Turkey's In France Is Still Defiant But War Soon

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March 9, 2003

The weather is getting worse every day. Sandstorms are beginning to develop in the desert. Equipment maintenance is becoming a prime concern of the Allied Forces. It won't be long until the heat will become a factor making it very difficult for the soldiers and the potential lose of life much greater in this coming war.

I said earlier last week that I had a strong feeling that the war would commence sometime late this week. The next day the U.S. and Britain set a deadline for March 17th. Of course, that is a week from tomorrow. I said all this for this reason. At this time the U.S. and Britain are working hard to gain support for the possible war with Iraq. On the other side, France is lobbying for support against any passage of a new resolution. France has gone all out in opposing this future war and is bent against any action.

Let me tell you what I feel maybe the outcome. Both sides are lobbying for support of their position. It is conceivable that France will gather enough outside support to defeat any new resolution that the U.S. and Britain may present by March 17th. If this is true the U.S. and Britain may not even present a new resolution because they already are fully within their right to use force based on the breaches of the original resolution. With this said, the U.S. and allies may strike ahead of schedule, possibly this week.

Some of the telltale signs of a sooner then later war are that the U.N. has evacuated about 250 personnel stationed close to the Kuwait/Iraq border. The U.S. has also been dropping leaflets again advising Iraqi soldiers to abandon the fight or face imminent death.

Look for a short and sweet war of 30 days or less. Will Israel be forced into the war? Personally, I don't believe that they will, but that remains to be seen. I don't see Israel in any major war between now and the signing of the peace treaty, although, they maybe involved in local skirmishes and on the verge of war (much like they are today). I see the antichrist starting out as well known friend of Israel's but will in the end betray her.

This just in: Turkey has just elected a new leader and he says that he will now allow allied troop and equipment deployment to go through Turkey. This will now allow the U.S. and allies to have a northern front for their attack on Iraq.

Pastor Malone

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