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July 27th, 2000

The peace talks At Camp David are over. Little was accomplished due to one crucial sticking point…Jerusalem. I consider it very strange that Jerusalem would be such a deal breaker in the long fight to obtain peace. Jerusalem has always been the apple of God's Eye and the envy of satan. Of all the great cities in the world, Jerusalem has taken center stage in these last days just as the Bible has predicted. Is this just a coincidence? Will peace ever be established?

The answer to this question I believe can be found in Revelation 11:1 & 2:

"And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months."

These passages speak volumes about our immediate future and what is going on at this very moment. John, who has been given a glimpse into the future, has been handed a rod and told to measure the temple. Of course, this temple does not exist at this time. What is the significance of this measuring? The measuring of the temple is not the significant issue in this passage. What is significant is that John is told not to measure the outer court of the temple because that had been GIVEN TO THE GENTILES. What are Gentiles? A Gentile (in simplest terms) is anyone who is not a Jew.

What am I saying? One day very soon, the future antichrist will do what no other man has ever done, bring peace to the Middle East. How will he do this? He will resolve the issue that has brought the peace talks to a stand still. The antichrist will somehow forge a peace treaty with the Israelis that will split the city of Jerusalem down the middle. The Palestinians will get half and the Jews will get the other half. As part of the agreement the Jews will be able to rebuild their sacred temple. Of course, there is one problem; the Arabs have their own temple on the original Jewish temple site. So as part of the agreement the Jews will be able to build their own temple right next to the existing Mosque of Omar. The Arabs will finally have Jerusalem as their capital and peace will be established…temporarily. I believe that this peace agreement will be on a 7-year trial basis just to see how things go. The Jews and Arabs will co-exist for 42 months in somewhat peaceful harmony, but midway through the treaty period, the antichrist will renege on his promise.

I'm sure there are some who may be saying, "How do you know that this passage isn't talking about the second half of the tribulation period?" For starters, John is told to measurer the temple and the worshippers. After 3 ½ years the temple sacrifices to God will be shutdown completely by the antichrist. So there will be no worshippers of God in the temple during the last 3 ½ years.

Also, if you look at verse three of chapter eleven, the two witnesses immediately come onto the scene. It is generally believed by almost all Bible believing scholars, that the two witnesses will do their work during the first 3 ½ years, and be killed at the halfway point of the tribulation period.

It's hard to believe (although Biblical) that peace in the Middle East will come down to one thing…Jerusalem. Is it just a coincidence or is our Lord getting ready to comeback and take His bride? The message to those who are contemplating a decision to accept Jesus as Lord of their Life…don't wait any longer, for tomorrow maybe to late, and you maybe left behind.

Pastor Malone

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