North Korean War Scenario

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February 26, 2003

Bush's Next War - North Korea: A War Scenario

...Kim Jong Il will strike first at the first sure sign of invasion. His army and people have been waiting for the moment for over half a century and will be much pleased to kill some Japanese and Yanks. Kim has over one million soldiers, more than 8,000 heavy guns that fire 300,000 shells loaded with biochemicals per hour, and missiles that can hit Japan and Los Angeles, Seattle, and other major American cities. It is believed that North Korean missiles hidden in caves are already loaded with WMD warheads and ready to go.

North Korea has more than 5,000 tons of biochemical agents, including sarin, anthrax, smallpox and the plague. The US CIA says North Korea has 1 or 2, or 4-5 or 7-8 'crude' nuclear bombs. North Korea's nuclear program dates back to 1950 and it would be naive to believe that North Korea has managed to produce only 1-2 or 7-8 bombs during half a century. The truth of the matter is that North Korea may have helped Pakistan and Iran with nuclear weaponry. A Pakistani nuclear scientist has admitted that North Korea's nuclear program is far more advanced than the Pak program and that it is nonsensical to claim that Pakistan gave nuclear secrets to North Korea. It was probably the other way around...


I ran across the above story of what the scenario would be in a North Korean strike.  I agree with the writer and feel he is right on target regarding many of his points.  Hit the link above and read the rest of the story.  I warn's not a pretty ending and it will probably scare you to death, but remember the Lord is in control. I just heard a military expert say that we may have to deal with North Korea as soon as early spring.

CBS news anchor Dan Rather had his staged interview with Saddam Hussein tonight.  He (Saddam) sounded like a decent caring person on TV.  I'm sure he will get a lot of sympathy after that.  It's unfortunate that so many people are blind to the truth and couldn't handle it if they did recognize it.

Pastor Malone

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