I'm A Christian But Have A Problem With Pornography

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June 25, 2003


DEAR PASTOR MALONE      I have a question.  I have been saved for over a year now and during my walk with Christ I have stumbled.  I have looked at porn on the Internet and I have gone before God confessing my sin, and in with in days, there I go again doing the same thing confessing to God.   Will God forgive me over and over for the same sin?  Or have I lost my salvation?



You can't lose your salvation any more then you can lose your parents as your real father and mother.  You will always be their son.  Unfortunately, many believe they are saved because they said some prayer at the altar but never really decided to follow Jesus. 

The problem here is, you will continually feel like you are not saved or at least doubt it as long as you are tied up in this sin.  By continually going back to this sin, it opens up the door for satan to plant seeds of doubt in your mind.  You canít possibly be effective for the Lord while you are living in doubt and satan knows this.  He would love nothing more then to drag you down and out of service for Christ. 

My advice to you is to get off the Internet.  Porn is very addicting and will leave you wanting more and more.  It many times leads to sexual sin or even rape.   

Ask the Lord to forgive you again, ask him to deliver you and He will (I John 2:1).  Then get off the Internet.  This problem is a lot like alcoholism.  You can get sober, but if you continue to go to bars or places where people are drinking, you will be back to square one. 

God can deliver you but you must stay away from tempting websites or you will be back in it.   

I hope I was able to help you.

Pastor Malone

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