Israel May Give Up Some Settlements For Peace

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April 13, 2003

Sharon: Israel May Cede Some Settlements
(AP) - Israel will hand over some Jewish settlements for peace, but the Palestinians must give up their demand that refugees be allowed to return to their former homes in Israel, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said in an interview published Sunday. In a broad interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Sharon said he believes the U.S.-led war on Iraq has shaken up the Middle East and may open the door to new opportunities for negotiations. 


This is another step toward a potential peace accord.  Personally, I believe we are getting closer every day to the rapture of the church, but take this disclosure with cautious optimism, Sharon has temporarily considered land for peace before.  

The simple fact is, just as sure as the floodwaters came in the days of Noah, so shall this generation witness the coming of the Lord.  One day all these things will come to pass and many will have to endure what they would not believe.

But there is a fate many times worse then the tribulation period and that is an eternity in a Christless hell.  A place where no amount of repenting will get you out or ease your torment.  For it's both eternal and permanent.

Could this be your final opportunity?  Do you know the Lord?  If not, today is the day for you to accept Him as Lord of your life.  Don't wait to long...for tomorrow may never come.

Pastor Malone

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