Israel Says Arafat Likely to Be Expelled & Psalm Comments

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August 28, 2003

Israel Says Arafat Likely to Be Expelled
(AP) - Yasser Arafat must "disappear from the stage of history," Israel's defense minister said Tuesday, adding that the Palestinian leader's fate most likely expulsion may be decided before the end of the year. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz issued the warning as Arafat and his Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas remained locked in a bitter power struggle. Abbas, backed by the United States and Israel, is increasingly unpopular at home and could be ousted, possibly in a parliament vote next week


Don't count on Yasser Arafat being expelled unless they want to start the mother of all Middle East battles.   That move is bigger than Israel, the U.S. and the E.U.  I think the only world body that could remove him would be the U.N., even though the U.S. declared them irrelevant.  They still have clout outside the U.S.  But I would be shocked if he is forced out.

Thanks to all those who wrote in and commented on the email about the rapture foretold in Psalms.  The reaction was mixed with the consensus being that most all hope the rapture happens summer/fall 2003, but few felt the evidence was there to support such a prediction.

I have to agree.  I do hope that it occurs this fall, and if it does, that's great, but I don't believe the evidence points in that direction.  Don't get me wrong, the Lord could come at any moment and this argument would be over.

Here are some of the comments from readers:

No. 1:  After reading through Psalms, I can see how he is getting his theory, but I am not so sure I buy it. Not conclusive enough.  I am not so sure there are hidden messages in the bible.

No. 2:  I don't agree with the writer's proof either.. (Especially with the cloning reference -- seems kinda farfetched or out on a limb there) but I'm no Bible scholar. This was interesting.

No. 3:  Interesting.  I've seen it before an am skeptical.  I think the "date-setters" will be disappointed again.

No. 4:  Read and studied this all night last night. The conclusion I come to is this. I think this person has created an argument out of a whole cloth. He is reading way too much into scriptures that are written pretty plain for any to understand. While there are futuristic statements throughout the Psalms, what this writer proposes is created out of his own odd predictions.

No. 5:  We are not to set a date....but....this doesn't really set a date.  I agree that the rapture will occur at any moment.  The Bible also reveals (allows us to understand) things when the time is right..........I so long for the rapture....and I also pray that it is this year.

Thanks again for your comments.

Pastor Malone

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