Gaza Missile Attack Kills Four

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August 24, 2003

Gaza Missile Attack Kills Four

Israeli helicopter gunships have attacked a target in Gaza City with missiles, killing four Palestinians.

Two of the victims were identified as local leaders of the armed wing of Hamas by both the group itself and Israeli sources.

Israel has vowed to eliminate leaders of Palestinian groups involved in attacks on its citizens, with its army chief saying that any Hamas members were potential targets for "liquidation".

On Thursday, helicopters attacked the car of senior Hamas leader Ismail Abu Shanab in Gaza, killing him and two others days after a suicide bomb attack left 21 dead in Jerusalem.


This is what I expect to be the norm up until the antichrist comes on the scene to make this peace treaty work.  Many don't believe that peace is possible in that region, but it will happen, although temporary. 

What I see for the future in that region?  Israel will long to become a member of the E.U.  Many in the E.U. are opposed to their inclusion, but the antichrist will trick them into allowing Israel to either become a member or a neighborhood partner.  I don't think it will be a full membership, but more likely a partnership of some kind.  It will probably be something in the line of a provisional membership that will include a timeframe.  My guess is that Israel will have to be at peace with their Arab neighbors for seven years before they are granted full-unrestricted membership in the E.U.  They will also have to give back land and share Jerusalem with the Palestinians (both will share it as their capital city).  But Israel will also get to rebuild its temple on its original site right next to the Mosque of Omar (Revelation 11:1).  This will cause a huge uproar in the Arab world, but the antichrist will calm things down and make it seem plausible.  In the end, the Arab world, lead by Russia will attack Israel.  But the would be attackers will fall in the mountains of Israel with a great slaughter (Ezekiel 38 & 39).  It is generally believed that the antichrist will take credit for this victory, but in reality, it will be by the hand of God.

Once this battle is over, the antichrist will become an even greater international superstar.  Israel will see him as their savior, but not as God.  That will come later.  He will however be very popular. 

Many believe that the antichrist will trick those of the earth into worshiping him and taking his mark.  I, on the other hand, think that some will worship him because they believe he is the Messiah, others because he will control their livelihood, but all will worship him because it will be a matter of life and death. Many will choose death, but others will be divinely hid from the clutches of the antichrist.  Those who survive these seven years will be among the one's who will repopulate the earth during the millennium.

Are you ready to meet the Lord!

Pastor Malone

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