U.S. Proposes Middle East Peace Plan

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March 15, 2003

Bush sees 'new opportunity' for U.S. in Mideast  

President George W. Bush announced Friday that the United States was poised to advance a detailed "road map" for Israeli-Palestinian peace, and Prime Minister Tony Blair, who had pressed hard for such a move, said that a comprehensive peace settlement was possible by 2005.

Bush, Blair, Aznar to Meet About Iraq

(AP) - Losing their U.N. fight, President Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar agreed Friday to take a last-ditch stab at reviving their troubled war resolution at an Atlantic island summit. Billed as a bid "to pursue every last bit of diplomacy," the Sunday session was hurriedly scheduled amid a cascade of events ó all pointing to war, perhaps just days away.

U.S. B-1B bombs Iraqi radar sites

(AP) - In a departure from the patrols by fighter jets over Iraq in recent months, a U.S. B-1B bomber struck two anti-aircraft radar sites in western Iraq on Friday, military officials said. The strikes at 1420 GMT targeted a radar system near Iraq's H3 airfield and another airfield near Ruwayshid, only a few miles (kilometers) from the border with Jordan, military officials said. The strikes came after Iraqi forces moved one of the systems into the no-fly zone patrolled by U.S. and British planes over southern Iraq, the officials said.

China Votes in Jintao As New President

(AP) - Hu, 60, who was vice president, claims the top post four months after ascending to the acme of China's ruling Communist Party, the most powerful position in the land. Jiang, 76, was expected to stay on as leader of the government's military commission ó and wield significant influence from behind the scenes. Delegates voted 2,937 to to 7 to elevate Hu ó a vote largely considered to be a party rubber stamp.


Although the Iraqi war is very important, the results that will follow are of more concern in the world of prophecy.  

You need to read the top article regarding President Bush's plan for the Middle East.  I believe that it is very likely that this proposed blueprint for Middle East peace could be the eventual peace plan that will be signed into existence by the antichrist.  

Whoever the antichrist turns out to be I believe he will be a trusted friend of Israel's.  Today, that list isn't very long and it is conceivable that it could turn out to be Tony Blair.  President Bush may introduce the plan, but it may eventually land in Mr. Blair's court. It's totally possible that both Bush and Blair will co-author the peace plan. The Bible may have purposely left out the other player(s) in the process.  

It's important to note that after the rapture takes place anything can happen.  When Christians are taken from the world, the Holy Spirit will be temporarily removed with them.  He will refill the 144,000 witnesses at the beginning of the tribulation period.  But at that time, Satan will be given full power to do as he pleases.  Of course, unknowingly, he will be doing the perfect will of God.  The important point to focus on is that Satan will empower the antichrist and elevate him at breakneck speed.  He will make great decision after great decision.  

We as Christians probably won't see the full extent of his meteoric rise to power.  It should also be remembered that the antichrist could still be in total obscurity (up until the rapture) awaiting his day.  

At this point, we have more than a few pieces to the prophet puzzle, but God has chosen leave out just enough to keep it a little hazy.

Don't look for much detail on President Bush's weekend trip to the Azore's.  I think it will turn out to be nothing more then a meeting to confirm where they stand and what their next immediate step will be...mostly likely war.  

One last thing about why we are attacking Iraq as opposed to Iran, North Korea or any other potentially dangerous nation.  Yes, Iraq is probably the least dangerous of the three, but they are also the cheapest to defeat.  But if left alone, they would become very dangerous and very expensive to subdue.   But right now, they can be easily defeated with minimal loss of life and much cheaper to defeat then the other two (Iraqi war may cost $100 billion).  Is the war really that simple?  I'm afraid it is. It's never been about oil or land. We pay for our oil as history proves.  

There are still some people out there that still don't get it.  There are many nations that we are eventually going to have to deal with.  When I say that they have to be dealt with, if left unchecked, they would pursue a nuclear weapons program, continue to support terrorism against the U.S. and its interests, and would eventually seek to destroy us.  Many of these nations hate the U.S. for the sole reason that we are standing in their way of destroying Israel.

Believe it or not if this war turns out to be an overwhelming display of military might, many of these countries that are contemplating a nuclear program or supporting terrorism will think twice about their decision.  Many will blink when the threat of a real and devastating attack is imminent. 

So in essence, President Bush has chosen the right fight to display the awesome power of the U.S. and allied forces.  In the long run it will prove to be a smashing success and propel both Bush and Blair into a class of their own.  Together they will be seemingly unstoppable and the nations of the world will tremble in fear.

I realize that at face value this war doesnít make a lot of sense.  Of course, as armchair war strategists, many want to see black and white evidence of an Iraqi nuclear program or ties to terrorism.  I hate to tell you this; neither the U.S. nor any other competent nation is going to hold a worldwide press conference and air top-secret information on what they know about their enemies secrets.  Trust me, all will be revealed in due time.  In the meantime, we need to get behind this president and our military as we see war approaching.

As I said in an earlier article, we are on Godís cruise control at this time in history and what will be will be according to His will.  Can we change the face of history?  Truthfully, I doubt it.  The prophetic ball is rolling and it's picking up steam.  If you donít know the Lord time is running out!

Pastor Malone

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