Blair Gets Bush Vote For EU President

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August 18, 2003


GEORGE Bush has thrown his weight behind Tony Blair's bid to become Europe's first "super president".

He believes the PM can take on the role and help him demolish the "old Europe" alliance that tried to block the war against Iraq.

And Mr. Blair risked angering other EU nations yesterday by insisting the new job must be created - because the US President wants it that way.

The row threatened to overshadow yesterday's historic summit in Athens, which saw the signing of a treaty to admit 10 new member states.

Irish President of the European Parliament Pat Cox said: "A new super president may risk raising expectations that cannot be realised and raise fears that cannot be allayed."

But Britain is determined to end the current system which sees the EU presidency change hands every six months.

Mr. Blair wants more stability and a main man in Brussels to do business directly with America.


This plays right into the prediction found in Revelation 17 where it describes Mystery Babylon as a country that will ride on back of the beast (antichrist) and his kingdom until he betrays them in the middle of the tribulation period.  I believe that Tony Blair will partner up with the U.S. and they together will rule the free world.  

I'm not saying that Tony Blair is the antichrist, but he's under strong suspicion.  Even if he becomes the first permanent E.U. President that doesn't mean that he will be the antichrist.  The antichrist will be the man that makes a peace treaty with Israel.  

Of course, I believe that the peace treaty will be twofold.  One, Israel will have to make peace with its Arab neighbors.  Two, once Israel is at peace, which will come at the hand of the antichrist, they will be eligible to join the E.U.  This, I believe, will turn out to be the much anticipated peace agreement that will change the Middle East and the world.

As a member, Israel will look to the E.U. for protection (which they will provide) and will be raised to a new level in the international community.  Finally they will receive the respect and world admiration they have longed for.  Around the middle of the tribulation period he will betray Israel.

Where are we now!  Not to far away.  The Bible says that when Israel becomes a nation again (1948), a generation would not pass away until Jesus would come again (Matthew 24:34).  I believe we are at the tail end of that generation.  

I can't say that the Lord will come tomorrow or the next day, but one day soon He will come and shock the world.  Do you know the Lord?  If not, your time is running out. 

Pastor Malone

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