Is It Ever To Late For God To Forgive You

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Updated June 12th, 2000

I have been getting letters lately from a number of individuals wondering if God will forgive them for various sins, ranging from sex before marriage, adultery, to homosexual acts. The answer is Yes! God sent His Son that all may find forgiveness through His death on the cross and resurrection the third day.

Many who have written me have claimed to have been saved at an earlier age but drifted away from the Lord. In the process they were involved in various sinful lifestyles. Were they really ever saved or were they fooling themselves? That question is not important to answer. What is important is that they are now coming to the Lord with a true repentant heart, willing to turn their life completely over to Him, and from this day forward serve Him whole heartedly. God will not take anyone on his or her terms; you must come to Him on His (Matthew 7:21).

Then what must I do if I am a Christian, and have turned my back on God, but now I truly wish to come back to Him? The answer is simple! But let me start by saying this, salvation is a free gift but could ultimately cost you everything. What am I saying? When you turn your life over to the Lord, that's exactly what happens. You are no longer your own, but you have been bought with a price (I Corinthians 6:20). God expects and has given you the power to live a successful Christian life through the Holy Spirit. He will lead and guide your life if you so choose for Him to do so.

If you are one of those who doubt that God can or will forgive you because of your past sinful lifestyle, put away your doubt, because He can if you will only allow Him to. You may say, "But Pastor Malone, you don't know what I've done or where I've been or what I've been exposed to." No I don't, but after spending 3 ˝ years in a Korean prisoner of war camp under cruel conditions, where I saw die twelve men a day, and others beg to be killed, I think I have a pretty good idea. I came out of that prison camp a miserable, harden man who knew no love, and loved no one. But one day God got a hold of my heart and I repented of my sins, and asked Jesus to come into my heart and change my life. He did, and from that day forward I have been serving Him and telling everyone I know that He can do the same for them if they will only allow Him too.

The question is, "What do you want to do? You can continue to live in fear and doubt that you may not even be saved or you can repent and turn your life over to the Lord. That's an awful chance to take and one I don't think you are willing to take. If that's the case I want you to pray this prayer of repentance:

"Father, I know that I have not been living for you, I repent of that. I want you to forgive me for (name the sin's or lifestyles you have been living) living for myself. Forgive me for turning my back on you. I now accept the free gift at Calvary that Jesus paid and embrace it as my own. I now turn my life completely over to You and receive the power of the Holy Spirit to live a successful life in Christ. Thank you Lord for saving and forgiving me. I pledge my life to live for you from this day forward…Amen."

If you prayed this prayer and meant it God has saved you and will direct your life. Of course, now you need to take the first steps toward living for the Lord. Find a Bible believing church and be there every time the doors are open. Surround yourself with Christian friends that won't entice you to do things of the world. Start reading your Bible daily and as the Lord leads you. Pray without ceasing. These are all very important building blocks of salvation for which no new Christian can do without.

If you will follow these guidelines of salvation you will grow as a Christian. If you don't, satan will eat you alive and keep you living in doubt and fear until you unconditionally turn your life over to the Lord. I hope this has helped you to know that God does love you and that no one is too far-gone or sinned too much for Him to save.

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May the joy and peace of His presense be with you until He comes again.

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