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March 20, 2003

Shock & Awe Will Come...If Necessary

Cruise Missiles Hit Saddam Palace in Baghdad
(Reuters) - U.S. cruise missiles slammed into President Saddam Hussein's main Baghdad palace on Thursday night during an attack that set buildings ablaze in the city and caused massive explosions. Missiles flew in at low altitude and hit a string of targets across the Iraqi capital in a second wave of missile attacks after a dawn raid, Reuters witnesses said. About 300 miles to the southeast, U.S. and British units crossed the border into Iraq from Kuwait at the start of an invasion that Washington says will topple Saddam.

Iraq Invasion Begins As Bombing Continues
(AP) - American combat units rumbled across the desert into Iraq from the south on Thursday and U.S. and British forces bombed limited targets in Baghdad. But military commanders withheld the massive onslaught that would signal all-out war. "The days of the Saddam Hussein regime are numbered," Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld confidently predicted, although he also said there was "no need for a broader conflict" if Iraqi leaders surrender.


I'm sure you've heard all the facts of this war by now, but my job isn't to report the news, but to take what is being said and analyze what I see might happen.  

The "Shock and Awe" attack will come only if precision strikes fail.  Right now they are targeting the leadership and the elite Republican Guard to see if that will destroy morale within the Iraqi regular army.  It has been reported that allied military command is receiving emails from within the Republic Guard that they are ready to surrender.

This is an all out effort by the Pentagon to slowly move troops toward Baghdad as allied jets concentrate on their precision attacks.  This will prove to minimize casualties and provide a safer final assault on Baghdad.  At this point, there are no reported casualties.

But be assured, if this battle plan doesn't bring about the desired results, we will see "Shock and Awe".

I see a massive defection in the next 3-5 days that may or may not require the promised mega attack. 

Continue to pray for our troops safety.

Pastor Malone

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