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April 2, 2003

Arabs Warn U.S. Not To Pick New Fights

CAIRO (Reuters) - Arab commentators and officials warned the United States on Wednesday that its war on Iraq was widening its circle of enemies in the Middle East and urged Washington to refrain from picking new fights.

The comments came in the wake of recent threats by senior members of President Bush's administration against Syria and Iran, and later Israeli warnings to Damascus, that they would be held to account if they gave support to Iraq.

U.S. Vanguard 19 Miles From S. Baghdad

SOUTH OF BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. forces in the vanguard of an advance on Baghdad from the southwest were just 19 miles from the southern edge of the Iraqi capital on Wednesday, a U.S. military source in the field told Reuters.

U.S. Says Iraqi Guard Division Destroyed

CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar - American forces, which crossed the Tigris River in the drive toward the Iraqi capital, destroyed the Baghdad Division of Iraq's Republican Guard, the U.S. Central Command said Wednesday.

U.S. Bombs Said To Hit Maternity Hospital

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. missiles hit a Red Crescent maternity hospital in Baghdad and other civilian buildings on Wednesday, killing several people and wounding at least 25, hospital sources and witnesses said.

Iraqi Forces Take Cover In Shiite Shrine

CAMP AS SALIYAH, Qatar - Iraqi forces have taken up positions inside the Ali Mosque in Najaf, one of the world's most important Shiite shrines, and are firing on coalition troops, U.S. Central Command said Wednesday. Coalition forces have refused to return fire.


My top story was at the bottom of the list for the world news organizations, but that doesn't surprise me.  This empty threat by the Arab world is pointless.  They simply don't have the power to overcome a blistering precision attack by coalition troops.  The problem with all the misreporting by Arab media sources; they have misled their people into actually believing they can defeat the allied forces.  It's a shame and many will die in the future.  

This could be the future war the Bible is speaking of in Revelation 6:4-8 where 1/4 of the world's population is killed.  With a population at about 6 billion people that would mean 1.5 billion would die.  This horrific war is generally believed to take place in the early stages of the tribulation period.

Israel is back in the news making a few threats of its own, particularly against Syria.  They've made it clear that if they don't stop supporting Iraq and terrorism they will have to face the consequences.  This isn't at all what the U.S. wants to hear, but sooner or later it was going to come down to this anyway.

It seems that the allied forces have struck a maternity hospital killing some civilians and wounding many others.  This is very unfortunate and I wish this type of death could be avoided as all do.  Nobody wants to see civilian casualties.  That's why we've been using precision smart bombs as opposed to Daisy Cutters or the more powerful MOAB.  I'll probably lose a few readers, but the bottom line is this is war and the death of innocent people is inevitable.  We have the best technology in the war, and even with that, innocent people will die.  There's no such thing as a bloodless war and we need to get past that.  

The Iraqi soldiers are at it again.  Reports have come in that they are staging attacks on their own people and then blaming it on allied forces.  They're also using hospitals, churches and schools as command centers because they know we won't attack these facilities.  They're also hiding in heavily populated apartment complexes, using women and children as human shields, as they take sniper shots at our troops.

As I see it, this war is essentially over.  Many are saying the most ferocious fighting will begin in a few days as they confront more Republic Guard units.  Personally, I don't see this war materializing.  What I do see is a decimated regular army that will surrender in droves and a Republican Guard that will flee or be killed.  As for the volunteer homicide bombers that have come from all parts of the Arab world, they will be the real threat.  Look for them to pose the biggest problem as allied soldiers go house to house.  Look for them to use civilians as human shields.  This is where the coalition could use the help of Israeli military experts.  They've already been through this and have done a spectacular job minimizing the bombers ability to successfully complete their mission.  I realize that the U.S. would like to keep Israel completely out of this war, but truthfully, they’re (U.S.) probably only a notch or two below Israel on the Middle East most hated nations list.  

What does the future hold?  More war and threats of war!  Who will be next?  It's hard to say...I once thought that North Korea would be the next target (and they still may), but given these latest developments, Syria might just be next, especially given there near location.  But I think they'll wise up before it gets out of hand realizing allied forces mean business.  

This U.S. coalition will cause the Arab world to align themselves even more with the Russians.  This will setup the future military offensive against Israel.  In Ezekiel 38 & 39 the locations of the countries that will attack Israel are given.  I thought it a little strange that the land of Iraq was never mentioned in that description, especially given their hatred toward them.  Now I know why.

Look for the U.S. and Britain to go from victory to victory.  This will lead to a deepening hatred and mistrust of U.S. leadership.  Somehow British Prime Minister Blair will not come under the same contempt and hatred that President Bush will face as they march together in war.  Even though the Arab world will deeply hate the U.S. they will never rise up and defeat them.  But this mistrust will lead to the U.S. having to take a back seat in the final negotiations of the Middle East peace accord with Israel.  It will be their contention that the U.S. will be bias toward Israel and they won't get a fair agreement.  The British leader will be the one that will ultimately sign the accord and provide the protection.  Of course, the U.S. will be a silent partner in the deal.  This will give the peace accord relevance and power.

As you know, I believe that the U.S. is Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17 & 18.  This is not the U.S. of today.  When I say they're not the U.S. of today, I mean they are not the God fearing nation that we are at this time.  Yes, the U.S. has its problems, but they're still a protector of Israel and they do trust in God...even those that don't know the Lord as Savior.  The future United States I speak of will be a (following the rapture) godless and murderous country that will shed the blood of the saints.  Under the worst circumstances that would not happen today but it will in the future. 

Despite their godless nature they will rule the world, including the kingdom of the antichrist.  But the antichrist will have a strong bond and partnership with the U.S. leading them on up until the end.  For God will put it in the heart of the kings of the antichrist (E.U.) to destroy the U.S. because of their harlotry with the world (Revelation 17:16, 17).  Their destruction will be sudden and decisive.  The Bible further states that Christians are to rejoice over her destruction (Revelation 18:20).  What a sobering end to a once great nation.

This Just In: The Pentagon has reported that the Republic Guard and the vaunted Medina Division have been virtually destroyed.  The Medina is the armored division of the Iraqi military and this is considered a very big victory for allied forces.

Pastor Malone

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