Israel, Palestinians Near Militants' Deal

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May 30, 2003

Israel, Palestinians Near Militants' Deal

JERUSALEM - Israelis and Palestinians neared agreement Friday over disarming Palestinian militants ahead of a summit with President Bush (news - web sites), but security remained a key issue as underscored by a U.S. Embassy warning that it has received "credible reports" of plans to kidnap U.S. citizens in Gaza.

Bush Arrives in Poland Ahead of G8 Summit

(AP) - President Bush arrived in Poland and brought personal thanks to the country for standing up as a wartime ally in Iraq, making no effort to hide that he harbors a deep grudge toward France and Germany for opposing the U.S.-led campaign against Saddam Hussein. It was the first stop in a tour taking Bush to Russia for the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg and to Evian, France, for the annual summit of industrialized nations.

Bush, Europe Heads Must Patch Relations

WASHINGTON - They've been through months of spit-in-your-eye rhetoric, snubs and warnings of "consequences." President Bush (news - web sites) and European leaders have a lot of patching up to do after straining relations almost to the breaking point over the Iraq (news - web sites) war.

Bush Hawks Turn Sights on Iran, Favor Confrontation

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Hawks in the Bush administration have turned their sights on Iran, repeating accusations similar to those they deployed to portray Iraq (news - web sites) as an imminent threat and win public support for war.

But this time moderates in the administration are likely to put up tougher opposition to military action against Iran or covert support for Iranian opposition groups, officials say.

ABC News said this week the Defense Department was advocating a massive covert action program to overthrow the Iranian government as the only way to stop the country's nuclear program, which Washington says is for making bombs.


Listening to a military expert speaking on the supremacy of U.S. might and technology, he stated that we (U.S.) were so far ahead of the rest of the world that it would be near impossible for them to catch up.

This statement calls into question the rationale of my belief that the U.S. would one day prove to be the Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17.  Or it will prove to be a great shock as the Bible has predicted and leave the world economically bankrupt and in a state of disarray.

The Bush Administration has turned its sights on Iran as the next terror threat.  Truthfully, if we are serious about ending terrorism, they should be our next target and given the same ultimatum as Iraq...end all links to terrorism or face the consequences.  But that won't happen due to the prophecy of Ezekiel which states they will play a major part in the future Russian attack against Israel.  God will use American public opinion to delay any U.S. attack that He may destroy them in the hills of Israel.

Speaking of Russia, today they made a bid to take the spotlight off of Iran, and their ties to Al Qaida, and placing it back on the U.S.  They claim to have proof that the U.S. helped build some Iranian nuclear reactors.  We'll have to wait and see what the real truth is.

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are nearing an agreement that would crackdown on terrorist militant groups.  They've always had the ability to control or stop the terrorism at anytime.  This is nothing more then an example of rewarding terrorists to stop being terrorist.  There's only one way to stop terror and that's to eliminate it.   

As far as the roadmap is concerned, I believe it will bring peace to the Middle East.  Of course, there will be a few setbacks to overcome, but in time, it will succeed.  Whether it will come directly through the antichrist or indirectly by way of Israeli E.U. membership requirements is still to be seen. This is just one step closer to the Lord's return.

Pastor Malone

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