Suicide Bombers Strike In Israel Kill At Least 20

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January 5, 2003

Two Suicide Bombers Kill 20 in Tel Aviv  (Associated Press)
Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in downtown Tel Aviv on Sunday, killing up to 20 bystanders in the first such attack in an Israeli city since November.

As support falls, Sharon lashes out at dovish rival  (Associated Press)
In a turning point in Israel's lethargic election campaign, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for the first time attacked his main political rival Sunday, saying opposition leader Amram Mitzna lacks experience and that his plan for peace with the Palestinians endangers Israel.

Witnesses: Israel Test-Fires Arrow Missile
(Reuters) - Israel successfully carried out a test launch of its Arrow missile interceptor on Sunday, sending a salvo streaking across the sea as it stepped up preparations for possible attack by Iraq in event of a U.S.-led war in the Gulf. Witnesses near a seaside military base said that they saw an Arrow soar into the sky at dusk over the Mediterranean in a silent, blazing white streak.

'Key' Russia Pledges Help Over N.Korea Nuclear Row
(Reuters) - South Korea said Sunday Russia had a key role to play in cooling a nuclear row between North Korea and the United States, and Moscow pledged to use its influence with Pyongyang to defuse the standoff. The escalating war of words between Washington and Pyongyang prompted South Korea to announce that a top presidential security aide would fly to the U.S. capital and Tokyo this week, part of a broader diplomatic push by Seoul to end the spat peacefully.



Double suicide attacks occurred earlier in Israel killing at least 20 people. It is my belief that this dual attack took place to heighten awareness that there will be more of the same if Ariel Sharon is re-elected as prime minister of Israel.

I do see the Palestinians increasing their attempts to pull off suicide bombings up until Election Day. The message is clear...their will be no peace in Israel as long as Sharon or someone of the same mindset as Sharon is prime minister of Israel.

This is an attempt to blackmail Israeli voters into electing Amram Mitzna as prime minister. He has promised that his first order of business will be to go back to the bargaining table and pull out of Palestinian territory.

If Mitzna is elected it would be a disaster for Israel. His policies play right into the hands of Israel's enemies. But it could be of God that he be elected. If so that could be the spark that might set the false peace plan by the antichrist in motion.

Actually, I don't believe Mitzna will be elected. The suicide bombings will backfire on them. I really believe that it's going to come down to an eleventh hour deal that will be offered by the future E.U. President (antichrist). This will include both Palestine and Israel becoming candidates for membership into the E.U. Of course, there will be concession on both sides and a probation period of seven years. Both countries will be given full rights as member states as they work toward meeting E.U. criteria. Their membership will be unique and based on special circumstances.

Israel tested one of its Arrow defense missiles today and it worked. Israel claims to have the most advanced missile defense system in the world. There's no doubt they have nuclear weapons.

Pastor Malone

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