Pakistani Father Of Nuclear Bomb Says He Sold Secrets But That's Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

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February 7, 2004

Likud MKs Threaten To Vote Out Sharon
At least ten Likud MKs have signed a letter, written by MKs Edelstein and Erdan, threatening to vote against a new Sharon government whose goal it will be to implement the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza.

Call For Eurocorps To Take Over In Afghanistan
The Eurocorps - consisting of soldiers from France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain - could take over NATO's operations in Afganistan in the summer.

The idea - proposed by French President Jacques Chirac to NATO chief Jaap de Hoop Scheffer at a meeting earlier this week - will be discussed at a crucial NATO meeting today in Munich, which will also be attended by American defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Moscow Train Blast Kills 22
An explosion ripped apart a Moscow metro train car during this morning's rush hour, killing at least 22 people, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. At least 70 people were injured. Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the blast as terrorism, the "plague of this 21st century."

Dobson: Liberal Media Can't Stomach 'Passion'
Real Problem Is Film's 'Audacity' To Show Christ As 'Savior Of Mankind'

U.N. Fingers Nuclear Network
IAEA: Pakistani Scientist Khan Only Tip Of Global Black Market

Iran 'Has Secret Atomic Bomb Project'
Despite Tehran's Promise To Open Nuke Facilities To Inspectors

Return Of The Nuclear Threat
WND Probe Documents Unthinkable Plans Of Terror Groups, Pariah Nations

If you haven't read the latest report by WorldNetDailey regarding the state of the cold war and the looming nuclear terror threat then read the following: 

"35 or 40 countries can make nuclear arms," in which the U.N.'s chief nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei confides that the situation is way out of control.

"Dozens of 'dirty-bomb' warheads missing," documenting the recent discovery that dozens of Cold-War-era radioactive Soviet warheads have been lost, stolen or purchased.

"Does al-Qaida have 20 suitcase nukes?" in which an FBI terror consultant confirms our worst fears, claiming Osama bin Laden purchased the weapons – each with an explosive potential equivalent to the Hiroshima A-bomb – from ex-KGB agents for $30 million.

"In a few short years," warns Farah, "today's terror-sponsoring nations may not need to send terrorists with backpack nukes to wreak devastation on the West because they will be capable of hitting New York or Los Angeles with warheads mounted on ICBMs.      WND Whistleblower

This is something I have been bringing to you for years.  Why can't we sit on the Iraq's and Afghanistan's of the world?  It's simple!  They have been secretly creating a nuclear arsenal for years and one day will rise up against all who stand in their way.  Some of the more prominent names that have surfaced are Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia.  Many of these  have been identified by Pakistani scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan as those he sold nuclear secrets to (U.N. Fingers Nuclear Network) and he contends they are only the tip of the nuclear network iceberg.  I'm afraid that we will find out very soon that we didn't go far enough in disarming potential threats.

On February 25th the movie The Passion will be out in theaters.  If you haven't heard, this movie is said to be the most realistic and Biblically correct depiction of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ ever made.  According to Dr. James Dobson, it is a stunning portrayal and Christian's should use this movie as an evangelistic tool.  Dr. Dobson also added that the liberal media is calling this an Anti-Semitic movie because they refuse to see Jesus as the true and returning Lord.   "I believe that the real problem the liberal establishment has with this movie is that it has the audacity to portray Christ as He really was – not only as an historical figure, but as the Savior of mankind," he says (Dobson: Liberal Media Can't Stomach 'Passion').

I haven't seen the movie, but according to the reviews of the many respected Christian leaders who have, this looks to be a solid account.  I have to agree with Dr. Dobson, the critics could care less about Anti-Semitism.  Their biggest concern is people seeing Jesus as Lord on such a grand stage. 

I want to encourage every Christian to go and see this film.  If you can, take an unsaved friend or loved one with you.  I believe it's that powerful.  This movie is probably the most important movie ever made and I certainly believe is extremely timely regarding the eminent return of Christ.

Is it possible that God has raised Mel Gibson up in these last days to present a clear and accurate account of the true Gospel to the world?  Could this be the world's last chance before He comes?  

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not today maybe your final opportunity!

Pray this prayer if you would like to be saved
"Father, I know that I have not been living for you, I repent of that. I want you to forgive me for (name the sin's or lifestyles you have been living) living for myself. Forgive me for turning my back on you. I now accept the free gift at Calvary that Jesus paid and embrace it as my own. I now turn my life completely over to You and receive the power of the Holy Spirit to live a successful life in Christ. Thank you Lord for saving and forgiving me. I pledge my life to live for you from this day forward…Amen."

Pastor Malone  


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