Could We Be Nearing The End Of Six Thousand Biblical Years?

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December 26, 2003

Suicide Attacker Kills 4 In Blast At Tel Aviv Bus Stop
A Palestinian suicide bomber struck Thursday at a bus stop in this suburb of Tel Aviv, killing four people and breaking a relative calm in terror attacks against Israel that had lasted for more than two months.

Less than an hour before the suicide attack, Israeli helicopter gunships fired missiles at a car in Gaza, killing a commander of Islamic Jihad, who Israeli officials said was planning a "mega" attack inside Israel.

Next EU President Attacks Idea of 'core Europe'
In an interview with French daily Le Monde, Taoiseach (Irish prime minister) Bertie Ahern - who will assume the Presidency of the EU on 1 January 2004 - has attacked the idea of a 'core Europe', suggested by some states after the collapse of the Constitutional talks in Brussels, does "not correspond to the common philosophy of the union".

The Completion Of Six Thousand Years
Iíve always believed that the Lordís plan would be completed in seven thousand years. We know from Biblical genealogy and world history that we are somewhere around the completion of six of the seven thousand years.

This leads to what todayís update is about.  One of my readers has sent me a couple of articles that I find to be very interesting and should be read for the purpose of education.  Of course, no one knows precisely when the Lord will return, although the Bible does make it clear that we should not be ignorant of the times and seasons (I Thessalonians 5:1-11). 

With Israel becoming a nation virtually at the close of six thousand years of creation, and serious peace talks going on as we speak, there are just too many coincidences. 

Personally, I feel something big is about to happen, something bigger than 9/11, something that is about to shock the world! 

Take a look at the below articles and read them very carefully.  I think they will peak your interest if nothing else.  As you read it, you will see that they are projecting the Second Coming of Christ to be quite a few years down the road.  This doesn't alarm me since I believe that there will be a space of time between the rapture and the beginning of the tribulation period.

The 6000 Years

Counting Jubilees

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