Why Was Satan Placed On This Earth?

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January 4, 2003


I am from Israel and have a question. Why does God, who knows the future before it happens, allow things to go on, especially those that have tragic consequences?


Thanks for your email. I do pray for the peace in Israel and it will come. But first must come a false peace from a false Messiah who will blaspheme God Almighty...yes, the God you now serve and believe in. The one that you believe in today will one day send a Messiah. Well, of course we (Christians) believe that the Messiah has already come in the person of Jesus. I realize that most Jews do not hold to that belief and are still waiting for the Messiah, but I won't argue that point.

The question is, why does God, who knows the future before it happens allow things to go on, especially those that have tragic endings?

The answer is quite simple but takes faith to accept. The answer is found in Genesis at the beginning of creation. When God created everything in 7 days He finished by saying "It was good" to everything He created. Around Genesis 3 suddenly a serpent appears...which is satan or the devil. You know the story...he then proceeds to trick Eve into taking of the fruit of the tree God had forbidden.

You may ask why did God put satan in the garden anyway? He must have known they would not have been able to overcome satan! Well, He did! That's why we need a Savior and why we need the Holy Spirit to guide us through this life despite satan's attempts to destroy us or separate us from God.

God put satan in the garden after He created it. How long after, the Old Testament does not tell us. You must remember, when God made the heavens and earth He said they were good. He would not have made that statement with satan on earth. So sometime between chapter 1 and 3 of Genesis he placed him on the earth.

But God did this for a reason...that reason being for Adam and Eve to make a choice, trust God unconditionally without question or trust in themselves. Satan was merely a tool God used to bring them and us today to that realization.

Here's another example. In the book of Judges, God destroyed every nation that stood in the way of the Jews in the process of obtaining the land He had promised to them. But he did leave a few nations around to test them and see if they would stray from serving Him. They did stray and served other gods as history foretells.

Why would God do this? The simple answer comes down to this...God wants us to rely completely and totally on Him even when it is not logical or prudent to do so. He wants our first reaction to be to come to Him when things begin to fall a part, not to rely on reason, logic or the gods of other nations. God uses various things to draw us to Him that makes us aware that we need Him. Sometimes He places pitfalls in front of us to see who we are relying on or to see if we will question the situation. It is not now nor has it ever been about satan. He did not make Adam and Eve sin nor does he have the power to make you sin. But he was the means in which God chose to make us realize that living for Him unconditionally, even when it doesn't make sense, is the best and only decision. Proverbs 3:5-7 says, "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil."

Certainly many things in life are hard to understand or believe that God would allow to happen. But it is through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that we are able to overcome these doubts.

As far as the prophecies are concerned, God has given this world a certain amount of time. He at certain periods in history has made predictions that will take place in the future. He did it so we could see it come to past and believe and give Him glory.

Yes, God does demand praise from us but He knows that the better our relationship toward Him is the better it will turn out for us. It's a win-win situation.

I hope this has answered some of your questions.

Pastor Malone

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