Hell Is A Very Real Place! Where will you spend eternity?

bible prophecy that will take you from the rapture through the judgment of God the rise and fall of the antichrist and false prophet all in chronological order.  Learn the prophetic signs leading up to the end times and how it will all end at the battle of armageddon

Learn what will happen during the tribulation period from beginning to end
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April 20th, 2000

I had been selected, along with a team of experts, to travel deep into the center of the earth. I had no idea what we would find. This was to be an experimental voyage to collect data. It was routine, like our other explorations.

The crew was sitting around reminiscing about past missions, laughing and kidding. After all, we didn't expect to find anything, except maybe a few soil and rock samples.

As we descended deep into the Abyss, we began to discuss what we might find. Our imaginations were running wild and slowly beginning to get the best of us. As one of the team members finished telling a story, something strange could be heard in the distance.

We didn’t know what was happening but suddenly our laughter turned into stone silence.

 At first, the sound was very faint. We strained to hear, and with every moment it seemed to be getting closer and closer. It sounded like the howling wind whipping through the trees.

Perplexed, we hurried to activate our recording instruments. As we listened, it came in clearer and clearer. We could not hear the plaintive sounds. We couldn't believe it. Could it be true? Was this really happening? We all listened in horror and disbelief.

Nobody said a word as we listened to what sounded like a large host of people, wailing and screaming in a steady chorus from a distance. It sounded eerily like the sounds of a haunted house or...

As we came closer, we began to hear voices, or so it seemed. We heard the words spoken plainly. Still, in stunned disbelief, nobody said anything. Shocked and horrified, this is what we heard. Among an eerie chorus of moans and shrills were the voices of people saying “O God, O God, O God”, “I've made a terrible mistake”, “Get me out of here”...and the voices went on, and on, and on, too many to detail. They grew louder and louder as we got closer. It was terrifying and yet so real.

Suddenly, we began to pull away from the voices. As we headed away, the voices began to fade until we could no longer hear their cries.

As we headed for the surface, we stared at each other for some time in disbelief. A few of the men discounted it as a freak occurrence, purely scientific. But many of us knew what it was.

Suddenly, as I turned, something startled me! Looking around in the dark, I could see something flashing-- 5:45 a.m. Whew! It was only a dream and I breathed a sigh of relief.

But, as I sat at my bedside, running my hands through my hair, a sense of anxiety came over me. I couldn't help but think of the rich man, who lifted up his eyes in hell, and begged Father Abraham to dip the tip of his fingers in water that he might cool his tongue because he was in torment from the flames. And 2,000 years later, he's still being tormented in those very real flames of fire.

As I sat there, I couldn't help but imagine his horror and the fact that he can never ever find release no matter how long he cries. His fate is sealed forever and never can be revoked.

It made me think of loved ones past and present who will stand before God at that great day and be turned away to spend an eternity in a devil’s hell, never to be released.

They will burn endlessly, yet they will never be consumed.

As emotion began to overtake me, I began to recount the story that I have shared with you. Yes, this was only a dream, and yes, it did happen. Although it was only a dream, it made me realize this...hell is more terrible than we can imagine. It's a place where many in this world will spend an eternity--where no amount of weeping, wailing, or apologies can release them from their chamber of horror. It’s a place where death’s final sting can never be broken.

Yes, hell is real and permanent. But you don't have to make it your eternal destination. God did not intend for anyone but the devil and his angels to go to this horrible place.

God, in His infinite love, has made a way of escape through His Son, Jesus. You can know Jesus as your Lord and Savior right now.  

If you would like to accept Jesus as Lord, pray with me right now:

Father, I know that I am a sinner and that I cannot obtain salvation in and of myself.

I come to you in the name of Jesus, asking that you forgive me of my sins (name them), and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness and guilt. I trust and believe that Jesus died and rose again to pay my sin penalty. I accept this free gift of salvation, and from this day forward, turn my life completely over to the Lord. I thank you and praise you God for giving me a new life in Christ. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer and meant it, congratulations, you are now a child of God! If not, your date with destiny is one minute closer. 

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