Time Is Running Out For Saddam

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January 21, 2003

You've probably heard by now that Saddam is now willing to cooperate with U.N. inspectors. In fact, he says that he is at this time putting together his own team of inspectors to help the U.N. inspectors find the missing biological, chemical and nuclear warheads. If Saddam Hussein convinces the U.N. that he is actually going to help find missiles they are considerably more stupid then those who protested against the possible Iraqi conflict this past weekend.

He's also decided to let the Iraqi scientists have a closed door meeting with U.N. inspectors without an Iraqi monitor present. I can't believe that Saddam is stringing along the U.N. like he is. He's even got the U.N. convinced that they need 3-4 more months to complete their task. This is just a ploy to get world opinion behind drawing out the U.N. inspections. They know that the primetime to invade Iraq is in February and March. If they can convince the world and a few American citizens that more time is needed, the invasion window might close. Thank the Lord that President Bush isn't playing into his deception.

France is doing all it can to stop an American invasion and promises to veto any war proposal that might come before the U.N. Security Council. You can bet they have something to hide regarding their dealings with Iraq.

There are two very important world events taking place early next week. On January 27th the U.N. inspectors present their findings to the world. The next day Israel will be electing a new prime minister. Pay particular attention to these upcoming events, they could prove to be history making.

Pastor Malone

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