War With Iraq Is Terrible But Necessary

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January 23, 2003

Three Israelis Killed in Palestinian Shooting Near Hebron
HEBRON, West Bank (AP) - Palestinians opened fire on a vehicle south of the West Bank city of Hebron and three Israelis were killed, witnesses and rescue services said Thursday.

In a statement, the rescue services said the shooting occurred at the Beit Haggai intersection, near a settlement in the Hebron hills.

Wolfowitz Links Iraq to Terror War
(AP) - Continuing a push by the Bush administration to bolster support for a possible war against Iraq, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said Thursday that disarming Saddam Hussein is "a crucial part of winning the war on terror." In an address to the Council on Foreign Relations, Wolfowitz, one of the foremost hawks in the Bush administration, said the decision of whether to use force is not up to President Bush or the United Nations. "The decision rests entirely with Saddam Hussein," Wolfowitz said.

Hamas Rejects Egyptian Truce Plan
(AP) - Hamas and Islamic Jihad will not agree to an Egyptian proposal for a one-year truce with Israel, representatives of the militant Muslim groups said Thursday. "Our position is clear ... we as a movement don't accept any truce in our resistance to the occupation," Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan told The Associated Press in Cairo. Hamdan was in Cairo for a meeting of Palestinian factions scheduled to start Friday to discuss an Egyptian proposal that included the truce.

U.S. to Spare Iraq Oil in War, Stoppage Seen Brief

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin, lining up behind France, Germany and China, told President Bush on Thursday that the world had to hear U.N. inspectors before any military action against Iraq.

Putin, in a hotline call to Washington, told Bush next week's report by the arms inspectors to the U.N. Security Council held the key to the next move in the Iraqi crisis.


Russia, France, Germany and China have all come out against war with Iraq.  It doesn't surprise me that Russia, France and China would oppose this war.  They've all been or are presently in bed with Iraq to some degree.  We may find out that their ties are greater then we thought when it's all said and done.  I have heard a few commentators say they believe that these countries will eventually come on board but are looking to bargain with the U.S.  In other words its probably going to cost us in some way to get them on board.

War has never been something to jump into and you must also count the cost.  There is always many factors to consider including lose of life.  That part of the equation is always very difficult to accept.  Unfortunately, we live in a very dangerous world that absolutely can't afford to get anymore dangerous.  North Korea and Iran (just to name a few) have already gone past the point of conventional warfare.  For a decade we have foolishly looked the other way as known enemies have developed weapons of mass destruction and supported terrorism.  As you know America's wakeup call came on September 11th. 

What am I saying.  I don't want to invade any country, but if we don't I see a day coming when a war with Iraq will no longer be conventional.  I see a day coming when nuclear weapons will reach our shores and millions will be destroyed in a matter of minutes.  I see a day when a man who is controlled by satan himself will be in a position to start World War III and won't lose a minutes sleep over it.

Yes, this is a very dangerous time and getting more dangerous by the minute.  It is by the hand of God that this world has not destroyed itself, and despite America's shortcomings, it is by His hand that our children are safe.

Be in prayer for our present that he will seek wisdom from God in this time of great trouble. I have to say that I do believe that we will be in war very shortly.

Pastor Malone

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