Iraq Is The Focus, North Korea Believes They Are Next?

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February 26, 2003

N. Korea Warns of Possible U.S. Attack
(AP) - North Korea urged its military and people to be ready for a U.S. attack, a South Korean news agency reported Wednesday, quoting a statement from the communist government. The North's Foreign Ministry issued a statement late Tuesday accusing the United States of planning massive war games in the Korean Peninsula in preparation to attack North Korea, Yonhap news agency said.


As much as I would like to think that this is a propaganda stunt to gain world sympathy, their day of reckoning maybe  soon. I'm afraid North Korea will eventually have to be dealt with.  This country is on a death wish and it's not getting any better.  They aren't going to give up their nuclear aspirations because they have nothing to lose in keeping it.  Their only chance may literally lie in blackmailing the world into paying them off.  On the verge of financial collapse, the U.S. has reached out to extend food aid but it's probably to little to late.

For years I have said that North Korea will one day rise up and set the world on fire.  It's possible that they are a paper tiger and not nearly as dangerous as I think, but I doubt it.  The scary thing about this situation, they may have a pre-emptive strike planned when we are in full battle mode with Iraq.  That's certainly not out of the question, especially if they're convinced that they maybe next.

I have heard news show, after news show talk about this possible Iraqi war as if it were a routine walk in the park, and it probably will be.  But don't rule out the possibility of a simultaneous strike by North Korea out of desperation.  Intelligence information has recently confirmed our greatest fear, that North Korea possesses nuclear weapons that can reach U.S. shores.

I don't wish to raise hysteria or panic, but only to point out possibilities that I see.  This may never happen and I pray that it won't, but I believe that the U.S. and it's allies have come to a critical time in history for which there is no return. 

Look for the U.S. and allies to continue down this long road to end terrorism.  Look for North Korea to be next and soundly defeated, but don't rule out the possibility of a simultaneous North Korean strike on the U.S. as they battle Iraq.

Of course, this is speculation and only the Lord knows what will really happen.  If you don't know the Lord now would be a good time to make that decision.

Jesus is coming soon and He will not tarry.

Pastor Malone

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