War On The Brink: Will France Back Down

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March 5, 2003

Papal Emissary To Bush: Iraq War 'Unjust'
(AP) - Pleading for peace, an emissary from Pope John Paul II questioned President Bush Wednesday on whether he was doing all he could to avert what the envoy called an "unjust" war with Iraq. Bush said removing Saddam Hussein would make the world more peaceful. The president met with Cardinal Pio Laghi, a former Vatican ambassador to the United States and a Bush family friend, on Ash Wednesday, the start of the Christian Lenten season of penance and spiritual renewal leading up to Easter.

U.S., U.K. Escalate Air Patrols Over Iraq
(AP) - The United States and Britain have more than doubled the number of air patrols in the "no fly" zone over southern Iraq this week to keep Iraqi air defenders off guard and mask the start of any war, a senior defense official said Wednesday. Several hundred sorties a day are now being flown over southern Iraq, including F-16 and other attack planes as well as surveillance, refueling and other support aircraft, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. The official did not reveal specific numbers.


I can't blame the Pope and his office for wanting peace, but this proposed Iraqi war has bloomed into a naive ness unlike anything in history.  This war is not "unjust", and frankly, I thank God that President Bush has enough sense to save us from ourselves.  For months I have said that the American people can't handle the truth much like Rome in its latter days paid foreign armies to fight their battles.  Satan has blinded many in this nation rendering them unable to recognize the presence of evil.

I must say that the vast majority of my readers understand and can handle the truth.  They understand that Saddam, if left unchecked, would seek nuclear weapons, and share that technology with anyone interested in the destruction of the U.S. and Israel.   The Arab world is convinced that once the U.S. is gone or neutralized that Israel would be an easy target.  Enough about that.

I really see war within the next week to ten days.  Of course, I don't know what's going on behind the scenes.  Today China, Russia, France and Germany pledged to veto any second resolution that the U.S. and Britain may bring before the U.N. Security Council.  Although, behind close doors a different story was told and it is believed that they will in the end come on board.  It maybe in the form of an abstention. 

Make no mistake, God's hand is still on the U.S. (despite their sin's) and He will allow this war to come out for our good.  It will, however, further ingrain hatred throughout the rest of the world toward the U.S.  This is all a part of God's plan and will play into the future demise of the U.S. during the tribulation period.  When Christian's are raptured from the earth there will be a great falling away, not only in the U.S., but throughout the whole world.  At that time, God will exact justice on the U.S. for her sins, many of which we as Christian's have allowed to happen. 

Although, we cannot change the results of the tribulation period, we can tell others of the saving grace of the Lord.  God does not wish for anyone to go through the horrors of that period, but more importantly, He does not wish that any should go to a burning hell.  That's why Jesus died that you might share in His Glory. Sad as it maybe, if you die and go to hell it will be with your sin's paid in full.  Don't let this opportunity to know the Lord pass you by.

Pastor Malone

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