Bush Shrugs Off Global Antiwar Protests

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February 18, 2003

Bush Shrugs Off Global Antiwar Protests

(Reuters) - President Bush on Tuesday shrugged off global protests against a possible U.S.-led war with Iraq and the White House said a new U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing military force could be proposed this week. In a huge wave of demonstrations not seen since the Vietnam War, more than 6 million peace protesters took to the streets in 600 towns and cities from Cape Town to Chicago on Saturday.

Pentagon Could Debut New Weapons in Iraq

(AP) - If the United States charges into war with Iraq, U.S. forces are expected to unsheathe several new weapons and tactics, including devices still under development. U.S. military officials and analysts say the new weapons would target Iraqi armored vehicles, communications networks and the chemical and biological weapons the Bush administration believes Iraq still cradles. New arms range from an Air Force munition that spews tank-hunting bomblets to shadowy electromagnetic-burst weapons that can roast the innards of computers and radios.

N. Korea Threatens to Quit War Armistice

North Korea upped the stakes in the confrontation over its nuclear weapons program Tuesday, threatening to withdraw from the armistice that keeps peace along its heavily fortified border with South Korea and accusing the United States of plotting an attack.


President Bush is blowing off the peace rallies held over the weekend as irrelevant to U.S. military policy.  

Today, an Iraqi scientist who has defected confirmed what the State Department already knew...scientists and other Iraqi officials are hid deep in underground  bunkers and will be impossible to find.

The U.S. will probably use new weapons in the Iraqi war, many of which are still under development.  These sleek new weapons will have the ability to zap computers and technical equipment rendering them useless.  This will be a great advantage to our advancing forces and will probably shorten the war.  I heard a fox military analyst today say that he believed the war would last between two and four weeks.

North Korea is thinking about pulling out of the armistice agreement.  This is really more of an attempt to blackmail the U.S. into sending more aid their way.  I'm not exactly sure how much money they are asking for but it would almost be worth it.  Unfortunately, it would be the same as the U.S. paying for hostages in a high jacking or kidnapping situation.

This is more dangerous then anyone really knows and the more isolated North Korea becomes from the rest of the world, the more desperate they will become.  

I still look for the beginning of the Iraqi War to be any day now.  If President Bush is smart he will put together an Arab interim government and hold a press conference to introduce them before the invasion.  This will take a lot of the pressure off him that he is invading Iraq for the oil fields.  Of course, that's ridiculous since the U.S. has no history of doing such a thing.  We're a nation builder that helps those in need and that's not going to change.

I agree with the length of the war at two to four weeks.  This should be short and sweet and the world will marvel at our technology.

Pastor Malone

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