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September 3, 2003

Europe Seeking Military Role Independent Of USA...
Belgium insisted Tuesday it is going ahead with plans to open a new autonomous European military command headquarters near Brussels next year, despite opposition from key EU states including Britain.

Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg -- the EU states most fiercely opposed to the Iraq war -- proposed the idea shortly after the conflict, following a mini-summit in Brussels at the end of April.

Russia Successfully Test-Fires Intercontinental Missile...
Moscow, Sept 2 - A submarine of Russia's Pacific fleet on Tuesday successfully test-fired an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), a navy spokesman said in Moscow.

The projectile fitted with a dummy warhead was fired from the Podolsk nuclear-powered submarine in the Far Eastern sea of Okhotsk and hit its target in the northwestern Chizha testing range.

Saudi, Russia To Fight Terrorism
Moscow, Sept 3 - Russia and Saudi Arabia will pool resources in the fight against international terrorism, the foreign ministers agreed at talks in Moscow Wednesday.

"We shall create a joint working group to address the entire range of issues in the struggle against international terrorism and the coordination of our efforts in this sphere," Igor Ivanov said after meeting Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal.


It's not surprising to see Russia testing intercontinental missiles.  The cold war is only over in the eyes of the naive.  They're a lot more powerful than they would have you to believe and one day soon will prove it.

Russia and Saudi Arabia are working together to fight terrorism.  If I didn't know what the Bible has known for over 2,000 years I'd say that this partnership was a little strange.  Saudi Arabia will be one of the nations that will participate in the future Russian attack against Israel (Ezekiel 38 &39).  Neither country will survive.

I do find it shocking that the E.U. is adamant not only about having their own army but raising it to the level of a world superpower.  I have always believed that the E.U. would one day become the empire of the future antichrist, but to see it rise to the level it has over the last fifteen years is quite remarkable...maybe even supernatural.  It has gone from a group of unorganized, and frankly weak nations, to having their own currency and now superpower status.  They're not at the level of the United States but one day they will be and rise up and destroy them (Revelation 17, 18).  But don't weep for the U.S.  For in that day, the Bible says they will deserve everything they get and more.  

Last thing I want to mention, there is a move in congress to legalize homosexual marriage.  If this happens God's traditional family unit (man and wife) will be destroyed.  I ask that you write, email or call your congressman/woman and tell them how you feel about this and that it is an abomination unto God.  Don't let apathy do the same thing it did to us during the fight against abortion thirty years ago.  Pick up the phone and make that call.

Pastor Malone

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