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May 20, 2004

The Bible has a lot to say about the end times in regards to signs and what we should be looking for.  We know that the Lord could come at any moment, and for those that just insist on believing that Christianís will go through the tribulation period, any day plus seven years. 

It doesnít really matter, the tribulation period isnít going to make me any more or less a child of God nor is it going to make me any more or less worthy to stand before God.  The same people who will rise before the tribulation period begins will be the same people who will rise after itís over.  But thatís another story.  

Anyway, as I was saying, there are many Biblical signs that point to the Day of the Lord and I have shared them with you on my website along with scripture verses.  But let me share a few that are not found in the Bible but are indirect signs that I believe deserve a second look. 

One, the future Israeli-Arab population explosion within the borders of Israel will become a critical problem for them.  It is predicted that Israeli-Arabs will outnumber Jews in Israel in our lifetime.  That certainly isnít good news for the future of a democratic Jewish state.  The significance of this statistic is obvious.  Unless drastic measures are taken, Israelís Arab population will eventually overrun them.  Itís inevitable!  This is a major problem that Israel must address or they will cease to exist. 

Two, this indirect sign gets overlooked quite often but itís just as vital.  There is a serious water shortage in the Middle East.  In fact, Israelís main source of water must travel through Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, then through the Golan Heights before it gets to them.  On top of that a growing population is pumping water out faster than nature can replace it.  How long this will be able to continue is anyoneís guess!

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Pastor Malone

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