U.S. Knows 'For A Fact' Iraq Has Weapons

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January 9, 2003

Blix Says Iraq Violated U.N. Sanctions

(AP) - U.N. weapons inspectors have not found any "smoking guns" but have discovered that Iraq violated U.N. sanctions by importing missile engines and raw material for the production of solid missile fuel, chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix said Thursday. Blix also told the Security Council that Iraq has not made a "serious effort," to respond to his request for the names of Iraqi scientists who were involved in weapons of mass destruction programs.

U.S. Knows 'For A Fact' Iraq Has Weapons

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House insisted on Thursday that it knows "for a fact" that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction but provided no evidence, saying it will wait to see where U.N. inspections lead.

Russia Denies Offering Saddam Asylum

MOSCOW - A Foreign Ministry spokesman denied on Thursday that Russia offered asylum to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) as a way of avoiding war.

The Arab-dominated West African country of Mauritania also issued a denial that it had offered Saddam a safe haven.



The U.S. is definitely between a rock and a hard place in this juncture of the inspections.  Iraq is hiding chemical and nuclear weapons material and oblivious inspectors have been unable to find them.  Actually, I wouldn't hold my breath in anticipation of them finding anything either. Before inspectors even went into Iraq it was widely known that nothing would be found because the weapons have been well hid and labs have become mobile.  The U.S. has already declared Iraq in material breach but it will be world opinion and the lack of support from the U.N. that will keep the U.S. and its allies from attacking.

Now Turkey is balking over allowing the U.S. and allied troops to use their land to attack Iraq.

On top of that various countries (Russia & Libya) have secretly told Saddam they would grant him asylum in their country.  Both countries have denied the allegation.

All this coupled with the growing hatred over U.S. military dominance and wealth has fueled an anti-U.S. movement worldwide.  Many countries throughout the world are working hard directly and indirectly to do all they can to harm the U.S., even those who we call our friends.  This hatred will continue to grow up to what I believe will lead to the eventual destruction of the U.S. sometime during the tribulation period.

In summary, look for U.S. and allied troops to attack Iraq despite world opinion and the objection of certain permanent U.N. member nations.  This will further ingrain hatred and mistrust of the U.S. and could spark a pre-emptive nuclear strike by North Korea.  I believe that they feel they maybe next on the list.  At any rate, the upcoming months will determine a lot about our future.

Pastor Malone

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