Blair Antichrist? What Could Be His Coming Future

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March 31, 2003

Israelis Fear Blair's Influence Over Bush

Israel protested to Tony Blair yesterday at what it called his "worrying and outrageous" comments linking the war in Iraq to a settlement of the Palestinian conflict, and at Jack Straw's accusations of western double standards over the enforcement of UN resolutions on Israel.

Arab League Chief Warns Of War Spilling Over

ATHENS (AFP) - Arab League Secretary General Amr Mussa expressed concern that the Iraq war could spill over and destabilise the entire Middle East.

But the Arab League has no concrete plans to back Syria, accused by the United States of supporting terrorist groups and Saddam Hussein.

Mussa said the case was already covered by the Arab league's existing anti-war resolutions.

"We are consulting. We cannot talk about a certain, concrete initiative at this moment. The position of the Arab League was very clear against war in Iraq. It will be the same in case there is any attack against any Arab country", he said after a meeting with Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou, whose country currently holds the EU presidency.


I was sent the article regarding Israel's fear about Blair's influence over President Bush by one of my readers.  This article should not be taken lightly and is very consistent with what I believe will eventually prove to be the most powerful duo of our time.  Together they will bring about world conquest like none other. 

This is what I see for the future.  Look for President Bush and his right hand man Prime Minister Blair to continue to see military success after military success.  I am very suspicious that he (Blair) maybe the future antichrist.  How far into the future I do not know.  How sure am I?  He's my number one candidate at the moment, but only time will tell and it's running out.  

Although Israel is a little skeptical about Mr. Blair, I believe the U.S. will ease their worries by giving him their (U.S.) support, finance his eventual Middle East plan, and provide the global military support necessary to make it work.  If you remember a number of articles back, I reported Mr. Blair believed that solving the problems around the world directly stemmed from the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  He was quite adamant that solving the conflict in Israel was a necessary key to achieving world peace Article# 149.

Look for Mr. Blair to become increasingly involved in the Middle East peace process.  He will eventually become the permanent Prime Minister of the European Union.  He will form a strong bond between the U.S. and the E.U., although at this time, both world bodies are not that fond of each other.  He will also win over the trust of the Israeli people, guaranteeing their safety and giving them instant world creditability.  The U.S. will be the predominate world power of the two but they will stay in the background and provide support only due in part to the mistrust of the Arab League.  After the Afghan and Iraqi wars, the U.S. will be seen as enemies of the Arab world and forced to take a backseat in the final negotiations.  Ultimately, the British prime minister will be the one to ink the deal.

Shortly after the signing of the treaty, Russia and their Arab allies will pose a sneak attack on Israel.  Although, God will be the one to defeat them (Ezekiel 38 & 39), the antichrist will be given the credit and will become an instant hero in Israel. 

Pastor Malone

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