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February 20, 2003

Watching Fox News the other night, I heard a peace activist say that if we were to take a poll in America that asked, "Do you want to go to war with Iraq?" the answer would be a resounding no! Of course the answer would be no. Nobody in his or her right mind wants to go to war. War is not the first option on anyone's list. And again, I keep hearing about peace, which everybody wants…even warmongers, but no alternative plan.

Actually, there is a plan proposed and it's be going on since the end of the Gulf War. We continue to battle over that plan and if it has truly been successful. Unfortunately, that's not been the case and summers coming in Iraq. That means high temperatures and very unfavorable weather conditions for war. If we wait too much longer that will put us in the beginning of summer and force us to start thinking about November/December 2003 as a proposed strike date. Can we afford to wait that long? You must remember that it's not cheap to position and maintain soldiers and equipment in a foreign region for extended periods of time.

France is still planning on vetoing any second resolution that may come before the UN Security Council. It's all about money. France has extended a rather large loan to Iraq and is worried about the debt being cancelled if a new regime comes to power. Personally, I don't think that will be a problem, but they are going to lose a lot of business from the U.S. if they don't change their tune before this war commences.

Turkey is now balking about allowing U.S. troops and fighter jets deploy from their country. Turns out it was never about receiving protection from NATO but more about whose paying the bill for this deployment. Actually, I can't blame them for that. They claim that the Gulf War cost them an estimated 100 billion dollars and they weren't reimbursed. So they want between 30-35 billion dollars upfront to before any troops, equipment or jets touch down. Besides all that, there is a considerable amount of resistance in Turkey about getting involved in this war.

I have heard commentators say that many countries have broken U.N. resolutions down through the years and are in violation to this day. If we attack Iraq for violating sanctions we must do the same across the board, and I agree wholeheartedly. Eventually, that will have to be the case.

It's unfortunate, but we are at a point in human history where we cannot allow countries that are known enemies of the U.S. and allies to acquire weapons of mass destruction…even if they are a small threat. North Korea and Iran are small threats but have the ability to inflict massive destruction unlike the world has ever known. Yes, we can defeat them, and probably at the same time, but we would pay a high cost on the battlefield and possibly at home. The truth of this situation is these countries and others are not going to stop seeking to better their nuclear capabilities, they're not going to lay down their arms and their not going to become lovers of peace and freedom. They're bent on inflicting heavy damage to the U.S. and its allies, and their ultimate goal is to wipe out anyone that stands in the way of one day eliminating Israel.

Personally, I sincerely believe that it will come down to this. The U.S. will eventually have to take on these other rogue countries one at a time. In essence, they will be confronted about their nuclear capabilities and asked to discontinue its development or face war. I don't think North Korea will back down and will have to be dealt with. Iran may get help from Russia and force the U.S. to think twice. On the other hand, Russia may work with the U.S. and promise to keep Iran in check since they're close allies. It should also be noted that Iran and Russia will team up in a future war against Israel and be defeated (Ezekiel 38 & 39).

The governments call for war and the world calling for peace maybe the spark that brings the antichrist to the forefront just before a major catastrophe takes place. But his plan will be temporary.

Let me wake up a few people with the stark reality. It's not getting any better. This world is now on the fast track to God's plan for the last days. It will go forward and will not be altered in anyway. God is allowing satan to do his work, but unknowingly to him, he is working as part of the plan of God Almighty.

Yes, continue to pray for our leaders and young men who will be put in harms way, but God's plan will continue on and will not tarry.

Pastor Malone

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