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May 28, 2003

Europe Agrees to Launch Galileo Space Program

(Reuters) - European governments agreed on Monday to launch the long-delayed Galileo space program, seen as a potential rival to the U.S. military's GPS global satellite positioning system. The European Space Agency (ESA) said in a statement that an agreement had been reached among its member states -- Norway, Switzerland and the 15 European Union countries excluding Greece and Luxembourg -- which finalizes the conditions of their participation in the project.

Euro Soars to Record High Against Dollar

(AP) - The euro soared to a record high against the dollar Tuesday in a major boost for many U.S. exporters but deepening the pain for the continent's struggling economy and American tourists in Europe. The euro reached a high of $1.1932 in trading in Europe, breaking the old high of $1.1884 set Jan.4, 1999, a few days after the euro began to circulate as the shared currency of 12 European countries. Winners include the many U.S. companies that sell overseas, many of which have reported fatter earnings in recent weeks due to the weaker dollar.

Europe struggles to define its union

The European Union's first constitution, creating a union president and foreign minister, has been 15 tortuous months in the making in Valéry Giscard d'Estaing's convention.

The version that saw the light of day in Brussels yesterday will not be the final one: that still has to be negotiated by EU governments, which can use their vetoes to block proposals they dislike. But it will be fairly similar.

It is dense, complex stuff, heavy going even for specialists. Nevertheless, the first part of the treaty contains innovations that will significantly change how the union works and where power lies.

U.S. threatened sanctions if Israel blocked 'Roadmap'

The Bush administration has prepared a list of sanctions against Israel should it refuse to comply with a plan for a Palestinian state by the end of the year.

U.S. government and congressional sources said the list was prepared by the State Department and relayed to the National Security Council in April amid the administration's effort to press Israel to agree to the so-called roadmap. The roadmap, drafted by Washington as well as the European Union, United Nations and Russia, calls for an end to the Israeli-Palestinian war and the establishment of an interim state in 2003.

The sources said the State Department's proposed list of sanctions included an examination of the use of U.S. weapons in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.



The European Union unveiled a revised version of their new constitution on Monday.  A number of changes are on slate to become a reality including a permanent leader, an international foreign minister, and a name change.  

The Galileo space program has been approved.  ESA says Galileo, which is scheduled to be operational by 2008, will be a "civil" system and complement existing U.S. GPS.  

A reader sent this article to me and suggested that this maybe connected to the future mark the antichrist will require.  This system has been criticized due to its redundancy to the present U.S. GPS system.  Many in the E.U. feel the cost is not warranted, but the hand of God is on this system to meet His end.  When the U.S. is destroyed by the antichrist and his kingdom (Revelation 17), this system will be used to track his marking system.  The U.S. system will at this time be rendered useless.

The Euro continues to get stronger against the dollar as the days go by.  At this rate, the E.U. economy may rival the U.S. economy before the projected year 2010.

I just heard syndicated columnist Cal Thomas speak on the proposed roadmap to peace.  He believes, as I do, that Israel is signing away their life.  Fortunately, I know how it all ends. This is just a part of God's plan to bring the Arab world into a false sense of strength, but in the end, He will destroy their armies.

Regarding the last article, the U.S. is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on Israel to comply with the roadmap and Palestinian statehood by years end.  This will be the United States undoing and will eventually invoke God's wrath on this nation.

What many people don't realize, things in the U.S. and around the world will change dramatically after the rapture occurs.  I'm already seeing things I thought I'd never live to see and it's going to get worse.

Continue to watch this roadmap plan develop, you maybe looking at the beginning of the end.

Pastor Malone

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