Why Russia May Lead An Attack Against Israel

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November 29, 2003

E.U. Constitution Talks Hit Big Obstacles
NAPLES, Italy - Foreign ministers facing a deadline in two weeks for a final draft European Union constitution must still decide whether it should provide for a foreign minister or mention God when the expanded grouping enters the world stage.

Britain Could "Veto" EU Constitution: Reports
25/11/2003 Britain has signalled for the first time that it may veto the European Union's first constitution rather than lose its right to retain national control of defence, foreign and tax policies, London newspapers said Tuesday, quoting an unnamed Foreign Office official.

Israel Not In Compliance With UN
United Nations, New York, Nov 29 - Israel is not in compliance with the United Nations General Assembly's demand that it's top and reverse the construction of the wall in the occupied Palestinian territory', said UN Secretary General Kofi Annan here Friday in his report requested by the assembly's resolution of October 21.

Christianity Debate Divides As Much As Ever
EUOBSERVER / NAPLES - The question about whether to include a reference to Europe's Christian heritage in the Constitution has left member states as divided as ever.

EU foreign ministers were once again unable to agree following a debate on the issue on Friday afternoon (28 November) in Naples as part of a wider meeting to discuss the EU Constitution.

And the failure to agree was despite a general suggestion, but no specific text, by the Italian EU Presidency that both a reference to Christian heritage as well as reference to Europe's secular institutions could be included in the Constitution.

EU's 'Big Three' Agree On Defense
Britain, France and Germany have struck a deal on a common European defense, including a guarantee of mutual assistance.

The E.U. big three just seems to fall in line with scripture (Daniel 7:24).  If you haven't been following my articles lately, I have been outlining whom I believe the three E.U. nations will be that will be put down by the antichrist in the latter days. 

It is my belief that one day during the tribulation period, when the antichrist declares himself to be God, three nations will oppose him.  Personally, I think the whole world will be caught off guard, but Britain, France and Germany will oppose him fearing another Hitler has risen.  They won't be wrong.

So when will this happen?  My guess is it will occur at the middle of the tribulation period.  Of course, it's possible that it could happen anytime before the tribulation period begins (probably after the rapture) and up to just after the middle of the tribulation period.  The Bible isn't specific as to when this war will take place or at what juncture in the antichrist's rise this will occur, but it is generally believed that it will take place sometime during the tribulation.

The E.U. constitution is coming under some fire to include language that includes their Christian heritage.  I do see a compromise coming but it really won't matter.  When the antichrist takes control and declares himself to be God that will all be done away with.

The other day I heard a well respected prophecy teacher say that it is believed that Israel is sitting in the middle of a dip stick oil field. This is said to be the best quality oil in the world and it is very deep much like a great funnel that spreads at the top throughout the entire Middle East. The best part is Israel is located at the lowest point below sea level in the world.  This means that the oil will run down toward them.  When Israel begins to harvest the oil reserves it will literally be siphoning the oil right out from under the Arab's and probably the Russian's as well.  In time, they will eventually run dry as Israel sucks the oil away from the outer regions of the reserve and down toward them (Israel). 

This could explain why, in the last days, Russia will lead the Arab world in a sneak attack against Israel (Ezekiel 38, 39).  Before, I couldn't quite understand why Russia would get involved in such an attack.  Yes, they have been getting cozy with the Arab world as of late, but I never felt that was reason enough to attack Israel.  There have also been rumors in the past that the Dead Sea was loaded with valuable minerals and other deposits, but to date, nothing has materialized of significance. 

Particularly puzzling is the reason the Bible states why they will attack, "to take a spoil" (Ezekiel 38:12).  But as I stated, Israel really has nothing of great value.  That will all change if this exploration turns out to be as big as projected.  It will also be fuel to the fire if it proves to pull oil away from other oil producer such as Russia.  Oil has become a cash cow not only to the Arab world but to Russia as well.  They are second only to Saudi Arabia in oil exports and production. 

I will keep you posted on further developments of this story.

Pastor Malone

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