Morocco Hit By Homicide Bombers

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May 17, 2003

40 Killed As Terror Blasts Shake Morocco

CASABLANCA, Morocco - Suicide attackers set off a string of explosions in the heart of Casablanca, killing at least 40 people at a Jewish community center, the Belgian consulate, a Spanish social club and a major hotel.

The five separate but nearly simultaneous attacks on Friday night injured 60 people and threw the city into chaos. Decapitated bodies and smashed cars littered the streets. Walls were peeled back and some buildings partially leveled. Alone in the wreckage, a woman howled in anguish.

The attacks came just days after U.S. officials warned that al-Qaida was planning a worldwide series of terrorist attacks.

Al-Qaida Still Poses Threat, U.S. Says

WASHINGTON - Al-Qaida is out to prove it is still a force, U.S. counterterrorism officials said, suggesting the bombings in Saudi Arabia and terrorist threats in Africa and Asia are part of a coordinated effort to strike lightly defended targets.

At this point, those targets do not appear to include places within the United States, officials said Friday. While acknowledging the network is capable of U.S. strikes, they said intelligence points toward attacks overseas, where al-Qaida operatives are more numerous and security measures less effective.


Saudi Arabia was hit with a deadly homicide bombing earlier this month and today Morocco has been a target of Al-Qaida.  Jewish interests owned most of the Moroccan targets.  

Who will be next?  Don't rule out the United States, although it will be difficult since our security has vastly improved since 9/11.  But these are certainly dangerous times not only abroad but in our backyard as well.

What does this have to do with prophecy?  It means that this world has become a very dangerous place.  It also means that until the Middle East peace problem is resolved this will be the norm.  Of course, the homicide bombers are controlled by satan and will be a thing of the past when the antichrist comes to the forefront.

We should remember that this is all apart of the preparation for the day the antichrist steps into the world spotlight and brings peace.  The homicide bombings have served to keep the focus on the Middle East and the urgency to workout a plan.

Now to France.  France and the United States are quickly burning a lot of bridges between them.  Although they'd deny it, they secretly hate the U.S., and when the time comes, will joyfully participate in their (U.S.) final destruction.

I heard something today while watching the news on the Moroccan homicide bombings that really made me think.  They stated that the Moroccan government has been working hard to fight terrorism and have gained the favor of the U.S.  They made a point of mentioning that with this favorite nations status comes reward (lucrative contracts, grants and loans).

It made me think, what other country has that kind of clout to cause the nations of the world to desire their favor.  I realize that many countries have various amounts of power but all pale in comparison to the U.S.

Is there any doubt that the U.S. is the Mystery Babylon of the final generation?

Pastor Malone

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