff with Washington on Tuesday, starting repairs at a long-frozen nuclear reactor and warning that U.S. policy is leading to an "uncontrollable catastrophe" and the "brink of nuclear war." The communist North routinely issues fiery warnings to the United States, but the new statements were stronger than usual. North Korean officials removed U.N. seals from more nuclear facilities and began repair work at a reactor that had been frozen since 1994, a U.N. agency said.

Israeli General: Iraq War Likely Early February
(Reuters) - Israel's military intelligence chief told lawmakers any U.S. assault on Iraq is likely to be in early February, parliament's spokesman said on Wednesday. Major-General Aharon Ze'evi-Farkash told a parliamentary committee that a U.S. strike would logically follow the January 27 deadline for the final weapons inspectors' report to the U.N. Security Council, the spokesman, Giora Pordes said. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon indicated on Tuesday that he had been briefed by Americans on a tentative date for the assault.

Pope Calls on World to Avert Conflict in Iraq  (Reuters)
Pope John Paul, in his Christmas Day message, urged the world to avert a conflict in Iraq and appealed for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.


I agree with Prime Minister Sharon, but I don't think that he would agree with the way I believe peace will come. Even Sharon is speaking the rhetoric of peace these days. Of course, this may be an election time promise, but I do believe that the Middle East is being readied for a dramatic and unprecedented peace agreement in the near future. Many in Israel are starting to cling to the promise of peace instead of the message of retaliation. Why else would the present prime minister change the direction of his campaign! Keep your eyes open as elections in Israel get closer. Listen closely to what both candidates are saying.

This war of words from North Korea is more then just talk. They will one day rise up and shock the world. President Bush is correct in declaring them as part of a deadly axis of evil, and it maybe too late to extinguish their fire.

Personally, I believe that Iraq is the only country of the three that we can say with assurance that they don't have nuclear weapons yet. But in time they will. That I believe is the real reason behind our attack on Iraq. We must take them out before they acquire this weapons technology.

It is also my belief that a war with Iran or North Korea would prove to be more then the American people could handle. Yes, we'd win both wars, but the devastation would us into a state of shock and the economy into a free fall. It would be a war like none other in history and open the door to the use of nuclear weapons. Make no mistake, war with these two countries will be nuclear and would undoubtedly reach our shores. Before we attempt to overthrow these two regimes we'll have to have a proven anti-nuclear shield in place that will intercept and disable incoming long-range warheads. At this point we're close but still in the testing stage.

Pastor Malone

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