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October 17, 2004

Mike Dowty: America Needs A Commander In Chief, Not A Debater In Chief
Livingston Parish News Sun, 17 Oct 2004 1:37 AM PDT
The debates are over and the real election is now on. Neither John Kerry nor George Bush has been able to close the deal with the American voter.

While I am less than thrilled with much of Bush's performance on the job, how can I support his opponent, a guy who voted against funding for the troops in a time of war? No matter what rhetoric or smoke is blown throughout the campaign, I can't forget that fact. One of these two men will take the oath in three months to be commander in chief, not debater in chief or complainer in chief.

New Israeli Operation Into Gaza Strip
Khaleej Times Sun, 17 Oct 2004 1:31 AM PDT
JERUSALEM - Israeli forces mounted a new incursion into the south of the Gaza Strip in the early hours of Sunday, a military spokeswoman said.

Al Qaeda's Mideast Linkage
The Washington Times Sat, 16 Oct 2004 11:39 PM PDT
Linking al Qaeda to Iraqi terrorist impulses was one of the tasks of the September 11 commission. And despite claims to the contrary from the Democratic hopefuls, there were linkages.

French FM On Fence-Mending Trip To Israel
The Tocqueville Connection Sun, 17 Oct 2004 2:42 AM PDT
JERUSALEM, Oct 17 (AFP) - French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier was due to arrive in Israel Sunday for a two-day visit which marks a determination by both countries to draw a line under a series of diplomatic disputes.

You need to read the top article by Mike Dowty.  He sums up the election pretty well from a secular point of view (Christian?).  You should also take a look at the article regarding Al Qaeda's Middle East link.  This is just further proof of what we already know and have known for many years.  It's unfortunate that many have elected to ignore the truth for the sake of the upcoming election.  This isn't a popularity contest and we'd better realize that our national security is at stake.

A digital implant has been approved by the FDA for medical purpose, but many believe that this is only the beginning of things to come.  It is believed by many that digital implant technology will one day be used by the antichrist to mark his subjects during the tribulation period.  

It's true that the antichrist will one day rule the world and force every person on the face of the earth to wear his mark, but what that mark will be is a subject of great debate.  

As stated earlier, this digital implant has caused quite a stir and appears to be the leading candidate among prophetic circles.  But the truth is, many have not taken into consideration that we don't know what shape the world will be in when the antichrist takes his throne.

Case in the beginning of the tribulation period the world will witness the greatest world war known to mankind where one-quarter of the world's population will perish (Revelation 6:5-8) through war, starvation and wild animals.  I think it's safe to say that the world will be in complete chaos and turmoil.  It's quite possible that entire nations will cease to exist and the infrastructure of most nations will be destroyed or severely hampered.  It's also possible that the satellite systems for both the European Union (Galileo) and United States could be inoperable which would make implant technology quite difficult on such a grand scale.  

Following this great war, the antichrist and his ten kingdom empire will be left to pick up the pieces and bring order to a world that is desperately out of control.  I can't imagine what will be left and what kind of shape it will be in.  It's my guess, unless satan is granted supernatural power, it will take years to develop and gather a competent workforce capable of repairing and running a sophisticated satellite system necessary to make a worldwide implant program feasible.   

Of course, the Bible does state that at the middle of the tribulation period the Lord's two witnesses will be killed and viewed by the world for 3 1/2 days (Revelation 11:9-11).  This leads me to believe that some type of satellite system will still be in place when this event takes place.

With all this said, I do believe that implant technology could play a significant role in the future.  I still tend to believe that the mark will be visible and placed either on the hand or forehead.  Why?  Because John actually saw the mark (Revelation 13:16) during his heavenly vision.

I'm sure this will be a topic that will come up again in the future as we see this technology take shape. 

Pastor Malone

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